Title: Mine Mate

Author: Lacrymosa string-quartet

Summary: All he wanted was one scoop of ice cream because he was hungry, but instead he got screw in the ally by a guy with two pointy furry ears. Now, the next thing he knows, he didn't get his ice cream and is now this half-looking wolf male's mate, forever! Because he said so?

Rate: M (Male action, bad language, sex, and Mpreg)

Paring: MalexMale

Side note: (~~X~~): means Scene change. I'm currently waiting for my beta to answer me back, so please excuse my bad grammars.

Beta: All editing is credit to Prince Phane Dzintri T. Amenet. Thank you very much!

Ch. 6

It took the debatable couple about an hour to make a simple compromise on whether or not Evan should leave on his own and come back or both should leave together and come straight back together.

It was decided that both men would leave together but under two circumstances: Clash would have to be Evan's new dog that he just randomly got a couple days ago unnoticed and Evan had to walk behind Clash during the whole trip to the front office to check his mail.

It was no problem walking downstairs to the front office with Clash, but that was what Evan thought after walking through dozens of full rooms until one man with a little girl crossed their path happily. At first they looked as if they were just going to ignore Clash but the little pony-tailed girl got curious about his 'necklace' around his neck.

"Ooo, lookie daddy, that doggy has a cute thing around his neck!" she said cheerily as Evan's eyes widened in suspense at what the little girl might do to Clash. "It looks pretty." Her tiny hands came a few inches closer to the silent growling wolf to touch his jewel. His left jaw slowly began to open as he bared teeth at the little human who freely touched a slight of strand of hair until her father stopped her.

"No Diana!" He quickly grabbed her other hand and lightly pulled her far from Clash. "Don't touch. It could be vicious." He warned before staring at Evan with a frown. "Shouldn't you have that mutt on a leash?" he hastily asked before taking his daughter away from the two.

'Whoosh' Evan sighed in relief. He felt his heart beat rapidly during the entire time the little girl was trying to pet Clash, but thankfully the father pulled her away and left out of sight. "That was close."

"Humph! Close from what? She was about to touch my 'Ring'. Grr, disrespectful child." He stated before continuing his journey to Evan's initial quest. Evan stared at him curiously, wondering why he got so aggressive toward an innocent child when she tried to touch his 'Ring'. Evan didn't say a word until they got to the second floor and finally asked, "Why is your necklace name Ring?" he gulped.

Clash instantly stop.

Evan suddenly regretted his question and stopped near Clash's stone body.

"Uhh... Forgot I asked." he laugh lightly, trying to act innocently as Clash's head slowly turned and narrowed his stare toward Evan's sweaty expression "Uhh, he-he-he. So are you going to move? We are almost there-"

"This Ring is very important to me and…to someone else" he said softly with a voice filled with anger, leaving Evan's speechless and understanding his situation. He was surprised that Clash had a soft spot somewhere, but he was more relief that Clash had a reasonable reason toward his actions with the little girl a few minutes ago.

Upon his arrival to the front office to check his mail, Evan noticed the manager had an aqua cap on covering his face as he read the Saturday's morning newspaper. Evan was friendly with the manager. He even remembered that his name was "Jose". A man that was six feet tall with curly brown-hair, full red lips, soft light brown skin and lean with muscles that he could be hired as a model or porno star. Evan blushed at his last statement that was in his fantasy thoughts. He immediately shook his head after hearing Clash's quick growl. Evan slightly scowled and murmured a few words angrily for being disturbed from thoughts about his hot manager; then again it was better that way. That was one less person to worry about before the psycho mutt went crazy on him. Then what was Evan supposed to stare at every time he came home? Oh no! Clash was going to scare another friend from him, especially someone as sexy as Jose.

"Grr", Clash looked untamed and impatient.

Again Evan's thoughts were disturbed and interrupted rudely. 'Can't a guy have sexy images of his landlord. Damn wolf'', He scowled as he took his key out and open his tiny mailbox on the wall. He looked inside and only got annoying ads and one bill.

"That's strange. Where is my check?", He asked himself as he gazed inside the small square shape box and discovered a few dust sticking on the wall, but not the envelope that he was searching for and risked walking out of his apartment with his 'supposed dog' for. He scratched his head in slight frustration but got the problem off his shoulder when he found a solution.

His eyes fully turn at his busy landlord. Clash tilted his head and follow his mate's eyes direction "Hum?"

