A.N: Written for The End Challenge at FP

I still think about you, and remember you in the days which you were the greatest. When you were beautiful, shone like a star in the skies. I miss your beauty and your wit. How our eyes grew wide in amazement whenever your name was mentioned. I miss the way you smelled. Of course, they still sell and use your perfume at dirty old coffee shops, but it isn't the same now that you are gone.

I miss you so much... and I have nightmares of the day when you were wounded. When you fell before my eyes. I was too young to help you, not strong enough to keep you up. And when I finally was, it was to late. You were dead then.

I loved you.... one day we will be reunited you and I.

At least I hope so.

In the meantime, I will tell them stories of when "it can only happen in America" was a good thing. I hope that they will say it one day for the thing who now cowers in the shadow. The thing which actually had the guts or stupidity to step up to take your place. I admire her, and can only hope that the storytellers and I can guide her toward the skies.