"Avery Brown!" I yell out as he walks past me without a glance. I'm in the moon to throw a fit like a little kid. This isn't too new to him.

Slowly he turns around to look at me. At first he tries to look uninterested but that fades and he smiles softly.

"Yes?" Now it's a full pearly white cheesy smile.

I sigh and try to let go and calm down. My mood just took a full 180. How grrreat is that.

"Ave can we please talk?"

He looks at me worriedly, "Okay you just willingly called me Ave, in a sad tone, and you want to talk. Something must be up." He grabs my waist and we walk right next to the school building away from everyone.

"So what's up? I thought you'd want to talk to Johnny." He rolls his eyes at the second half of his statement.

"How do you know about Johnny?"

"Oh, well Sam told me about it."

"Liar!" I shout and point at him. I could tell from the corner of my eye that heads turned.

Instantly Avery's face turns a bright rosy red, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Yes you do Avery Brown, don't lie to me or I'll never speak to you again."

"Oh that's such a threat." He lazily rolls his eyes.

I scoff, more offended than I probably should have been I let out a frustrated groan and stomp away. If that's the way he wants to play it then fine. Jerk.

After moments of silence and me walking a yard or two Avery yells, "Come on baby! Please, I was kidding!"

I don't answer. He said me not talking to him wasn't a big threat so fucking fine with me.

"Baby!" He yells out again. I'm tempted to yell at him. I hate how little self control I have.

I turn around harshly, seeing that Avery is only a couple inches away. I point at him.

"Don't ever fucking call me that. I don't want to ever fucking talk to you again Avery Brown, I hate you!"

I run off as fast as I can hoping he doesn't follow me.

"Kat!" Well, Avery has never lived up to my hopes, but I can't say I'm surprised.

I manage to get into some hallway of the school that looks like the Arts Hall. I can hear his heavy footsteps close behind.

Without hesitation he jumps and grabs me. We both really were never ones to give up a fight.

"What the hell Avery!" He didn't hurt me seeing as he rolled on his back. I'd take it as him being either sincere or wanting to turn this provocative. I'm sure it's both, ugh.

"You didn't mean that right? Please tell me you didn't." He whispers to me softly.

"I'm not going to put up with this." I try to get up but he holds me tight and gets me on my back. Damn you Avery Brown for making this so sexual.

"Avery, let me go." My voice is pretty close to a shout. He doesn't flinch.

"Kat, sweetie, tell me you didn't mean it, like all those other times you tell me you hate me."

"What makes you think that I didn't mean it before?"

"Because all those other times you'd never sounded so honest. This time it felt like you meant it. I mean all the others times it's hurt but still."

"Avery, what's wrong with you?"


"Why can't you be upfront with me? Why do you have to lie to me like this? I know what's been going on Ave."

"W-what are you talking about?"

I wiggle out one of my arms from his grasp and I touch the side of his face.

"Charlie told me that he gave you his phone."

"Oh…" his face is red and I can tell he's embarrassed. My oh my, Avery Brown embarrassed? This is a miracle.

I frown slightly and hit the side of his face. His mouth opens and I know it didn't hurt but he was more so shocked.

"That was for being a lying bastard." I feel some sympathy, "And this is for being so not typical Avery Brown."

I pull his head down and kiss him but only for a few seconds then I slowly push him away. But of course, Avery kisses me and adjusts his arm to touch my neck. A kiss and another kiss until I involuntarily moan making it a great opportunity for him to stuck his tongue in my mouth. Without thinking I comply and he's practically licking my tongue. Then I realize that we really need to stop.

"Mhmm!" I put my hand on his chest and push him away, "Avery!"

"Yes?" He beams sloppily. He looks like he's in a fucking happy trance-he's practically glowing.

"Avery don't do that!" I whine, now I feel bad. I play with his feelings, he plays with mine and this is just terrible.

"Why not?" He whispers into my cheek. His breath is hot and damn I do want to kiss him again.

"Avery please get off of me."

He looks at me confused and gets up, helping in the process. I wipe off invisible dirt and smooth out my shirt.

"Avery, this is serious. We keep playing with each other and we shouldn't."

"But I like the games we play." He says innocently and it makes me feel bad.

"Well playing games just leads to someone getting hurt."

Avery lets out a sigh, "Don't you get it? I love you, okay? I want you to know that and I wouldn't ever hurt you. Contrary to popular belief, I don't life breaking hearts. It's just that my heart already belonged to someone while I was dating all those girls. My heart belongs to you! Now please don't reply with you saying that I'm lying and don't deny any of this. I'm sorry for deceiving you but- you treated me a lot better when I was Sammie."

I look down, was this seriously real? I mean it's not like I'll just accept that Avery likes-loves-me and go out with him. It doesn't work like that, I need to sort my feelings I mean seriously! Ugh, I was I love with Sam because of all the things Avery said. What's a girl to do?

"Okay well, Ave- you love me and I thought I loved Sam but then now I'm just confused. So I think that things will be better if we remained friends for now."

I couldn't read Avery's face, he just look at me like he was thinking and it also looked like he was just absorbing it all. Unexpected he grabbed my chin-which caused me to flinch like an idiot- and he kissed my lips lightly. I could feel him smiling into the kiss.

I have to admit that it was the best kiss I've had-excluding that little provocative scene before.

Avery pressed his forehead to mine and looked into my eyes. I'm pretty sure my cheeks are bright red right now.

"I'm so madly in love with you and I have been for years- I think I'll be fine waiting for little while more."

"You're a weird one Avery Brown."

"Do you still think I'm a jerk?" A

"A big one."

"And you love me?"

"And I love you." I give in and give him a peck. So maybe I might like Avery just a little bit.

But what about Sammie?

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