A/N: I'm bored and I don't have to do any work today. So I'm going to write another story. Don't worry, when real life returns I'll update as slowly as everyone else.


"You have to get ready for school. Wake up." At the sound of my mom's voice, I roll over and burrow into my blankets, not even bothering to respond.

She reaches out and shakes my shoulder. "Fuck off! Leave me alone!" I snarl; wincing when my mom abruptly turns and leaves the room.

"Shit." I say in disgust and get out of bed. I walk into the bathroom and look in the mirror. Trails of tears are running down my face. Of course today would start like this, I think bitterly. She cries every time I say something like that, and then of course her emotions are strong enough to get me too. I splash my face with cold water, hoping vainly that my eyes won't get swollen or turn red.

I go to my closet, looking for something to wear that will match my mood. I finally decide on black cargo pants and a dark t-shirt from who knows where. Once I've put on my clothes on, I go back to my bathroom to slather on cover up in an attempt to hide the fact that I've been crying. I look at the mirror with disgust. The makeup hides my red nose, but my eyes are noticeably bloodshot and swollen. The seven studs in my ears look like they go with my outfit so I didn't bother to change them. I'm not even going to bother trying to style my curly brown hair; it's not even worth the trouble today. I put my contacts in and then put on a pair of sunglasses. I'm going to look stupid for wearing sunglasses when the sky is so cloudy, but I don't want anyone saying anything about my eyes. Last time this happened I didn't bother to put on sunglasses. Thankfully everyone assumed I was hung over, but I had to listen to all kinds of stupid shit from my classmates.

I grab my bag and run downstairs, making a quick detour to the kitchen to grab an apple before I race to the front door; jamming my feet into a pair of beat up black converse, ready to rush outside. "Bye mom." I call over my shoulder before slamming the front door. I quickly get into my car and turn the key in the ignition, peeling out of the driveway. I have just enough time to make it to school.

I can't believe I actually thought that I would get to school on time. Damn Murphy's Law, I grumble to myself; impatiently tapping my fingers on the steering wheel. Not only was there an accident that narrowed the highway down to a single lane, in town they were resurfacing the road forcing me to take a longer detour to get to school. I'm ten minutes late, which means the only thing I managed to miss were the morning announcements and the crush of students rushing to class. Gee, what a shame, I think sarcastically to myself.

In the office, after getting a late pass, the secretary is kind enough to inform me that I have now acquired enough tardies to earn a free trip to detention after school. Although her face is set in a sympathetic smile, Ms. Lain is smirking on the inside. Ms. Lain's not a very subtle woman; it's more than obvious that she hates kids, which makes me wonder why she would even work at a school. She probably did it so she could be closer to her own daughter, and smooth any ruffled feathers caused by her selfish actions. And if she just conveniently misplaced things that would get her daughter in trouble, well then that was just an unfortunate coincidence.

This is why I don't really like people; most of them are two-faced and I don't want to muster up enough energy to deal with it and sink to their level. Thinking about all of this is just a waste of time. I try to remember whether or not I had homework for Literature class before I shrug, deciding that thinking about that doesn't really matter either way.

I sigh before stepping inside the classroom; knowing what is going to happen once I walk in. Everyone has those teachers, right? Well, maybe not. I think my lit teacher would be a much better drill sergeant than educator. I almost regret not missing all of first hour...