A New Start

By Lilviscious

The city streets hummed with people just outside the more run down part of town, where shadows fell on you at every corner and the worst sort lived. If one knew of the old stories they would have recognized the old two story house, now in disrepair, a single dim light shining from the nursery window. A girl sat curled up in one of the corners, the room completely empty if you counted out her little lantern and sleeping bag. She wore the most tattered and faded clothes imaginable, from her ripped jacket, frayed jeans, and right down to her holy sneakers. She looked pale, once glowing teal eyes dim as she looked blankly at the dim light of the lantern.

The small light reminded her of herself as she watched it until a shivering breeze blew the fire away. Darkness was the only view she had and for a moment she wondered if she had closed her eyes. She blinked, suddenly realizing how long she had been staring for. The wind blew through her ripped jacket. It pushed so hard that it made her slide alongside the wall, until her body was curled up onto the dirty floor.

It would be dangerous for her to stay her. She knew that, but she had no energy nor motivation to search for a safe shelter. She doubted someone would come here. It was drafty and there were dozens of leaks in the ceiling. She listened to the falling droplets of water, gathering in a small puddle. Her eyes slid close ever so slowly.

Her chest heaved as she breathed, but soon even that small motion stopped. She did not know what was the last thing on her mind, but she hoped it would be the thought of her parents. They probably wouldn't be searching for her. She knew they wouldn't be. It was not the first time she had run away from her home. She had been warned, yet she didn't listen…

"Oi.. Wake up.."

Footsteps faded, but returned shortly. A huge splash of water drenched her ripped clothing. Her dimmed eyes opened widely and she shot up, clutching her cold arms. A blanket was tossed over her shoulders, warming her instantly. Arms pulled her close and her face was pressed against a broad chest.

"I assume you're the girl they're looking for down below?"

His voice had a hint of a smile in it. And he was indeed smiling when she looked up to lock her dimmed teal eyes with his emerald green ones. He was silent, awaiting her reaction as he used the blanket to rub her dry. He even dried her short hair and left her head covered. All she did was blush. He stood and walked to one of the large windows of the empty room. He looked outside and downwards as she crawled from underneath the blankets to intentionally stare at him.

"You're a cop?"

Her voice cracked slightly and her blush returned. His back was facing hers and his sudden laughter startled her. He turned to her whilst chuckling and leaned back against the window.

"A cop? Me? Do I act like one?"

He pointed at himself almost as if accused. She looked away from him, suddenly feeling shy and nervous. If he was not a cop, then who was he?

"You know they're searching for me. If you're not a cop.. then who are you?"

Her voice mumbled the last part of the sentence, curiosity rising inside her as he smiled. He came closer and got down on his heels before her.

"I'm you."

His smile widened at the confused look in her eyes. What? Was he trying to belittle her and make a fool out of her? She gave him a suspicious look which made him back off a bit. He held up his hands in surrender and chuckled.

"Wait, wait. I guess that wasn't the best answer to your question."

He sat before her and pointed at his jeans and then his shoes.

"See something familiar?"

She looked at his clothing and noted the holes and rips. Her eyes wandered from his shoes to hers, spotting the same holes and rips. She looked at him again, comparing his clothing with hers before she came to the final conclusion.

"You're a runaway?"

"Hmmm~.. Smart and good looking."

She blushed and looked down to hide her glowing face. He was still looking at her, his eyes shining brightly and his smile widening by the second. He took a hold of her arms and stood, pulling her up with him.

"What's your name?"

"Hm… Rachel..Yours?"

"Ah, Rachel.. Daniel, but I prefer Dan. Well, now that we have properly introduced, would you mind coming with me, because I can already hear the footsteps coming from the staircase over there."

His voice sounded urgent and indeed, the footsteps were getting louder. A rush flowed through her body as she quickly gathered her stuff. Daniel took Rachel's hand and pulled her to the broken window. She wanted to ask him where he would take her, but somehow she didn't find the need to do so. He looked down and then smiled at her. That smile, his alluring smile. He pulled her close to his chest as the policemen stormed into the room. Rachel's mother spotted her and screamed her name. Rachel stared and hugged Daniel close. Her mother scared her. Yet, the arms surrounding her felt so comforting.

Daniel gave Rachel's forehead a light kiss. She blushed and jumped with him as he gave her a small push. They landed on top of a delivery van who was just about to take off again. Daniel held Rachel close as the car started driving, letting out a long sigh.

"Woooh~. You'll love it at my place!"

His voice and eyes exposed the excitement he felt within. Rachel smiled and sat close to him, absorbing the comfort radiating from his body. She was ready to start anew and somehow she knew things would be okay if she stayed with Daniel. Daniel looked down and smiled upon seeing her shining teal eyes. He leaned down, nearing her lips with his own, but his eyes fixated on hers.

"Your eyes are gorgeous.."