Okay, so it's more of an odd poem than a song, but I did have a tune to go with it... Until my cat ate the napkin I wrote it on, anyway.

"Legacy" (I started the idea in June of 2009 and finished it last night, 6/22/10) ©CMDonovann

How do you catch an imagination?

Waiting in the lights of a dying nation

Singing to myself, lying upside-down

Stars invisible in the glare of this old town

Waiting for an end to this imperfection

Pools of emptied life cast their golden-gate reflection

Walking the path that they dared to hope is right

Searching for their sun in an endless starry night

All I hear is my own breath shaking

I know this time we're not faking

The world will come crashing down tonight

We cannot live, but we refuse to die

Where do I go to escape my fate?

You can't save me from it, it's too late

Looking for a light in the darkest abyss

I won't awake with the touch of your kiss

This painful silence is neverending

I never knew my death was impending

Whispers reach their voices through time and space

They can feel the hopeless desperation you face

They send their shivers up and down my spine

I just hope you can make it back this time

All we hear is our own breath shaking

I know this time we're not faking

Our world will come crashing down tonight

We know we won't survive, but our love won't die

We can't escape; we're sealed in fate

We can't even try, by now it's too late

I'll spend my last moments in your shivering arms

Before we escape all our wrongdoings and harms

They won't hear our helpless pleas

So we'll leave our Legacy...

Okay, if anyone can tell me what the heck this is about they will win an award. I think I must have been channeling Owl City when I wrote this, 'cause it makes about as much sense to me as the line "drenched in Vanilla Twilight/ I'll sit on the front porch all night/ waist-deep in thought because when I think of you/ I don't feel so alone." That may make sense to some people, but not me. Sadly. So if you know what my song is about, leave a review. Leave one even if you don't know, just to tell me off for not understanding Owl City.