A quiet mountain town. When the new Arts teacher arrives, things slowly start to go wrong. The innocent smile of a child only brings bright red blood, pain, growing desperation and dark insanity.

WARNING: not suited for the sensible ones! Read at your own risk!

Rated M for future plot development - blood, violence and torture and whatnot.

Red Blooded Smile


6 years ago

'Terrible weather', said the only passenger to his driver, watching the rain pouring down all around them. It was only two in the afternoon, but the sky was so full of those dark menacing clouds, it made it a lot easier to believe it was two in the morning – that is unless you had a reliable watch with you, proving this wrong. The man in the back seat kept his eyes glued to the mournful weather, a feeling of depression and fatality creeping up on him, stranded there, in the middle of nowhere, in the tiny car, surrounded by the wet nothingness. The sound made by the rain drops falling heavily upon them was slowly starting to get on his nerves, and the silence that came from his driver wasn't helping at all. Of course, it wasn't the driver's fault he was so awkward and clumsy whenever in the company of another human being, because that's how he had always been, clumsy with words, actions and whatnot.

'C'mon, for fucks sake, say something, will ya?!', said the man towards the silent driver. 'I'm gonna go crazy if I spend even one more minute in this freaking atmosphere. For Christ's sake, it's even worse than the Chinese water torture*, so just fucking talk to me man, okay?!'

'Sorry', sad the driver quietly. It came out like a ghostly whisper, barely making it past the limit between the sounds a man can hear and can not. 'I'm not used to talking too much to people.'

'Yeah, I figured that much by myself, thank you', muttered the back seat passenger.

'Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop the car, stop the goddamn car already!' he screamed soon after having said that. 'I think I saw something there.' He pointed to a tree near the edge of the road, where the dark shadow of a person was slouching against it, soaking wet.

He grabbed his umbrella, and as the car stopped he let himself out and headed for the mysterious tree. He was right, there was something beneath that tree, a woman, as the man could see. He thought it was kinda weird, seeing a woman out in the raging storm, soaked to the bones, not even bothering to call for help when she saw the car passing by. It only took him a couple of seconds to realize she was literally soaked to the bones, drenches as she was in both water and dark colored blood, and another couple of seconds for the sight to sink in, until he understood what was really lying in front of him.

What was he supposed to do, now that he had unwillingly, completely out of nowhere found a corpse? 'Oh, what the fuck', the man thought to himself, 'I'll just get in the car and think this over.'

He was getting ready to head back to the safety of his car, when he turned around in astonishment, as he heard a small whimper coming from behind. It couldn't have been the woman who made that sound, could it? She was pretty much dead. The way he'd seen it, dead for at least a couple of days. So what in the world…!

A sudden lightning made it all clear. Behind that tree, close to the dead woman, sat a small little child, covered in blood, drenched in water and trembling, his little body shaking against the tree's bark. The thunder that followed soon after the lightning produced another little whimper out of the child's throat, as he lifted two small, weak hands, pressing them against his ears, eyes shut tight in pure terror.

'Hey there, kid', the man whispered softly, his face warming up into a smile as the child raised his head and looked him in the eyes. The child looked with a fearful expression at the man's stretched hand towards him, uncertainty showing in his eyes. Should he dare to rely on the friendly hand in front of him, or stay there in the shadows and let the rain melt him away into the mud?

From the shadows, a small, wet, dirty hand reached out and grabbed the big, warm hand the man was holding out to him. Lifting the little child in his arms after hurriedly coating him in his own dry jacket, the man started running towards the car, barely holding the umbrella, splashing through the watery drive-way.

'Get us to a hospital. Now!'

The driver nodded his silent understanding, and with a screech, the car started it's race through the raging storm…

* For those of you who really don't know what the Chinese water torture is, here you have it, properly quoted from Wiki: 'Chinese water torture is the popular name for a method of water torture in which water is slowly dripped onto a person's forehead, allegedly driving the restrained victim insane.' Although there is no evidence that this form of torture was ever used by the Chinese, lol :P

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