Name: Taylor Evans
Age: 15
Looks: Mid-back length black hair, brown eyes, 5'5", semi-skinny, very pretty
Personality: kind, caring, protective of the people she loves, hyper, creative, thoughtful towards others, and funny.
Family: mom, dad, younger sister (7), and older brother (20).

Chapter 1: A New School

"I'm going to school now!" I yelled and walked out the door. I walked down my street and saw something flying in the sky; a small dot in the sky. That seems to far away to be a bird. Not the shape of a plane either. I pushed the thought aside and went on my way to school. After finally getting to school, I walked down the long, tiled hallway toward my locker. There were students around talking in their own little cliques. I walked, at a slow, steady pace, toward my locker and opened it. "Hi Taylor!" Someone yelled right behind her. I turned around and came face-to-face with my best friend Deanna. I saw Esther, another best friend, jogging down the hall.

"Don't yell so loud, Deanna! Sheesh! And man do you walk fast!" Esther lectured.

"You just don't walk fast enough." Deanna retorted.

"Okay! Let's stop with this childish fight and get to class! The bell's going to ring soon!" I yelled.

"WHAT?" Esther and Deanna yelled in sync. They all ran toward first period class, Biology. Deanna jerked the door open.

"Made it!" Esther commented out-of-breath.

"...the teacher's not even here!" Deanna commented, "and we're 10 minutes early!" Esther and Deanna gave me glares that could kill.

"Sorry. I read the clock wrong." I shrugged.

"UGH! I ran all the way here for nothing!" Esther screamed.

"It's okay. You needed to loose weight anyway. Just kidding." I added, quickly, as Esther was giving me more death glares. I walked over the where her desk was. There were only a couple people in the room. These people didn't' even pay attention to what the girls were saying before. After about five minutes, all the students filed into the room. After about two minutes, the teacher came in, took roll, and started the boring lecture. The rest of the day went by peacefully, except the detention Esther got from forgetting to do her homework.

Afterschool, Esther, Deanna, and I met up with their other friends, Hannah, Alyssa, and Natalie. We all talked for a bit but I had to go. I was just a couple blocks from my house when i noticed a girl sitting on the bus bench to my right. I couldn't help myself, I seemed to be drawn to her. Shaking off the feeling, I continued to walk, not even giving the girl a second look. "Hey!" I heard from behind her. I turned around and saw the girl that was sitting on the bench was waving over to her. I stopped and the girl walked over. "What's your name?" The girl asked.

"Taylor...Taylor Evans. You?"

"Summer Cooper."

"Nice to meet you."

"You too! And you are just the girl I was sent to find!" I slowly backed up as Summer took steps forward. I turned around and was about to run, but was stopped. "I need you to come with me. It's not like you're going to be able to get anywhere. So you might as well oblige to me and make this job easier." Summer said.

"!" I screamed and fire sprung up around the girl. Whatever the girl was doing had stopped because I found myself able to move again. I ran as fast as I could and looked behind her. When I turned around, there were three guys in front of me. One had black hair and green eyes, another had light brown hair and brown eyes, and the last had dark brown hair and green eyes.

"Just make our job easier and stop rebelling." The dark brown hair and green eyes one said. They grabbed her and I started to struggle. "I told you to make it easier for us!" The same guy yelled. Next thing I knew I was out cold.

3rd Person POV

"Why the heck did you hit her!" Summer yelled to the dark brown haired guy.

"Seriously, Adam! We weren't supposed to hurt her! You're gonna get it from the Headmaster." The black hair green eyes one said.

"Well we were just told to bring her. The Headmaster never said we couldn't hurt her, David." Adams replied.

"Still you didn't have to hit her." The brown haired brown eyes said. "I can do whatever I want, Josh!"

"Whatever." Josh replied.

"Stop your bickering like five-year-olds. We got her; let's go before she sets me on fire next time!" Summer yelled.

"Fine." The guys replied. Adam, who had Taylor in his arms, slung her over his shoulder. "Let's go." He said.


I woke up and it felt like a brick had just hit me on the back of the head. I opened my eyes, sat up, and looked around. There was a dresser, two doors, a chair, a mirror, a nightstand, and the bed I was laying on. The room was fairly large and the bed was pretty big. Where am I? I'm pretty sure this isn't my room...unless my parents decided to surprise me and gave my room a make-over. Then all the memories came rushing back to me. I remembered fire around that girl, Summer, and those three guys. Then it hit me. I WAS KIDNAPPED! Are they going to perform experiments on me? I heard noises outside my room. In a rush, I laid back down on the bed and pretended to sleep. I heard the creak of the door and, what seemed like five people, walked in.

"She's still asleep? She's been out for like what? Five days?" A voice exclaimed. I was out for five days? FIVE DAYS?

"I think she's awake..." A voice said. Wait...I recognize that voice...who was it again? And yet again it hit me. *gasp* SUMMER! That girl on the street...she must be with those guys who took me.

"Yes...she is..." A new voice you didn't recognize at all commented.

"Stop fake sleeping girl! We already know your awake so might as well get up." Another voice said. You opened my eyes and saw Summer, those three guys who took you, and a woman, who was wearing a business suit. Never seen her before.

"Hello Miss Evans. Do not panic we're not going to hurt you." The woman said, "My name is Mrs. Anderson."

"How do I know you're not going to hurt me?" I asked.

"You haven't been harmed yet." Mrs. Anderson replied.

"...That's true..." I shrugged.