"Um, J-Jose?" He asked shyly as he approached, ignoring Clash's evil glare.

"Yeah," the guy replied without taking down his paper or revealing his full face to Evan.

"Hey, sorry for bothering you but did you see the mail guy today? I need to make sure if he-"

"Umm. The entertainment section is interesting today." He interrupted Evan in a bored tone, which got Evan skeptical about his sudden voice. Something seemed out of place to him.

"What?" He asked.

"I'm sorry, you were saying?" He coughed, "Excuse my voice today." He added without staring back at Evan.

"It's okay." he smile "Um, about the mailman, did he-"

"Oh, that's right I found this." He used his right hand to reveal a white envelope with Evan's name, address, and who sent it then slid it a few inches on the front table. "My check. Thank you, Jose." Evan cheerfully grinned and bent forward to grab his check, but when he barely touched it, Jose came in front of Evan's face, expanding the newspaper in full length to cover both their faces to give them privacy.

Evan blushed.

"Really, you should read the entertainment section." He quietly demanded as the other boy nodded and obeyed.

Evan's eyes widened at the words that were inscribed over the newspaper's word font. He read it in his mind:

SHHHHH! It's me, Carla! :D


She abruptly put her index finger on her lips signaling him to be silent before removing her aqua cap and smirked for her lovely performance and disguise. 'If this is Carla, then where is Jose?' Evan wondered.

Clash was not pleased at the sight of his Evan being very close to another male. In fact, Clash was about to leap between them, destroy the newspaper and attack the guy. But his plan was spoiled after spotting a gray mouse on the floor. Instantly, Clash forgot about his attack and focused his vicious kill at the sneaky mouse. "You guys just keep coming, huh!" Clash began his barking and gruesome growls. The mouse guided him a good distant for Carla and Evan to have a good conversation.

Carla grinned evilly before putting away her small, black remote-control "Hehe. Shows him." She smiled cockily.

"Carla? H-How did you..." He couldn't find the words but he felt relieved that his friend had found a way to talk to him. Dang that girl was clever.

"Oh yeah, Jose. Don't worry. I got my brother distracted."


Just outside of Carla's room, the man that Evan was describing from his thoughts was having trouble fixing his little sister's broken door. "Damn Carla! Got me fixing her stupid door..." He then murmured a few cursed words after getting a splitter.


"You have a brother, too? And it's Jose!" Evan was shocked. 'This whole time I was fantasizing about my friend's brother. How did this happen?' he thought. Then again, why should he be surprised, Jose and Carla sort of looked alike…almost. He should've compared their looks but how could he when he was distracted by Jose irresistible charms.

"Hey, I'm human too. I have siblings here and there." She mumbled happily. "But that's not the point. The point is that you guys are finally out of the room."

"Barely." He frowned in disappointment.

"Still, it's progressing warmly. Soon you'll get all the information that you'll need to get rid of him." She reminded.

"True…but he's a hothead." He stated as his eyes glance at kitten-like Clash running around trying to catch a fake mouse.

"Doesn't matter. What really matters is that he's overprotective of you and is willing to do anything to make you happy."

"I suppose." He sighed at the true information but was still a little skeptical.

"Good. Now, since you guys are out, you two should have a walk to get know each other. Do you know his name yet?" she asked curiously while Evan looked dumbstruck.

"Uhhh…I don't." He admitted innocently like a lost boy. He barely realized that after spending two days with this half beast/man he didn't even know his name. You would think that these things would be the first thing you did but Evan wasn't sharp. He was just lost in his young life.

"You're kidding." She tilted her head in confusion then shook it. "Forget it. Ask for his name then get the conversation going during your walk. Understood?"

"Roger." He nodded with a weak smile, not happy with the plan but what else could he do. He couldn't get rid of the mutt by talking to him. He was going to need more skill for that. He had a bad gut feeling about the whole walk thing. Damn! He also had a feeling that today is a bad day. But hey, at least one thing turned out good: his three hundred fifty dollar check. 'Thank you mom.' He smiled calmly as he was about to leave to call his dog but Carla stopped him.

"Wait. I have two valuable objects for you to use while you depart." She disappeared underneath the front desk and rushed back with a seemingly healthy apple and a brand new thin chain that was big enough to hold a dog down. Carla grabbed the apple and explained herself "Apple. Appears normal and fresh but it's actually a raw meat apple perfectly fit for your little friend's taste. Give this to him when he appears to get out of control or hungry, but one bite at a time otherwise you'll have nothing else to restrain him. Made it myself. Here put it away." She handed him the apple then grabbed the solid new chain fiercely, but before she could explain the purpose for this particular item Evan interrupted her.

