Chapter 17 recap: By 10:15 something hit her, why was she doing this again? Making herself all pretty, this girl in front of the mirror isn't the person she is now, but the person she forgot three years ago. Why was this person showing up again in this kind of situation? She would just end up getting hurt again, by Aizawa. Her memories flooded her mind; the pain came back to her. She looked at herself once more in the mirror, despising the image she saw. Why now? Why were these memories coming back now, out of all times when she started to look forward to something. The first time that she could think of herself as normal again, they came into her mind; Miyoko, Rin, Nanaka and Asuka. Why did she not just go as Aizawa normally sees her, the bullied child who looks only at the ground? Was there a need to be all fancy for him?

Chapter 18

Aizawa was greeted by Kawai's mother, she welcomed him warmly. After calling her daughter, she was trying to keep him amused, asking him questions about his dog. Aizawa could tell that Kawai's mother was nervous maybe not knowing if her daughter would stand him up at the last minute, or not knowing how long it would take her daughter to get down to the living room where they were stationed.

Kawai rushes out of her room with all her things with Yuki following joyfully. She kept her head down avoiding eye contact with her mother. She grabs and drags Aizawa out the door without saying a word. The door closes right behind Yuki's tail. Kawai continues to grab Aizawa while walking to the nearest bus stop, without saying a word. She kept her head down hoping to cover her makeup as long as she could.

Finally arriving at the bus stop, Kawai lets go of Aizawa, but keeps her head down.

"What was that about?" Aizawa asked.

"I…" Kawai stuttered, as she saw the bus coming," I didn't want to miss the bus."

Not satisfied with that answer Aizawa, let it go. There was no point in pushing her further; if he pushed the wrong buttons then she may never open up to him again. The rode the bus to the subway station and the subway in silence, until a pack of business men and woman jammed into the same cart they were standing in. As a result, Aizawa and Kawai ended up being pushed up against each other. A squeal came from their dogs from all the force they felt on their little bodies.

"Gomen," Aizawa said, breaking the silence between them.

Being socially awkward as she was, Kawai suggested, "We're getting off soon right? We should probably start pushing out way to the door."

Kawai struggled to push her way through the crowd of business workers to the door. Seeing her struggle, Aizawa grabbed her hand and started pushing through the crowd dragging Kawai behind him. The two reached the door just before their stop to get off. After getting off they let their dogs down on the ground so they could stretch their bodies and relax a bit. Once on the surface Kawai noticed that they were still holding hands, panicking as usual, she pulled her hand away abruptly. Aizawa only got a chance to look at his empty hand; again it was quiet between the couple. They stood there for a moment.

Again Aizawa breaks the silence, "I think the restaurant is that way, I heard it's pretty close to here. Hope you're hungry."

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the restaurant. The restaurant was smaller than the average family restaurant, but it was cozy and welcoming. Aizawa and Kawai were shown to their seats, they were each given two different menus; one for themselves and the other were doggy treats for their loyal companions.

"What do you want?" asked Aizawa, attempting to break the silence yet once again.

"Bento box A, I think," she replied.

"Ah that's a good one, I was thinking of getting the dragon roll."

The waiter came to their table to take their order and give toys to the two companions to play with. Soon after food came as Aizawa and Kawai were getting in a heated up conversation about their dogs. Of course, Kawai didn't avoided talking about Nori, her late Pomeranian, instead she told Aizawa but every time she had to mention the name of her dog she would use Yuki's name rather than Nori's.

As they ate Aizawa finally got a good look at Kawai. She was very different; she would never dress in a skirt if she could avoid it. Curling her hair was out of the question too. Was that makeup she was wearing? Aizawa was happy to see her like this; he was also overwhelmed being able to be seen with her in this state. But to compliment her now, would make the moment awkward. 'Maybe I'll say something later,' he thought to himself.

They continued to talk about dogs after they left the restaurant, slowly going back to the subway station. On the way a store caught Kawai's eye, a stunning dress that she would of wore back then. Aizawa stopped the conversation and offered to look after Yuki for a while if Kawai wanted to go in a have a look. Without hesitating Kawai handed over her leash to Aizawa and ran inside quickly.

This shop was one of her favorites in Akihabara, she always came here with her friends every other week after school on Fridays. It's been so long since she stepped in; all the shelving is arranged differently, paint on the walls are no longer light blue. Kawai browsed the shelves quickly, but still lost herself in time.

Aizawa continue to wait for Kawai outside, in about half an hour she finally came out with a bag in her hand. "What did you get?" asked Aizawa.

"Nothing," Kawai answered.

It was about late afternoon when Aizawa dropped Kawai off at her place. She was a different person now then she was this morning, more outgoing and willing to talk. That evening Aizawa sent Kawai a text message 'Thanks for checking out that restaurant with me today. By the way, you looked great today.'

gomen - sorry

bento - lunch box