The Note

By Jared Dixon

Chapter 1

The note

There were 4 children going to the doctor's office.

Terri,8, Michael 10, Alex 9, Sylvia 13. Through the

tunnel, Michael found the note.

It read:

Tomorrow, you shall go to the 13th floor of the

empire state building. There I will have another note.

Chapter 2

Later that day, Michael told the other 3 kids. Sylvia

said that she didn't want to go. She said that she thought

it was stupid. So it's down to 3 kids wanting to go

on the mysterious journey.

Chapter 3

The next morning, Terri, Michael, and Alex went and

found a problem. They found out that their parents

would hear them. So Terri said that she had some ear

plugs. So the kids used the earplugs on their parents

so that they could sneak out. But there was one thing

that they wern't thinking of. Sylvia knew what they were

doing. So sylvia could tell their parents what the kids

were doing.

Chapter 4

"13th floor? I read a book about the empire state building,

and there was a 13th floor, and they made it a different

floor, so this note must be old." Michael said. So then the

kids agreed that they would use the 14th floor first. So

when the kids got there, they found out that they were

15 minutes early. Alex had seen Leverage, so he said,

"Has anyone else seen Leverage? I have. I'll use one

of Parker's tricks." So he got his paperclip and started

picking the lock. Michael said "Do you know Alex, that

they have the most high – tech security systems in the

world? So I don't think a paperclip will do the job. It

will go off and you will get taken off to jail, and you

might get off for life!" Alex thought, I know, I know,

but I have to get us in so that we can furfill this furball's