"Let me guess, a super gadget chain that could electrify anyone who wears it." He sounded fascinated as Carla grinned at her naive friend's silly guess.

"No, it's just a regular chain that I have wandering around. I figured if you're going out with him as a pet then you might as well put him into a leash…in case the force gives you a warning for having your 'dog' out on the street with no leash. Here you go." She giggled as she handed him the chain and caused Evan to blush in embarrassment. "But good guess. I should make one of those next time."

"Yeah, thanks and your welcome." He sulked for a second then jerked his eyes open again. "Wait a minute. How am I going to get this around his neck?" He slightly panicked.

"I'm sure you can think of a way." She smirked in a creepy way that got Evan nervous and unsettled. She even made a noticeable wink that concluded what she really meant.


"Uh-oh. Quick, he just destroyed my mouse robot. Now is a good time to go!" She whispered loudly as she grabbed her newspaper, cap and walked out back. Evan groaned childishly before approaching to his dry blood colored wolf with the chain in his arm while the apple and check were stashed in his pockets.

"Fuck! These mice are hard on the inside. Perhaps they're different in this world." He spat a metal piece out of his mouth, "And taste metallic!"

"Hey, you…ummm, what's your name again?" Evan laughed lightly with his left hand scratching the back of his head. Clash quickly turned around and looked confused. The wolf obviously had another unpleasant frown on but felt warm inside because he beloved mate asked for his name. 'So he finally asked. It's about freakin' time. I was beginning to worry if this way was a bad idea, but my mate changes everything.' He thought as he walked up to him with a straight face and sharp tone.

"My name is Clash Wolf." He stated.

"Okay then, Clash," He took his arm away from his head and extended the length of chain in front of the curious wolf "I need you to wear this?"

Clash immediately got in an alert position and growled viciously at the chain "Where did you get that?"

Evan was startled at Clash's savage appearance.

"W-Why?" Evan asked, thinking that the chain was a bad idea, but he wasn't going to back down now.

"Chains like those are use to restrain my animals, they are call leashes." 'Tell me something that I don't know' Evan thought. "Why do you have one?" He barked.

"Calm down Clash, I'm not using this to restrain you." His eyes rolled sharply side to side and thought of an explanation "Uhh, as a matter in fact, if you wear it willingly I will let you clean me again." He smiled nervously, starting to regret what he had just said to get the wolf to wear the chain. The deadly wolf's expression changed from attack mode to surprise and delight.

"You will?" he asked happily with his tail wagging high. Evan hesitated for a second then nodded doubtfully. Clash frowned then also thought for a second but eventually gave in. "Alright then. Anything for you, my love" He ran by his leg then began rubbing his fur on the exact leg that got raped by him.

"Okay then." Evan quickly bent and pushed Clash away from his leg, preventing another humping scene. He wrapped the chain around his neck while avoiding the 'Ring' at the same time. It became a success. "There, now let's go outside and have a good walk to the park."

Clash looked puzzled and uncertain of something 'He wants to walk to the park? What's a park?' He wondered as Evan began to pull the chain softly to force Clash to walk. "What do you think you're doing? We're supposed to go back to your room".

Evan stopped and nodded at him. "That's right," He smiled warmly, "but I decided that I needed some fresh air and I want you to join me. You know, to get to know each other and probably understand each other a little better. How does that sound?" Evan felt his heart beat fast for lying in some part of his sentences. Lying wasn't part of his system but he had no other ideas to convince the hardhead wolf.

It took Clash a few second to finally agree to Evan's request and walked outside with him to the park.

Meanwhile, Carla giggled in success while eavesdropping on the weird couple's conversation. "Yes, this is going to be good. I have to hurry and get ready." She told herself before fully turning around and surprisingly got startled by the sight of her angry brother.

Jose took a few second observing his sister's clothes and dark make-up that resembled his skin then left an eye brow before saying, "At times like this, I am happy that mom and dad are divorced, otherwise family dinner will be awkward." He said.

"And look who's related to them." She smirked at his annoying frown then walk toward the door. "Oh, did you fix my door?" She asked kindly.

"Now I regret fixing it." He answered.

"Thank you." She said cheerfully then walked out of the back office.

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