Title: Mine Mate

Author: Lacrymosa string-quartet

Summary: All he wanted was one scoop of ice cream because he was hungry, but instead he got screw in the ally by a guy with two pointy furry ears. Now, the next thing he knows, he didn't get his ice cream and is now this half-looking wolf male's mate, forever! Because he said so?

Rate: M (Male action, bad language, sex)

Paring: MalexMale

Side note: The two main character's name are not said in this chapter, just their point of view. The first character's point of view is being said first, until it reach to the (~~X~~) that mean it change scene and another character's point of view is being told. But in this chapter, there's only two point of view, so it will go back and forth, incase there's any confusion.

Beta: All editing is credit to Prince Phane Amenet. Thank you very much!

Ch. 1

"Ah....oh....Ah," I moan then whined from the unbearable burn of pleasure that weighted heavily on my lower region. I could hear myself scream, moan, and breathe fast from the rough pound that my body made every time he thrust inside of me. I'm surprised we haven't taken our full clothes off, because this heat was making me sweat everywhere. We were fucking with each other on the wall, with only my pants down to my ankle and his just below his ass. His hard and passionless thrust meant nothing but sex that needed to be lay-out because it got too damn hot outside. And, because we didn't have sex today, until now.

"Ah!" he discovered the perfect spot that made me begged for his hard member to hit there again. I shut my eyes, and ground my teeth for the next blow, "Ah!.....oh," I whimpered from the steaming sensation that he made when he just jabbed inside of me then pulled out, only to get hit again and again and again. It continued on until we reach to the point that we could no longer take it. Unfortunately though, my partner love taking his time when we came so close to releasing.

I could feel myself about to burst, but he stopped!

"Taylor!" I barked, scowling at him as he stared down at me with that mocking smirk, "Why the fuck did you stop!?" I shouted while he slowly slide off my ass then paused.

He chuckled before grabbing a cigarette and a lighter from his butt pocket, "Taylor!" I was practically begging for him to fuck me senselessly, but no! Here he is, fucking me, then stopped at the good part to smoke! Who does that during the good part? "Taylor!!" I yelled louder for him to listen to me, but he just stood there, calm and inhaling that damn smoke into his lungs. Oh god! Why did I go out with the stupid one? I should have chosen his twin brother, Travis, at least he doesn't smoke, but then again, he does drink. Does it matter, right now I'm begging, but my selfish boyfriend decided to fool around and smoke in the middle of our moment.

"Damn it Taylor, if you don't it then I'll just do it myself," I said. I was so close, so very close to my release. I had to rush it out before he had another idea to prevent my semen from their urging freedom. I quickly grabbed my erection than began pumping myself harshly. I didn't care if he was watching me, I just needed to be out this unbearable misery. I moaned from my own jerk-off. He was laughing lightly and I guess he was enjoying the show as well.

"Stop," he whispered into my ear, not noticing that he had extinguish the cigarette on the wooden wall behind me. He smirked. I knew that expression, I could tell that he was going to do something malicious and sinister, it's written on his face. I became slightly scared by his demonic smile, "This might hurt," he warned. But he didn't give me a second to think, instead he unexpectedly cupped my ass then lifted me to his 5 feet and 9 inches level. I flushed then couldn't resist those dark blue eyes that memorized me since the first time I saw them in gym. They distracted me because I didn't feel a cruel sting until he finally spread my ass to make my entrance wider for his hard dick to inject me. That's when it hit me, but it was too late.

"AH!!!" I shriek. His aim was right on target, I guess that's why he's made the perfect pitcher in the baseball team. He thrust harder and harder, with no pleasure or love, just hard selfish and unfulfilling sex. I came before him, and that was that. No kissing or embracing, just a five minute break of relaxing on the plain floor of my one room apartment then hit the shower before saying our farewell. I sighed then asked myself, "Is he the guy for me?" before I heard my tummy grumbling loudly.


Today is the day, I'm sure of it! I turned to grin down at my lovely mother's picture that my creative father painted for me to remember her fierce and good-looking animal beauty.

"Do you hear me, mum? I swear to you, I will find my mate. I promise you, I won't be alone, I will find someone, just like you," I grabbed her picture then placed a promising kiss on the painting, "Love you," I gently placed it back on the wood-work table.

I ran out of my private hut (which is my room), then out of small home. I took a long refreshing smell of a new promising day. I grinned at the perfect green grass that always looked like a green ocean with narrow landscape, a few trees here and there, a couple of lumpy hills, and there is a garden just a mile away near the village rivers. My home is just outside the village, I don't know why my parents decided to live outside the village. It's what they decided before my sister and I were born. Either way, I didn't complain. The place has a good view of our landscape and we even have room to stretch and run around.

But enough about the property, it's time for me to look for my mate.

