The Hero's of the past, The Hero's of the present, The Hero's of the future,

There have always been questions about what makes a hero,

Is it defeating a dragon, or saving a fair maiden from a tall tower,

That was the case through a tale has just been found,

Through there are still questions on what a hero is this everyone agrees on one thing about this tale,

The Hero in this tale is a real Hero,

A timeless Hero, not one that will last for a day or a month or even a couple of years but a timeless Hero, through this one can work out just what or who they are...


I watch them as they shout and hit that little one,

Oh why do they have to do that to something so special?

Shouldn't children be a gift from above?

I pull my little one's close and gently guide them inside,

No one no matter what side they are on should see this or go through this,

I stand there, watching and listening as the days go by,

Every day the child calls out for help,

People pass by the house just ignore the child and listen to the parents,

The child gets disapproving looks and is soon ignored by the whole neighbourhood,

The adults are praised; the neighbors talk about how good they are,

But I know the truth; I know what they are like inside their home,

When the masks are down and they think no one is around,

After a year of watching I finally have enough,

It was on that day, the day the child was born, the day that should of been one of the happiest days of their life,

But it wasn't,

I see the child, they're curled up in a tight ball while those adults are kicking and punching the little one,

I look down at myself, what can I do?

What can me, one person do to stop something like this?

Someone so small couldn't fix something so big...

Or could I?

Making sure my little ones are safe inside I make the journey,

The journey is only a few minutes long and normally it seems short and easy,

But today with a life at risk it seems harder then I had ever known on this route to be,

As I get closer to my goal I hear the pleas of the child, asking why they did this,

The answer from those monsters that call themselves adults made me more determen to get the child help,

Because you was born,

I try to ignore the child's desperate scream as I get to my goal,

With all of my strength I push the phone off its stand and make sure the '999' number is phoned,

As I hear a woman's voice on the other end of the phone I run back to my children,

I listen from my home as the child screams again and the adults admit to their actions,

I hide a smug grin as the woman on the other end of the phone hears it all,

She's taping it and I can hear her say that the police are on their way,

I go back into my hole; my little ones are calling,

As the few minutes pass by I hear the sounds of police entering the house and saving the girl,

I can't believe that someone so small and weak as me has managed to do something as big and important as this,

I have use saved a life, something no human adults manage to do,

A police officer pauses as they walk pass my hole and places a bit of cheese outside of it,

Here you go little one, he says into my hole as he leaves the cheese outside of the hole, we know the truth don't we? You're a hero,

With a slight blush as the police officer leaves and my children looking at me with wide eyes I can't believe what that police officer had called me,

A small house mouse, the runt of her family had saved a life, the smallest and weakest had managed to stop save one child,


Through those adults might of gone onto other children once this one had died,

But either way the child was safe and the adults was in jail,

A small and weak mouse had stopped a case of child abuse that had been going on for years,

If a mouse can do something about stopping child abuse then why can't you?

And so the small tale ends, and the mouse was a hero, you don't have to kill a dragon or save a fair maiden,

No matter what your size or abilities everyone has the potential to be a hero,

Just like the mouse,

The End.