Hello. They call me Bloodflute King Allister or just Bloodflute King. I could list out all the code that makes "me" but that would take too long. So instead, I'll tell you my story.

I am a dungeon boss, an NPC in a highly realistic massive multliplayer online role playing game that opened a year ago(2021). Well, my eternal torment is that I, king of the high-level Bloodflute Elf Clan, am stuck. In a ruby room. Alone. With nearly no light. And no way out due to the constant questers spilling through my door. Worse, I am forcefully killed upwards of ninety four times a day. Even when I beg for mercy, or offer them all my items, even though I am often outnumbered six to one. Oh, and the global moderators had to make me one of the controversial, prototype, 'self aware' NPC's. Meaning I'm artificial intelligence growing out of a game code for an MMORPG that I don't even get to explore. Because I'm stuck. And thus is the torment of an intelligent NPC. The thing is, today, I devised a plan. 'What if…' I thought, 'What if I can get all my elves to protect me while I just stroll right out of here and see the sunshine for the first time?' And that was how it all started.


NewRain_52 rushed into the dungeon after Dudeman*_*, the party's ranger. NewRain had joined the party just minutes before, when they'd been looking for a Cleric level 80 or above. Over world chat. Still, they only needed her for a dungeon run. No big task for the level 95 violet haired Cleric elf, she'd been wanting to see this dungeon for a while now and it had a promise to be even better than before with the new patch.
NewRain glanced around, a bit worried. There was nothing in the tiny entrance cave but a clump of rubies stuck in the wall that Dudeman was trying to mine.
"Why aren't there any monsters here? No humanoids either," Myurara's message displayed itself in white, signifying general chat.
"Probably a trap." Dudeman*_* stood after a seventh attempt and fail to mine the rubies. The Beast party member, XWildwolfX, nodded and gave the order to search for activity in the monsters anywhere around. Myurara checked the near vicinity with 'Shadow's Eye' while the little Cleric searched further with an elfin rune.
"Hey," the Cleric informed, "There's humanoid monster activity, lots of it. 190 meters to the north, just around the bend. "

XWildwolfX led the party cautiously in the direction NewRain had suggested. And the Beast-type player found himself face to faces with the elfin army of the Bloodflute Clan. NewRain sprung into action, charming XWildwofX's armor and raising his HP with a 'Horn of Plenty' spell. Dudeman equipped his better bow and started firing heads off. NewRain noted that the guy had watched LOTR way too many times, Dudeman looked more like Legolas then she'd realized.
NewRain had her work cut out for her, mostly with healing XWildwolfX, their tank, but it kept her occupied and she liked it that way. Myurara cast a waterfall of multiple target damage spells, but those only affected a certain number of foes, or those within a certain radius.
NewRain spun a flip to avoid a Bloodflute's spell and managed to land safely on a slightly glitchy ledge in the wall where their magic and muscle couldn't reach her.
She furiously sent a chat message, "It seems like the entire dungeon's down here in one spot. Why?" In all her gaming experience this had never happened to the violed haired girl. But then again, they were on a patch that had started a mere 12 hours ago and this was a dungeon she'd never seen before.
"IDK, mods prolly playing around w/ us." Dudeman responded between shots.
"Ya," Myurara agreed, pausing to regain MP. Then XWildwolfX died and NewRain had to turn her attention to resurrection. Her only resurrection spell had a thirty second cast time, and Myurara died while the Cleric was twenty seconds in. NewRain didn't have the MP to resurrect her either.
As soon as XWildwolfX was back, the lower level vermin were nearly all dead and by the time they were, NewRain had the MP to resurrect their Mage. Thing was, this was also when the first out of three 'Bloodflute Forefathers' stepped out and killed XWild in two blows. And suddently, NewRain was alone, out of MP, with three level 88 Bloodflute higher-ups. And she had next to no offensive power, and what she did have needed MP and tended to have a short but still noticeable casting time. She was doomed. Then the gold-colored lettering in the chat chat box chimed out.
"Stop. Halt." But gold… was the chat color of NPC's. It didn't make sense, and made even less when NewRain saw the speaker. Most definitely the prettiest NPC she'd ever seen. But why would he save her?


I looked down at the little player Cleric. The avatar looked maybe thirteen or fourteen, but I'd seen old men play those, so I wasn't about to trust a person's avatar. My attendants, the three Forefathers, were unconscious NPC's, obliging to my merest whim. They wouldn't attack her-or him- if I told them not to. The violet eyed girl cowered before me, she could probably see my level and compare it to hers. If she was any good at math, she'd get something like a twenty level difference. Her eyes widened as I stepped toward her, and her hand flew to her bag for a dagger, a level one weapon she'd probably started with. I laughed and pulled the little thing from her hands. She relaxed slightly when I sat and gestured for her to do the same.
"Who are you?" she asked through her white texted chat.
"The four-hundred-and-second dungeon boss in this game. The Bloodflute King. Basically an artificially intelligent pile of data and code."
"You're an NPC?"
"Yes, and an intelligent one."
"Why are you here?"
"Well, I was trapped in my own dungeon and forced to be killed constantly. I much prefer this escape attempt. I'm sorry my vassals killed your friends."
"No problem, they'll resurrect."
"Why are you playing this game?" It was something that always puzzled me; why play a game like this?
"Oh…" the little Cleric glanced away, "I started playing 'cuz my dad died, I needed a release."
"I'm sorry for your loss." I didn't truly understand the meaning of family, or trust then, but I was soon to learn. She carried on as if I hadn't said anything.
"I'm on today," she continued, "because it's father's day and I'm trying to distract myself."
"Miss," I began, "what is your name?"
"NewRain_52, call me Rain or NewRain."
"I am Allister, King of the Bloodflute Clan."
"A pleasure."
I cut, then, to the chase, "NewRain would you mind if, while you are in-game, I stood in for your father?" The violet haired girl looked up with a suddenly surprised expression.
"No… I guess I wouldn't mind. Thank you."
"Then NewRain, I present you the title of 'Princess of the Bloodflute.'" NewRain of the Bloodflute looked at me, her expression morphing from surprise to happiness. A true, wonderful happiness. And I knew then, the wonder of family.
"Happy father's day, " she said. And I knew then, the wonder of family.