On The Road Again

By Lilviscious

The hot sun had exchanged itself for the cooling touch of the moon and the night it was wrapped in, and it was at this time of the day that she felt at her best.

Her dusty brown boots sunk slightly into the dry sand as she made her way through. She had no idea how she got near the well of the town. It didn't matter though, for she had no home and no one to go home to either.

It was around dinner time and she smelled the aroma of so many different dishes. Her stomach rumbled loudly. Too bad she spent all her money on booze last night. It was a fun night though. She had met up with some popular cowboy who went by the name of 'Golden Lion'.

A smile came upon her face. She remembered his short black hair and began to laugh like she had done the first time she heard his name. He bought her some drinks so she threw all of her charms onto him. She wondered if she would ever meet him again. Maybe she could also get some food from him if she lowered her top just enough. The thought of food came back when she saw a couple eating some kind of strange looking meat. She neared the window until she couldn't get any closer.

The food looked so good. Her eyes looked up when she heard a shriek. It wasn't until then that she noticed the couple was looking at her strangely. They were about to stand up and leave, but the owner of the restaurant came out with his broom. He chased after her for a few corners, but she was able to shake him off. She had taken shelter in an odd looking bar.

She sniffed and concluded something had died in there. There was a noise coming from behind her and she turned around quickly, her hands were already on the holsters of her guns. Looking around for the source of the sound, she got the time to fully inspect the scenery. It felt kind of familiar. There were a few booths to sit in and there were a lot of bottles and broken glass on the ground. Beside the glass lay a shoe, with a leg attached to it, with the rest of a human body? She slowly neared the visible shoe and leg. As she neared, the figure remained silent. It didn't move an inch. Suddenly she stopped and thought things over. Maybe this thing was the source of the deadly smell hanging in here. However, the smell wasn't getting any stronger the more she neared the leg.

She picked up a bottle from the table next to her. There was still some beer in it so she gulped it down. A burp followed and then the bottle was thrown towards the body. A 'thump' was heard, but no other sound followed.

Just when she was about to bent down and take a look at the body, another figure barged into the bar. He looked a bit older than her. The figure panicked and hurried over to the body on the floor. Apparently, the body had a name; Doc. The boy raised Doc to his feet. The man was tall and white hair stood on his head, like it had been electrified. Doc wobbled and the boy tried his hardest to keep the other (him) from falling over.

A voice called from outside. (Apparently), someone named Marty should (had to) come out with his baby face, because he was going to punch it to smithereens. Now it was clear she stood in the same bar as Marty, the boy and Doc, the electrified drunk. The voice outside continued to spit out threats and insults, like the barking of a dog. The barking sounded familiar though. She neared the doors of the bar and took a look outside. There he was, the man who had been so kind to buy her booze the other night.

"Hello there, 'Golden Lion'."

"Ah? Ooh, it's you. Didn't think I'd see you again."

"Or maybe you didn't want to see me again?"

"I'd like to see you as much as possible. You were great company, Fionda."

Fionda gave him a small (little) smile. Maybe she was too desperate for a drink to notice how ugly and how arrogant he actually was. The 'Golden Lion' had a few people behind him. Probably his gang or something, (she thought). They continued shouting for Marty to come out. The boy finally replied after a long period of insults. It seemed like the boy had no intention of showing his face. Fionda decided it was time to flee from the scene. She gave the men a small wave and pocketed her hands. She took slow steps, but stopped when the figures quickly passed her by.

She blinked and recognized the red cowboy hat of the boy named Marty. He and Doc were planning to flee as well. Fionda saw the 'Golden Lion' and his gang follow them quickly and found it wise to head the other way. This town was pretty crazy after all. Maybe it was time to leave for another unknown one.

The locomotive should arrive in a few minutes. Fionda was impatiently chewing on an apple which she got after helping some old lady by picking up her fallen groceries. Today wasn't so bad after all, free food! When she had consumed most of the apple, she threw its leftovers over her shoulder. Not soon after a finger tapped her shoulder. It was the 'Golden Lion' and his gang. He didn't look very pleased, mostly because the remaining of the apple had landed on him. He started to make a fuss about his expensive hat and how he hated people throwing stuff on the ground.

Fionda couldn't care less, but pretended to listen. Marty and Doc snuck by and she could see it through the corner of her eye. They saw her looking and motioned for her to keep quiet. She smiled but then quickly covered her mouth. The 'Golden Lion' bared his teeth and growled loudly. Ah, at least now she could find a connection between his personality and his nickname.

He lunged at her, but she was too fast for him to catch. Fionda ran after Doc and Marty. They both looked surprised. With little time left, Doc began explaining they came from the future and they had to get on the locomotive to install some black box which would take them back. No one else could get aboard the locomotive though, or else they would go to the future with them. Fionda asked Marty if his pal was still drunk, but the boy shook his head. A serious look was plastered on his face. He took her hand and pleaded her to distract the man and his gang. Fionda shook her head firmly. There was no way in hell she would do such a thing. Marty got on his knees and his hold on her hand tightened. Ah shit, seemed like she had no other choice but to help.

