When That Day Came

I sense that you wonder what it would be like if we had a kiss. I spin a crafty tale in my mind of all the fantasies you think I dream of with you. But I've had my first with you and you didn't know it. It was , how long now, four years. Yes, four years ago when we were at this party together. At that point you thought of me very differently. And I went over to you and you were talking with those nieces and everyone was being introduced back and forth. And when I joined the circle you placed you arm around my waist and I drew close to your side. Believe you me, you didn't have to pull me closer, I went willingly. And your hand stayed on my waist as you introduced me. At one point your fingers, I remember them distinctly, gave a turn together and dug in just for a moment. I looked up at your face as if you were trying to get my attention and you smiled down at me. I smiled back, the rest of the day. I can recall all those moments with the clarity of my life passing before my eyes on my death bed. Those minutes, that look, they really equal a first kiss to me.

No one can take that memory away from me.