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In the soft, quiet dark, on a cool, gentle night

With a cradling pillow to ward off despite

Certain thoughts can't be calmed as they race without care

All so vivid and tangible – touch to the air

And clasp with my fingers a memory or two

Of a similar night in the darkness with you

Once so fond and enchanting, a serpent of gold

That sent trickles of warmth, who whispered, extolled

Reminiscence of days when we only had eyes

For the one we sat next to – our coveted prize

The weight of a hand twined with fingers so tight

Just a piece of this world that, for once, was all right

So contrary to all that is lonely and broke

To be filled with a richness and free of provoke

And for one selfish moment, I prayed to Divine

That forever and always, this boy would be mine


But the world turns and alters around its own plans

Transitions and morphs as reality spans

A look of endearment can start to unveil

Other notions of coldness, and hints of a tale

That try as we might, we can never play deaf

Towards its song of abandonment – love's solemn clef

To avoid the foreseen's a temptation of fate

It consumes you with bitterness, fills you with hate

Immersing yourself in the flames of desire

Acts only to start an emotional fire

And once they have settled, the waves of this tide

All you're left with is heartache and much-shattered pride


Now at night, when it's quiet and thoughts venture out

From their day-induced slumber you've avoided throughout

You are forced to reflect on the pain you've endured

On the love that has left, on the heart that is burred

As the memories flood in, the tears start to creep

Out of mourn-reddened eyes and emotional seep

And the night closes in once you see you're alone

Once you realize that boy is no longer your own

There's a bittersweet cry mixed with desperate deplore

To relinquish such thoughts and remember no more


All I want for this night, all I want from above

Is to drift off to sleep…and to fall out of love