Today, instead of waiting for someone to come to me, I decided to force someone to be my mate. You know, 'Hey! Be my mate or I'll hurt you!' or 'You either be mine or I will place a very a unforgivable curse on your family'. Sort of like that. Either way, I will finally get to mate with someone, which means I will not be alone. Great plan isn't it? Why do I sound desperate? Well, right now I'm in my adulthood and I'm getting close to the point when you lose your charm to attract others, and I'm getting pretty close, really close. You see, right now, animals in my age already have their mate and have their own offspring. And right now they are working for their second offspring for this spring, while I'm still single and lonely. I can't be alone. I made a promise to my mum that I will find someone and break the curse that had been bestow on my family for years. I must find someone, someone worthy of bearing my litter and still be alive. But the question still wanders in my head, who?


After a few minutes when Taylor left to do whatever he does after sex, I finally decided to buy an ice cream from the park. I only have enough money to buy just a scoop of vanilla, just a dollar and fifty cents, that should be enough. I quickly hurry with excitement and was already drooling just at the thought of that sweet taste of vanilla on my tongue sliding all the cold and melting yogurt into my hungry stomach. I wasted no time. No time to shower because I was really hungry. No time to comb my mess brown hair. No time to even think, 'Did I lock my door?'.

I was so hungry that I debated if I should take the narrow dark ally that was a short cut to the park, or take the long, heated walk around the building to the park. I brushed it off and went forward to the dark ally alone.


The next thing I know, my body rolled out of the flashing portal that I went through, and ended up into this mysterious world. It took me a few more minute not to freak out or panic about what I got myself into. This is destiny. Well... at least that's what the sparkling ball showed me.

Oh look! A flying object.


A loud flying object. Okay, enough distraction, I can't get over excited just because everything here looks new. Oh, look, it's a black bird!

No, stop! I must concentrate. I could hear myself growl beneath my breath. I should have some self-control, just enough to find my mate.

Okay. Focus. Straight forward. Okay.

Now, where is that dark place? First of all, where am I?


I gulped before forcing my legs to wall in the long dark ally. I should be cautious, after all it's only reasonable because I heard stories where people got raped in dark allies like this one. Well, then again, I should be safe, because only young beautiful girls get rape, and it's only the afternoon. So, I should be safe.

Yes, I am. I guess I'm being paranoid. There is no rapist at this time, right?

I continued normally, just walking on a steady pace, not staring at any detail of this weird place.

This is good, nice and easy, no one in sight, just the sight of the dark green trees ahead. Yes, I'm almost half way there.


Hm, well, would you look at that? It's a feline!

The cat jerks around to gazed at my feature, the feline mustn't like the way I look because it hissed at my giant presence. I walked to the edge of something to stare at the feline closely, but she ran away, which was fine because thanks to that feline I found what I was looking for. My eyes couldn't stare away, my ears immediately jerk up, and nails clawing down. It's him! My mate.

Now. I must make my move! Now!


I halt at a strange noise to my left. I startled from the sight of the black cat, "Meow," it leaped from fire exit stairs that is pinned on the brick walls.

My heart slow, "Geez, cat! Don't scare me." I smiled at the black cat.

"Meow." I couldn't resist. I just have to pet it.

I picked it up and began to caress it's back, the cat reacted by purring loudly, "You like that, don't you?" I giggled, forgetting a split second about my hunger.

After petting the cute feline, I placed her down, "You have cute ears," I complimented her adorable ears that highlight every animals' features. They are so irresistible! I took one more second admiring the little animal before continuing my hungry quest to the park.

And just before I knew it, I was pinned down on my face instantly so I didn't have time to think what just happen.

"Mine!" a loud, aggressive growled startled me from behind, pinning down my body. I became scared and frighten for my life. Who is this?

"What?.....Who?.....G-Get off..." I must have lost my voice, because I felt speechless and too shock to talk. The next second was something I didn't expect. I felt my shirt ripped into two in a loud shriek, that's when I panic. I struggled and trolled but no budge from the heavy weight on my back.

"Get off of me!" I shouted. The presence behind me didn't like my shout, he roughly covered my mouth with his huge hand and hissed loudly. Tears formed, fear for my life, and the sudden panic that I was feeling from every fiber inside of me. Is this it?

No. It wasn't. In fact, it got worse. The worse thing that could ever happen to me, the one thing I predicted that I thought would happen to someone else happen to me.

My pants was ripped off next, then the blow happen. I was being raped, in the middle of a dark ally that I debated to go to, and finally did. My eyes were full of tears from the painful thrust that I was receiving uninvitingly. The rapist violated me; the hand that was once on my mouth moved under my rip shirt to moved up on my tight chest, while his other hand rubbed my erected dick, causing my body to jerk with the rhythm that his strong hand made. Then, suddenly, there was something else moving slowly around my waist, wrapping around me and the person behind me. It felt like a furry rope wrapping itself around my front waist and around the person's back, causing our bodies to press, becoming one.

It felt like forever, but it was over. After our high climax, and his release blowing inside of me, I was laid down gently by this mysterious rapist. I was sobbing lowly, I began shivering from the sudden breeze that pass on my sweaty body, while my eyes were semi open, close to unconsciousness.

"There, there, love. It's all over. Now, rest, just rest," said the bigger male, as he strangely began to lick my tears off my red cheeks.

".....why...." I whimpered, surprised to see a pair of fury pointy ears before drifting into a deep sleep.