Time has flown by so so slow

Since the time you broke my heart

Not one but two months ago

And now its time for a new start

A time of happiness and not of sorrow

I will live each day today and wait for a tomorrow

Hoping to be swept off my feet once again

And laughing and being loved by a new him

It seemed only this past year

My life seemed not empty but full

Not knowing what ahead bestows

But wanting happiness and not to be alone

I am moving forward to what is now present

To live my life hoping for the best

And that I hope my prince will come one day

To sweep me off my feet and go far far away

To live a happily ever after

My arms intwined with his

To be best friends foreve and ever

And lastly growing old beside him

One day this will all be true

And the life I lived and once new

Will be looked upon through his face

And been blessed by God's grace