The Warmth

By Lilviscious

She liked to gaze at the stars.
Her eyes intentionally stared up at the sky.
Her body lay motionless on the mattress of her small bed.
Beside her lay a boy, silently watching the girl as she gazed up.

They laid close for there wasn't a lot of space.
She was cold, but she didn't tell him.
They hadn't spoken to each other for almost half an hour, but neither had the urge to do so.
The silence was comforting and both preferred it that way.

His hand lay over hers.
Their fingers were entwined, though lightly.
The slightest touch was enough for them to feel secure.
It let them know the other was still there and wouldn't leave.

He liked to watch her.
He noticed that she blinked after her chest heaved twice.
He noticed the calm, almost dazed look in her eyes as they slowly scouted over the dark night sky.
He had watched her millions of times before, but each time left him speechless.

She knew he watched her as she watched the stars.
It didn't bother her.
She often wondered why it was so interesting to watch her.
She never asked him.
She thought, maybe, it was the same reason she liked to watch the stars.
It comforted her.

He blinked slowly, seeing her eyes turning to look at him.
He wondered why she looked at him.
She never really looked at him.
Her eyes were always lured to glowing lights.
He hesitated.
Should he ask her?

His lips were dry and his tongue quickly moistened them.
He swallowed hard and suddenly found it hard to speak.
Her eyes were intentionally watching him now instead of the stars.
It made him, not nervous, but..

Something had changed.
She noticed the insecure look in his eyes.
Her eyebrows faintly knotted together.
Her lips parted and her soft voice reached his ears.

"Maybe.. You should go."

He wasn't taken back by her words.
He nodded numbly and slowly removed his hand from hers.
The tips of his fingers brushed over her hand.
Without a word, his body left hers.
She sat, but did not watch him leave.
Her eyes were fixated on the tiny glowing lights which covered the Christmas tree.
She heard the door closing and footsteps fading away in the distance.

The air in the room changed.
She felt as if she had lost something.
Her eyes stared at the lights.
She could feel a faint warm presence wrapping around her body.
She crept closer to the Christmas tree.
The warmth was soothing.
She had finally found the warmth she was looking for.