standing on the
extreme edge of a rooftop,
overlooking a haze
of blinding city lights.
distant screams and laughter
could be heard over
the frantic beating of my heart.
violent thunder struck
through my chest from
and the outer edges of my view
begin to
dimming into a mixture
of off-beat pulsing hues.
the crisp, frigid air that whispered
across my glistening skin
like breath
overwhelmed me.
i felt myself sway-
dangerous adrenaline rushing
through my veins.
then, a thousand feet up,
glorious reality
overtook my weightles body
and my crystal clear focus
i shattered through layer after
fragile layer
of the deepest memories.
my slender, scarred fingers
brushed across
glimmering stars,
shapeless clouds,
and finally, the surrean city air.
i sunk lower,
all movements and features
deft and almost
t r a n s p a r e n t .
eyes on me, i toppled
closer and closer.
and right before i reached
the black, unforgiving cement,

i awoke.