It took the 'Golden Lion' and his gang quite some time to catch up with her. They seemed cautious, searching for the other two. Fionda sighed and pulled her guns from their holsters. She twirled them and pointed one at the leader. The ruffling sounds of guns being pulled out was heard and soon a dozen of guns were pointed back at her. She chuckled to herself. Those fools clearly didn't know who she was.

"Oh, seems you all have a death wish?"

"S-Shut up, you wench!"

"Oh my, is that fear I hear?"

"Why should we be afraid of you?!"

"I'm not from this town. Not even from near this area. You see, I've been wandering and walking for a long time now. Seen many places... killed many people. Along the way, some began to memorize my appearance. They even gave me a name. That's why I traveled all the way up here, so no one would bother me. But for this occasion, I think it's best to know before you shoot."

The men all stood in silence, some muttering started. Was she bluffing? She had to be. But she seemed very confident about the story (what) she told. And it was true they had never seen her before near this area of the land. The 'Golden Lion' hushed his gang and took a few steps closer. He took a deep breath and finally whispered something.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you."

"You.. You're not the Fionda 'Firecracker' Townsend.. are you?"

"Ding, ding, ding! Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a winner! Now let's see what your price will be!"

Fionda opened fire and took the chance to hide behind some barrels while the men were shocked and (were) trying to get away from the open field, just like the innocent bystanders. She knew there were seven men, including that leader of them. He looked like the only one knowing how to use a gun. She peeked over the barrel and snickered as she saw some men fumbling with their guns, dropping them in the process. Fionda almost felt guilty when she jumped over the barrel and ran towards them. One was about to pick up their guns, the other looked up and shrieked when the barrel of the gun hit him on the head. He fell over and the other one just stood there, only to follow the same path as his companion.

Two down, five to go. Maybe she could scare off the other four and only have to deal with that arrogant man in the end. It was worth a shot. So she shot, aiming at the large bell which was used to signal people a train was about to arrive or depart. The bullet reflected against the hard material and gave a loud, high pitched sound. Some covered their ears, a good opportunity for Fionda to knock them out. Three men lay at her feet, that's the way she liked them most. She turned around only to see the sixth gang member to be fleeing the scene. Ah well, at least she didn't have to worry about him.

The 'Golden Lion' was nowhere to be found either. This concerned her a little bit. She was not in the mood to play hide and seek. She called for him to come out, but there was no response. She even called him a chicken and did a little dance. Fionda sighed loudly and shot everything that moved on her way over to the locomotive which had just arrived on the next platform. Doc and Marty were hastily pushing people away from the black vehicle. The box had already been installed, but people refused to stay away.

A few shots were fired and people ducked to the ground. Doc and Marty gave Fionda a surprised look. Fionda shrugged, she wasn't the one who had shot. On the other side of the platform stood the 'Golden Lion'. He had two guns in his hands and his eyes were almost popping out of their cases. He growled loudly again and challenged Fionda for a traditional shooting match. She tucked at her gloves and placed her guns back in their holsters. He did the same and spread his fingers a few times. Fionda called for Marty, he was the one who had to count till three and the rest was quite logical.

Marty didn't seem to want to participate. Doc encouraged him; they had to have faith in the shooting skills of Fionda. This made her smile and she took in her position. All was silent and both their eyes were firmly locked. The 'Golden Lion' took his last chance to spit on the ground before Marty began the counting.

"One… Two… THREE!"

Marty quickly ran to his friend and they both took cover. It wasn't until there were no more sounds at all, did they come out to take a look. There was a lot of dust lingering in the air. Both had fired off a lot of bullets. It took a while, but when the wind took all of the dust with it, the winner was shown. The 'Golden Lion' growled and laughed loudly. Fionda had an irritated look on her face. The guy had blown her hat off. She picked it up and placed it back on her head. The 'Golden Lion' pocketed his guns for he had no more bullets and opened his mouth. His pants fell down and left him standing in his white boxers covered with small heads of lions. His head seemed to explode and Fionda was leaning into his chest before he knew it. She smiled shyly.

"You've got a nice package."

Something hard tapped against his privates and it took only a second for his brain to register the form of a gun. He gulped and asked her kindly not to shoot. He was very fond of his privates and off course also of his boxers. Fionda pouted and let her fingers walk from his chest up to his nose. She flicked it and pushed him backwards. She shouted for Marty and Doc to leave as quickly as possible. The men nodded dumbly and got the locomotive ready.

"Don't worry, I won't shoot you. As a matter of fact, you won't even see me again in your whole life."

Fionda took a bow and waved as she heard the large bell signaling the departure of the locomotive. It took all of her energy to make it in time before the train would get to full speed. She jumped and took a hold of the little ladder attached on the side of the wagon filled with coals. The wind blew strongly and she lost her hat at that time. It didn't matter though. The locomotive continued to speed up and Doc advised her to get inside. Fionda refused. She unbuckled the belt from her waist, throwing the holsters and guns away. They didn't matter anymore. A bright white light suddenly flashed before her eyes.

She wouldn't need it all in the town she was headed to anyway.