The English words incident, accident, and occasion all derive from the Latin verb 'cadeo; cadere' that means to fall. And that's exactly what we all did; fall right into something that would change our lives forever, making us lose our grip on reality and see what we really were. It was no accident, incident or occasion that brought us to this point: it was destiny and the will of the Fates...

But this is something to be looked upon later. Shall I begin at the beginning? Or, perhaps, in this instance, briefly starting in the middle would be more effective than starting with "Once Upon a Time". Ah, but I have been rude!, not having introduced myself to you! This is a one time thing, though. As soon as formalities are over and done with, I will melt into the background and let the story continue, uninterupted. Unless, of course, something needs to be cleared up.

My name is Eunkyoung Seo, also known as Calliope, the muse of epic poetry. Remember me so I don't have to repeat myself.

Now, to really begin at the beginning…

* * * * * * * * *

Davus knelt at the feet of his three patrons, head hung low in shame and defeat; he had failed them. Completely failed. He had been charged with the care and education of nine new Muses, but there were…unexpected twists and turns in the already rocky path he had chosen.

Three sets of eyes were upon him, forcing the young mortal to reflect on where he had gone wrong. To start with, he had not really meant to fall in love. It had just happened, bringing with it disastrous results. Although, he could not really blame the Muse; she had rejected his advances. But it was hard, so hard, for Davus to simple ignore Clio.

"Davus Cornelius Claudius Peregrinum, do you know why you have been summoned before us, the Counsil of Three?" Mneme tried to keep emotion from her voice, but it was difficult. Nine young souls; gone because of one careless mistake.

"I do."

"Will you accept whatever punishment we see fit, as atonement for your misdeeds?" Aeode's voice rose up in it's unique sing-song way and Davus shivered.

"I will."

"Take this time to reflect on your doings, then," Melete added, leaning forward in her high throne. "While we deliberate."

"I will."

He closed his eyes, praying to whatever gods would still listen. Please, let me repent in a way that will let me… He could see Clio's pained face at his declarations of love and affection. Why had he not listened to her and found someone else? She had tried countless times, but he would have none of it. Let me help, still.

"Davus Cornelius Claudius Peregrinum." He slowly opened his eyes, raising them ever so slightly to risk a glance at his patron's faces. "You have said that you will accept any punishment. Do you still stand by that statement?"

"I do." His voice cracked a bit and he cringed, hoping they had not heard.

"Are you prepared to hear your punishement?"

"I-" he felt like he was going to cry. He knew he deserved whatever they had dcided upon. Those nine, smiling faces had trusted in him, and he had failed. He deserved this.

"I am."

"Then we will begin," Melete said softly. "Your second name will be taken, thus rendering you 'Davus Claudius Peregrinum."

"You will be doomed to live forever, watching those you love die while you live on." Mneme sighed, knowing well that pain.

"But," Aeode added calmly, "you will have a task that could grant your release: Find and train nine new muses."

His jaw dropped and Davus's eyes widened.

"The souls of patrons do not die, they are transferred to another body." Mneme, who was youngest of the three, twirled a lock of hair around a long finger. "Like us, they transfer talent, name, and memories to their new body."

"You have failed this task once. Now, you cannot find release from eternity until you complete it. This is practice and patience." Melete said, leaning back in her throne.

"But-" Davus struggled to his feet. "How will I possiblely- how can I-"

"That," Aeode intrupted him, "is for you to determine."

"Remember, Davus, you have eternity."

* * * * * * * * *