The rose's final lullaby

The rose sways to a soft melody,

the breeze swaying along,

the grass as the crowd doing the a peaceful wave.

If I remember right I can hear a soft lullaby

with my mother's sweet voice wording the song.

I wish I was little again,

I had my whole life ahead of me.

I laugh as I remember,

school projects hassling me and homework still to do,

piano to practice, with the tempo uneven and the sound just not right.

My soccer drills that chased me,

man, what a fright.

But I do still smile as I remember my great friends,

Diana and Katherine V., Lexi too.

Her twin brother Chris and his older sister Sam

Shanley from second grade I understood best.

Those are just to name a few, I still can list so many more.

but as my memories waver,

and my clock ticks to zero

I think about my life and how good it was, is and ever will be.

I see heaven's angels and the gateway to hell.

I wonder which one my soul will choose.

The rose is dying and so is my health,

so I say my good byes to my friends and family.

I close my eyes with a pain in my heart,

I forgot to forgive someone I once knew.

In fifth grade we were best friends

once middle school came

her heart had changed.

She was no longer the friend I knew.

Well, I'm done here in this world anyways.

I take my last breathe to say this Good-Bye.

Good bye world and hello God

take care of my friends and those who aren't,

save those who sin and convince them to do better.

but most of all save my old friend who I forgot to forgive

and give her another life to realize all her sin.

As the rose's last leaf falls down to the cold ground,

so does my soul that was lingering around.