you made me vulnerable,

and i can't stand to look at you,

look what you did to me,

look what you did to me,


i told you 'no',

and you let your body do the answering,

i didn't mean anything to you,

and i still don't,


i screamed it,

i screamed in everything but ecstasy,

and you kept doing it,

you kept doing it,


you mistaked it for pleasure,

and i tried to push you,

you told me i couldn't do it,

did you think that was because you were taking advantage of me?


i pushed you,

and i tried to push you out of my life,

and you laughed and tried again,

what part of 'no' did you not understand?


i hate the way you make me feel,

but i don't want to be alone,

you tried to take me,

you tried to break me,


everything in my body was terrified,

but i could still feel you inside,

i wanted to cry,

i wanted to hide,


my hair and sweat are sticking to my face,

and pull me closer and try to kiss me,

what makes you think i want a betrayer's lips on mine?

i hate you more than you'll know,


the tears stain and combine with the sweat,

as i feel helpless, hopeless,

i can't away this time,

my weakest moment, my deepest regret,


and when you're satisfied,

you didn't even have the decency to face me,

to help me,

how could you sleep at night?


you're a sick, dirty person,

and i can't stand the sight of you,

one mention of your name,

and i want to throw something,


i hate you with all of my being,

and i will forever be haunted,

by all of your violations,

you ruined me,


you've ruined me.