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A Thousand Cranes

Chapter One

Theres a legend that says if you fold a thousand cranes, your wish will come true. I've always wondered if it was true, I guess now I will finally know.

* * * * * *

A 17 year old boy sat in his bed along the window. His pale sick skin matched the color of his white robes and the rest of his surrounding. In the silence of the night, he quietly folded his 99th crane with the guidance of the moonlight. He took out a box from beside him and dropped the crane in to join the rest of its paper companions. His dark messy hair reached down to the middle of his back and his bangs slid down his face as he took a deep breath in from the oxygen mask he wore. On the front of his door, there was a plaque for the doctors and nurses to find him. 'Jayden Yun, Lung Cancer' it read. The frail boy lay inside as tears rained down his face as he remembered the day his dreams crashed on him over and over again. Drowning in his sorrow, he slowly fell asleep.

* * * * * *

"The lights were bright and eager to highlight the main star on the stage that night. Walking out, I gave out my angel smile as so they call it. My fans giggled and they all cheered my name 'Jay!' Jay!' they all screeched. This was my dream. To become a singer at last and here, I finally had it. I flashed out another smile, full of joy; I signaled the music to start and waited for my cue to come in.

'Like a whisper in the wind,

The gentle breeze touches my skin.

And I know your with me always, always.'

As the song grew, so did my voice. Getting higher and higher with each stanza.

'The feeling in the air,

The fire that we share.

The feeling that's from deep within.

It's a light that burns so bright,

It guides you through the night,

And leads you to me,

So find your way back.

And hold me,

Touch me,

Let the love come rushing through me.

I'm yours with every breathe I take,

The river flows in you.'

My emotions ran high, and I felt the urge to sing my best today. As I hit the last line, I tried singing it an octave higher then written to see what my results were. But then, it finally happened. In less then a minute, as I hit that high note, my dreams came crashing around me. My voice broke and I felt my lungs stop. The last thing I remember, I met the floor as it came rushing to me hearing people scream in the background.

* * * * * *

Jayden woke up in a cold sweat. He saw it again. That day where his hopes got blown away. Sitting up, he pulled out his box of cranes and took out another square sheet of paper and began on his 100th. Seconds turend into minutes and minutes turned into hours before he finally heard a knock on the door. The door opened silently as a tall male came into the room. He had white bleached hair with black tips and roots that came down to the back of his neck in layers. His bangs, also white came across one side of the face tucked behind a pierced ear. He carried a bouquet of fresh flowers in his arms obviously visiting someone.

Jayden turned to look at him with shocked eyes at first. But after 5 seconds, his eyes lowered and became watery as his depressions sank on him again.

'There is someone who still has a future ahead of them unlike me.' He thought. Once his company learned he couldn't sing anymore, they all abandoned him.

The boy looked at Jayden, processing the boy into his mind before he finally snapped out of it.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I must have gotten the wrong room." His deep voice spoke. He turned right around and headed out the same door he came in from.

"Oh! There you are Mr. Farsid!" A nurse in the hallway called out. "I'm sorry, I meant to say your sister is in room 221, not 421." The nurse grabbed his arm and dragged him down to the elevators to guide him to the correct room.

"Its alright." The boy said. "who is in that other room anyways?"

"Oh him. That's Jayden Yun." The nurse replied.

"Whats wrong with him? He had some sort of sad look in his eyes."

The nurse sighed. "Poor thing really. He has lung cancer. Mr. Yun used to be a rising singer till his last concert. He had a lung failure and the cancer spread to his viocebox and has been here ever since. Actually, he came over here from Japan because they didn't have the medical things he needed here in America."

The boy gawked. "And theres no cure?"

The nurse sighed again. "No. We can't do anything about it.' She looked down with a sad smile. "He's going to die soon. Nobody knows when. Maybe in a few weeks, few months, maybe tomorrow. Nobody really knows for sure. Such a shame too, he had a beautiful voice." She walked off down the hallway.

The boy stopped right in front of his sister's room and pondered over what the nurse had said.

"I'll check him out tomorrow." He thought. He pushed open the door to his sister's room and walked in.

* * * * * *

Jayden sat in his room, staring out the window.

'America,' he thought. 'This is where I die. Born in Japan, die in America.' From the 4th floor, he looked down at all the people walking out on the streets. Old ladies yelling at the little boys, teenage girls walking around with shopping bags and gossiping.

'I wanted a life.' He thought. 'I wanted my dreams. I wanted so many things in life, but now, its hopeless.'

He glanced down at his half folded crane, feeling anguish, he crushed it up in his hand and threw it at the door. Right then, a nurse walked in.

"Mr. Yun, I'm here to change your IV drips. And also, a young man is here to see you." She gestured toward the door where the same boy from yesterday stood.

Jayden glanced at him. A look of pure shock on his face before his eyes narrowed. The nurse finished up what she was doing and left the room leaving the two boys to chat.

The boy with the bleached white hair walked over and grabbed a stool.

"So… your name is Jayden right?" He started. Jayden glared at him and whipped out his notebook and pencil.

'Yeah, and what do you want?' he wrote down. The boy's eyes widened.

"Your mute?" He asked. "oh wait. Sorry, that was an obvious answer. My name is Jin Farsid."

Jayden narrowed his eyes again. 'What does some guy I don't even know want with me?' he asked himself.

'What do you want?' he scribbled down.

Jin just smiled. "I just want to talk to you."

Jayden raised his eyebrows. 'Why? You don't even know me.' He wrote.

"Doesn't mean I cant get to know you. And I don't know, just something about you makes me want to talk to you." Jin swept back his bangs and smiled.

'Well, I don't want to talk to you so go away.' Jayden wrote. He then layed back down onto the bed and flipped onto his side so that Jin was watching his back. Jin sat there, staring at his back noticing how thin and bony he was. After a few minutes, he got up and placed something on the table beside Jayden and left the room. After he heard the door close shut, Jayden turned around to see what was left behind. On the beside next to him, was a beautiful bouquet of flowers, attached to a rose was a card that said, 'Never give up hope. Shoot for the moon, and if you miss, you'll land among the stars.'

A/N: Ok so, the lyrics to that song is NOT mine. You know that piano piece 'River flows in you' by Yiruma? Well, my friend's sister made the lyrics for it and originally we wer gonna somehow create a music video fo my friend singing it but I discovered someone on youtbue already did.. turns out, that girl on youtube is my friend's sister's friend. Anyways, her voice is really pretty. .com/watch?v=BNvxmjTdgnw Also, So I don't really know much about medical stuff like lung cancer and stuff so if my info is incorrect, please correct me. Thank you!