Blood Revenge

By Kari

On one hot summer's day, twins Luke and Lilli are driving back home from the last day of high school before the summer starts.

While on the journey, the pair are arguing about Lilli's new boyfriend, because of the age gap between her and her boyfriend.

After a while of not talking the silence only gets broken after Luke says he needs to get some gas, then turns into the gas station behind a black van as the occupants get out.

After a while of waiting, agitated Luke blasts his horn, Lilli tells him to calm down. As they begin to fight and argue again, she shouts at him that she hopes he dies!

Snapping Luke swings open the car door and marches up to the two men with the van and shouts at them to move their arses back to their van.

Suddenly one of them shoves Luke to the floor and the other pulls out a gun. There is then a flash and bang as Luke falls backwards. Turning around Lilli screams as she sees her brother falling to the floor. She hides as the gunmen run to their van and speed off, then runs towards her brother as they disappear from view.

Falling at her brother's blood splattered body, she cradles him and begins to cry and shouts at him to hold on. He mumbles at her that he loves her and he will be with her in spirit.

She screams at him to hold on only to see that he has stopped breathing. She then begins to cry into his chest repeating ' I love you' over and over again. With the police sirens in the distance getting closer and closer.

One Year Later

A year has passed since her brother's death and Lilli is just starting to get her life back on track.
While out with her boyfriend one day, at the traffic lights she looks across the road and gets a shocking blast from the past as she spots her brother's killers working at a garage....

Later that evening during a dinner her boyfriend asks her if she is ok because she hasnt spoken for the past few hours. She mumbles that everything is ok and then makes her way to the bedroom saying she wants to be on her own.

Once in the room, she lies on her bed and starts to think about her brother, the shooting, the garage and the killers. With tears running down her, face she catches in the corner of her eyes her partner's police gear and shining in the moonlight his gun... As she makes her way to it and picks it up. As she feels the cold metal in her hand, she starts having feelings of revenge and hatred as she looks down the barrel of the gun.

Pocking it and leaving a note about the killers, she then runs out of the bedroom shouting at her boyfriend she going out. Without waiting to hear a reply, she exits the house and into the car and speeds off leaving a cloud of smoke behind her.

As she speeds down the highway to the garage, she can feel the gun pressing down heavy on her lap.

Eventually she reaches the garage and tries to decide what she will do for revenge. Then suddenly she sees one of the killers leave the garage into a car and pulls away. After a moments shock Lilli decides to follow him to kill him first. As he stops outside a house, deciding this is her chance. Lilli gets out and walks up to his car showing off her body. As the bloke spots her, he asks if she wants to have some fun. Smiling she says 'bring it on big boy' and the pair enter the house. As they enter the bedroom she pushes him onto the bed, pulls his trousers down, and then performs a strip tease in front of him. As she gets down between his legs, she takes her chance as she closes her mouth tight. There is a piecing scream and the bloke begins to roll about as Lilli spits out his penis onto the bed. She then jumps off the bed to her pile of clothes and picks up the gun. As he lays screaming on the floor she takes one look before pulling the trigger splattering the walls in blood and brain...
Dressing back into her clothes, she calmly walks back to the car to make her way back to the garage....

As she pulls back up outside the garage, to her pleasure she spots the lights are on and exits the car to make her way up to the garage doors.

As she enters, she notices the other killer working underneath a car. Pulling out the gun Lilli takes aim and shoots his foot. As he begins to roll in pain, she takes aim again and shoots his other foot. He then rolls from under the car screaming and swearing as she shouts at him to shut up.
Making her way up to him she kneals down and whispers that he is going to die and begins to smash his face in with the gun.

As police sirens can be heard from outside and officers begin to shout about giving up as there's no escape.

The killer then turns from screaming to laughter and begins to taunt Lilli saying she won't make it out alive.

With tears rolling down her face she whispers she doesn't care about making it out alive and all she wants is revenge.

As the killer shouts, 'who are you?' She screams about being the sister of the boy he murdered last year.

He then begins to laugh and begins taunting her about her brother, saying he was the one who pulled the trigger.

Screaming Lilli drags him beneath the car he was working on, she then shouts ' this is revenge for my brother you fucking cunt! This is what you get for taking him from me'. With that, she begins to lower the car crushing his head between the floor and wheel. His screaming soon stops with the crunching of a skull getting crushed.
Looking down Lilli feels satisfied at the sight of blood covering her shoes...

At that moment the police storm the garage, as Lilli turns with the gun in hand. There is multiple gunfire. Wide eyed Lilli drops to her knees and the sight of the police is replaced with images of her brother. Not noticing her boyfriend running up to her screaming and cradling her. She begins to whisper ' I love you little brother' as she joins her brother in the afterlife... Leaving her boyfriend crying into her lifeless body...