By Lilviscious

"Come on, dad! It's no fun without you!"

I smiled and shook my head, mentioning for them to continue their game. I loved watching them, smiling those big toothy smiles. Their giggling and laughing sounded like music in my ears. They were my two personal angels. My beautiful wife and my beautiful sweet daughter. She looked so cute in her frilly bright blue dress with a matching bow in her long golden hair. She looked just like her mother, beautiful from head to toe. She wasn't wearing her white sandals and I could see the bottoms of her feet beginning to get a greenish colour. It made me chuckle and think about the hassle my wife would make once she would notice.
My wife could enjoy the tiniest things in life as if they were miracles. She loved playing with our little girl, especially on a hot sunny day like this. A perfect day to go out and enjoy the company of your loved ones. They'd go off chasing butterflies and gather all kinds of different flowers. And later I'd take them gratefully, telling both angels how the beauty of the flowers could never compare to theirs.
I would sit and watch them all day. My eyes could never get enough of them, how they hopped, ran, hugged and whispered before giggling loudly. She was coming my way as I sat watching them from in between the small pink lilies. There were so many of them, but none got trampled as the little angel gracefully made her way towards me. She kneeled in between my legs and looked down at her folded hands. I smiled and looked down as well, wondering what she would show me. It was a bright red bug, slightly moving around in the little palm of her hand. The tiny creature turned and stood still. I stared and wondered if it was looking at me, somehow.
My eyes noticed the light disappearing from my daughter's hands. My head tilted upwards to see huge dark clouds forming and blocking out the light and warmth of the sun. Standing, I looked around with a puzzled face. Why were all those beautiful flowers dying? Was there something in the ground that poisoned them all? A shiver ran down my spine and I heard a loud scream.
The sky had darkened, the flowers had withered, but none of that was important. Where were my two beautiful angels? I turned, circled, called out. A voice seemed to reply, but it was only the echoing of my own voice. This could not be. How could everything change in just a split second? There was a stinging in my eye and tears slowly ran down my cheeks. I reached up, wiping away the tears, but they kept on flowing. I was crying.

Darkness filled the vision of my eyes. The tears were now not flowing down my cheeks, but falling down on the white sheets of my bed. My mouth was slightly opened, dehydrated. Did I call out in my sleep? My lower lip trembled slightly and it took me quite the energy to raise my hand and place cover it. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine my little girl and my lovely wife. A frown came upon my face. Why weren't they there? Why couldn't I imagine them hugging me like the perfect family we used to be?
I gulped hard. We used to be. Of course, we used to be. We used to have no worries and go out to the flowery fields on such hot and sunny days. I rolled onto my side, tugging my pillow close to me. I used to hold my little girl like this after she had one of those silly nightmares. Silly nightmares, coming back and repeating everything over and over. Horrible nightmares, remembering me all that I had and all that I lost. I lost everything.

I wish I could dream about my angels all day, just dreaming about their smiles and warm bodies against mine as we huddled on the couch in front of the tv. I wished I could only dream of that and never wake up.