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It's weird but we text in class just because we like to be rebellious. It's just a thing at our school. And I have to admit I par take in it. But only when there's someone I know who'll have their phone. There's always gotta be someone who has their phone to text though and Sammie Hall is one of them, he's hilarious. I love him in my classes, like seriously!

And there's also my best friend Vivian and there's Troy Wilkes who have their phones. But I don't like to text and people usually tell me that I should. But recently I've been texting a lot.

All because of Sammie Hall, damn that boy. Me and him have been good friends since math in 7th grade but for some reason when he texts, he sounds different- well I mean he says different things.

"Hey Sam," I greet him.

"Heyy sweetheart." He replies, wrapping his arms around my head in a hug, "How's it going Katy?"

"Pretty cool day so far," I start.

"Hey Sam!" Avery calls. Ugh Avery I hate that kid. He's such a douche and a bitch. I mean he has his good moments and he's funny at times but otherwise he's just a terrible person. I don't get why girls like him.

"Sup Ave." They do that 'manly' chest bump handshake.

"I gotta go to class so talk to you later?" Sam asks.

"Yeah sure." I wave him goodbye and leave, quickly being captured by Jack.

"Hey Katy!"

"Hey, Jackie boy."

"What's with the look?"

"What look?" I say. Damn, I hate how he notices these things sometimes.

"That, 'oh so dreamy something aww worth just happened' look."

"Oh, that's nothing." I shoo off.

"Oh please, stop lying."

"Ugh, long story- okay not long story just a story I don't want to explain."

"Fine, fine." He says chastely, ugh he's gonna ask again soon enough.

You remember how the other day we were talking about Say Anything? - Sammie

Yeah? - Katy

Well, I can get sexual too;) – Sammie

Mhm, funny(: You're stupid – Katy

Bitch – Sammie

Whore – Katy

3 I heart you (: - Sammie

Liar, liar pants on fire – Katy

Why are you so mean to meee): ? And no my pants aren't on fire, you just said that to get me out of my pants :P – Sammie

You wish loser(: I thought you'd be used to it by now – Katy

Don't roll your eyes at me ! And I do;) – Sammie

What? – Katy

OH COME ON, I know you rolled your eyes when you wrote that – Sammie

Okay, fine, maybe I did – Katy

Exactly my bitch (: - Sammie

Since when was I your bitch? Hoe – Katy

Since you gave me a boner!(; My desk almost flipped over (;- Sammie

Hahaha(: Funnyyyy, got soccer practice tonight? – Katy

No lax practice – Sammie

Huh? You don't play lacrosse – Katy

Oh, sorry, I meant I'll be at Avery's practice – Sammie

That doesn't make sense – Katy

I don't make sense, I make money !- Sammie

Haha cocky bastard, but really it doesn't – Katy

I'm not cocky ! Yes it does. Ave is my gay lover – Sammie

Oh right Avery is cocky, is he with you? That money comment sounds like him. Oh totally – Katy

Avery is not cocky! Yeah he is – Sammie

What planet do you live on? He's so fucking cocky ! Biggest ego ever. Don't tell him I said hi. – Katy

Why not? Oh I live on this place called Pandora, maybe you've heard of it. No he doesn't have a big ego! – Sammie

Cause he's a douche. Biggest ego – Katy

Kat, you know you love him. – Sammie

Oh please! Not ever, he needs an attitude adjustment – Katy

Oh come on, you don't mean that –Sammie

Yeah! I do! I mean he's okay looking, his smile is hot and all but like that doesn't get you through life. He's smart but he's too cocky about it and he thinks he's soo amazing because a lot of girls like him – Sammie

Well you sure can talk about him – Sammie

Yeah I can-Katy

Well, get to know him – Sammie

Just because he's your best friend, doesn't mean he's mine – Katy

So? Just get to know him – Sammie

Why? – Katy

Please? – Sammie

I dunno… - Katy

It'd be really awesome if you did – Sammie

Come to his lax practice this afternoon – Sammie

Umm… - Katy

Please? If you go then I can work on my project with Trent – Sammie

Okay… - Katy

Really?! – Sammie

Yeahhh… - Katy

Yes! Thank you! I love you3 – Sammie

I love you too… - Katy

(: I really heart heart heart youuu (: - Sammie

Sure you do – Katy

With all my heart ! (: - Sammie

So here I am, waiting for Avery because I can't fucking say no to Sammie.

"Hey!" I yell out in a hostile manner. A few turn around none being that one.

"Hey!" I try again even louder and angrier. Ugh I should just leave.

"Avery if you don't answer me I'm just going to leave!" I threaten, stomping my feet.

He doesn't answer. Jerk. So I hastily walk away in my stilettos.

"Kat, wait." Avery laughs, grabbing my arm. How in the world did he get here so fast?

"What?" I snap. Again he laughs at me. He's really quite gorgeous when he laughs.


"WHAT?" I snap louder.

"I'm um I'm sorry. So you're watching me practice huh? I know you couldn't resist me."

I Scoff, loudly with another roll of my eyes. "Whatever, I'm leaving now."

"No, please, baby?" he softens up. Ugh.


"Yes darling?" Avery smiles again, so brightly and happily. It's almost cheesy and overly happy.

Again I roll my eyes, "Do you want me to stay? Sammie asked me to come here."

"Well then, if you don't want to stay here then you might as well leave…" He jokes. Whatever, joke or not I'll take it seriously so I can LEAVE.

"Okay fine."

"No, wait come one, stay babe."


"Yes?" Again there's that smile.

"Avery shut up." He laughs and smiles a million dollar smile.

"Brown! Move your behind over here! Socialize with your girlfriend later!" Coach Lane yells. Avery is the captain of the Varsity Lacrosse team. Another thing to make his ego blow up.

Avery Brown, cocky as hell, and it makes sense for someone like him to have an ego but I mean like people who should have a big ego but don't are amazing. Otherwise they're just douches and jerks. Like Avery Brown.

"One second Coach!"


"Chill out!" He retorts.

"You shouldn't be talking to him like that, it's rude." I point out to him. Now he rolls his eyes.

"I'm being rude to him so I can talk to you so shush Kat."

"Whatever, talk to me later. I'll just sit and watch like a fucking good little girl and wait for practice to be over." I say with sarcasm dripping of my words but some truth.

Avery tilts his head and smiles a half smile, "Aw you know how dirty that sounded?"


"Sorry," he says sheepishly then grabs my head and kisses that side of my face.

"Ew, don't do that again!" I call out to him as he jogs back. I mean I don't mind that but I don't like Avery as a person.

"Okay, I will do it again!" He smirks. Ugh jerk.