It was summertime when she met him. There was a blue sky overhead, green grass below, and an orange sunset separating one from the other. They were introduced, they exchanged words and smiles, and then they parted. Neither of them thought anything of it.

Autumn came. The girl was thrust into an environment where she knew no one, and there was no friendly face to make her feel as though she belonged. She wandered about in a lonely daze, and her only source of happiness was that boy she had met in the summertime. They would pass in the corridors, and he would spare her a smile that warmed her heart. She began to take her meals with him, and gradually the barriers between them began to dissolve away as their friendship tentatively began to form. Within mere months of conversation, her tender heart began to yearn for him.

It was just before the first snowfall of winter when she gave that heart over to him, with all her love. She stood upon her tiptoes pledged her love for him in a hushed whisper against his ear. He said nothing in return.

Winter passed, and he said nothing, and he did nothing. Life went on as usual, and their friendship continued to blossom, and with it, so did her love.

Spring was just beginning it's escalation into summer when a noticeable change came over the boy that the girl had pined for. Her maiden's heart was all aflutter as she became certain that he would return her fondness, and her love would be requited. He would wrap his arms around her and lift her into the air, twirling her about and making her squeal with delight. She was naïve, and she was lovesick.

In the summer he broke her heart. Gently and as kindly as possible, he told her that he would never be able to love her. He was remorseful and apologetic as the heart she had given to him fell out of his grip and shattered onto the pavement. She smiled and painted on a mask of acceptance and understanding. An evening of feigned laughter and forced conversation passed, and as soon as she left his presence she dissolved into tears. She cried for a night and a day, mourning for the love she would never be given and the heart that had been crushed.

Summer dragged by, and she kept up her façade of happiness. She spent many painful hours beside the boy she could not stop loving, and all the while he was oblivious as to what he had done to her. But still she endured.

Autumn arrived again, bringing with it another boy. The girl whose love had been rejected found the power to move on, and began to pick up the broken fragments of her broken heart and put the pieces back together.

It was just before the first snowfall of winter when she gave that heart over to him, with as much love as she could still manage. She stood upon her tiptoes and pressed a hurried kiss against his lips. He held her and he kissed her back.

Winter passed, and the boy who had accepted her helped the girl to mend her heart.

In the springtime, he pledged his love to her, and she willingly returned it. At last she found requited love. Together they endured many hardships, but with each obstacle they overcame their love was only strengthened.

The first boy became like a brother to her. Through the summer, with her newfound happiness, the girl pledged to help him find love of his own. Her friendship with the boy who had broken her heart grew alongside her relationship with the boy who had dotingly fixed it.

In the autumn, the girl's dear friend found the love he so desired. She was thrilled for him, and she was supportive, genuinely delighted that he had finally found happiness as she had. But her delight was short-lived. Quickly she became convinced that the love the boy she had once adored had found was no good for him, and was using him for all the wrong reasons. She tried to voice her concerns and was ignored. She came to hate her friend's new love, and that hatred was readily returned. Still she maintained a friendly countenance and was sweet and continually supportive.

As winter endured, a rift came between the boy and the girl. As they devoted their thoughts and their time to the new relationships they had found, the distance between them began to widen, which caused the girl much heartache. She and her boyfriend were closer than ever, but still she yearned for the friendship and company for the boy who was falling to the influence and manipulation of the one he loved.

In the late spring it became perfectly clear that their friendship was over. Two people who once had talked late into the night and loved each other as brother and sister passed each other in the hallways without a glance, without a word, without any evident expression that they had ever shared anything between the two of them.

Now it is summertime again, the third since that first, fateful evening. The boy spares no thought for the girl who once loved him. The boy who loves her wonders why she cannot keep her mind off the boy who has cast her aside. And the girl prays quietly for the power to forget.