Hurt but also loved

How can a person have so much hurt inside of them?

When you see that special one you once loved

Walk right on by and not even notice you?

Have you ever see him and thought

What would today be like if you were still with him?

Would you be happy, or would you be sad?

I am not sure what I would feel

But I do know that the brokeness inside

Is always going to hurt.

If you see him with another girl like I did, what would you feel?

I felt pain, jelousy, and anger inside

Because he was happy with someone else, and that wasn't me.

I felt like screaming at his face, and then running away crying

But I am not a little child, I am a grow young lady

And so I would never do that.

I felt so much hurt, and I never want to feel that again!

If he is going to be happy flirting with her,

Then he can, he is a free man- but I know deep inside it wont ever work.

Have you ever been crushed, hurt, and broken apart by a few simple words?

And then he tells you that he will never date again?

That is never the truth for I have seen it, and believe it- Men always break their promises.

Even if it's the simplest of them all, they always find a way

Like the word," I wont ever break up with you." Then turn around and do.

I hate when that happens, and it leaves you feeling all this hurt.

Time will over come this, and I will just look back to this as a bump in my road,

laughing at what tragety I onced suffered through

But know that God has so much better out there planned for me.

Having Faith is what I have, and always will,

For this is the strong point of my life

And I know what in store for my future, and God and I only know the plan.

All the hurt inside me is now gone, because he has taken it away,

Leaving nothing but happiness inside,

And all the amazing things he has planned for me to do- To worship him!