"I can explain more if you would please follow us." She said and then walked out the door. I got up hesitantly and followed her out of the room, with those guys and Summer on my tail. It was silent for a while until Summer came up to walked next to me.

"Sorry for taking you here. We were supposed to convince you to come with us. But apparently Adam here," and at that, Summer knocked the one, Adam, in the head when she said his name, "went and knocked you out." So he's the one who hit me. I thought and glaring at him. He saw my evil glare and shrugged it off.

"I'm David Edwards, by the way and this is Josh Richardson." The black haired one said and then pointed to the light brown haired guy. I gave a nod of acknowledgement and walked on. Mrs. Anderson led me to a double dark, mahogany door. She opened the door and behind it was a large room. Mahogany bookshelves filled with books, a mahogany desk with a leather chair behind it, it's back facing the door, a couple of chairs in front of the desk, and a lot of lamps. The desk had a lot of paperwork on it.

"Hello Miss Evans." A voice said and the chair turned around revealing an old man, who looked to be in his sixties.

"Hello." I replied timidly.

"You are probably wondering where you are, am I correct?" I nodded. "Well," he continued, "you are at the School of Advanced Learning and I am the Headmaster, Professor Peter McAdams."

"Okay…" I said. "What's this have to do with me?"

"Have you noticed you're a bit different than your family?" I nodded. It was true my mom had red hair and my dad had blonde hair. My siblings both had blonde hair and green eyes, while my parents both have green eyes, too. I noticed I was different, and when I was five I asked my parents why I looked different from my brother, sister, and them. They told me, I was just special. I noticed they didn't seem to want to talk about it and didn't push the topic any further. I was pretty mature as a child my age and was able to catch onto these things pretty quick.

"Well, you're different. Your family now isn't your real family." This shocked me, but not that much. I always just assumed I had a birth defect. But I guess I've kind of known all along, but I never wanted to admit it. I didn't want to believe the loving family I was with wasn't related to me. I didn't even want to think about why my real family would even leave me. It'd be too painful. "You," he continued, "have magic. When Miss Cooper tried to take you here, she told me you almost set her on fire."

"I-I did that?" I asked surprised. I had notice that sometimes happened but I didn't know it was me who caused it. He nodded.

"You also have another," he paused, "thing that's extremely eager to meet you."

"I do? Who?"

"Your dragon." At this I was gaping at the man. "You see. Our race, at birth is contracted with a dragon, whether he, or she, likes it or not. Usually, the dragon meets their contractor right when the child is born, since the dragon is usually born before the child. Approximately a couple of months before. But in your case, you were somehow taken from your family a couple of minutes after you were born, and brought elsewhere, so your dragon was never able to meet you. If a dragon hasn't been able to meet its contractor well...let's just says they being to lose themselves. They'll lash out at anybody who tries to get near them. We were able to contain your dragon, but since it's so wild, it's kept in a cage, secluded from all other dragons. We do of course feed it and such, but with extreme caution. In addition, our race and dragons have a special link. Your dragon and you are connected. Somehow, your dragon broke out and we think it went to find you. So we followed it. He came back after we brought you here. To hide our secret we were forced to bring you or else our race will be known as a threat against the other humans. We noticed that you are quite powerful. You were able to conjure fire, an advanced level magic, without the proper training. This was predicted, though. I know your real parents, they were quite powerful. We will teach you how to control your powers here. Will you join us?" I hesitated.

"What about my family?" I asked.

"We will take care of everything. You need not to worry."

"This...this is a lot to take in." I said.

"We are not asking you to accept everything we say. It will take time, but all I ask is for you to try. Could you do that?" He asked. I nodded slowly.

"Fantastic. Miss Cooper, Mr. Edwards, Richardson, and Mr. Roberts?" They nodded and Summer took me by the arm.

"Come on! I'm really excited to see your dragon. Everyone knows there's a berserk dragon on this campus but they never knew whose. Now I find out it's yours! None of the students are allowed to go see it. Lots attempt but are always caught and punished. We...sort of made it a common dare." She laughed hesitantly. "But now I finally get to see it! And without punishment!" She said excitedly, winking at me. So now I have a dragon, my family I thought was family isn't my real family, and I have magic powers. That's a lot to take in. I thought as I was being dragged. Summer, Adam, David, and Josh led me to these HUGE doors and Josh pushed them open. Right away I smelled the nasty smell of manure.

"You'll get used to the smell after going here a lot." David added. Adam rolled his eyes at me. He didn't seem to like me and I didn't like him either, after I found out he was the one who hit me.

I was pulled of my thoughts when Summer came to a stop and yelled, "We're here!" I looked forward and noticed there was some sort of cage in front of me. I looked around and saw there were many stalls with dragons looking straight at me. The one in front of me had no opening though. I timidly walked forward. The door of the cage in front started jiggle as the dragon inside was, most likely, throwing itself against the door to get out. I felt bad for it. That's when I noticed that I felt very sad. Why am I feeling sad?

"Do you feel that link?" Adam said. This was the first thing he said to me since I got here.

"Link?" I asked and tilted my head.

"Your link with your dragon." He explained. "You share your feelings with each other because your thoughts are connected. You'll feel each other's pain and thoughts."

"That's kind of cool...but a little freaky." I stepped forward and noticed there was this small door near the bottom of the cage, which could only fit a human. I noticed it was bolted shut from the outside.

"Go ahead." I heard Summer's voice say.

I removed the bolt and timidly walked in.

Ending at a cliff-hanger! Keep the suspense going! :D

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