To the teacher I offer my admiration.

You teach the masses, although it's rarely anything of importance- and when they refuse to learn, rather than remain calm you curse them (silently of course!).

Sometimes idealistic and young, but mostly jaded and cynical, you are always underpaid and guzzle coffee by the gallon.

Join you comrades in arms against the war on ignorance. I wish you the best of luck.

The experienced among you would never associate with the youngest in your ranks. You are not eager to antagonize your administrators, the superiors who are not so superior. Even if you have been teaching since they were in high school. No matter!

Those in their first year of teaching- beware! That license of yours is getting a test drive. Inevitably the first year is the worst year of your career. Will you slink off to another school like your predecessor?

After all those late nights grading papers and tests and essays you will arrive bleary-eyed and weary to your bones at school. What is that distinctive aroma cutting through the stench of too much perfume and cafeteria food? Do you hear that angel chorus!? It is coffee. As you sip gratefully you are fully aware that the bell has just rung.