Sarah leaned against the doorway, listening to the melodies pour from the piano mere feet away from her. That familiar ache deep inside of her chest, threatening to eat her alive, returned as the melody began to fog her mind. Kichi, her eyes slid shut, admiration swelling inside of her. The room danced behind her eyelids, portraying a beautiful mural of notes and color. It was the only time she felt normal, with Kichi, with her sad melodic tears. One day she'd have the courage to wipe them away, to transform the song, the heart. But, now, all she could do was listen, and let her own tears mix with the atmosphere. Kichi, I love you.

The words in her mind flowed so freely straight through her veins of ink, splashing onto paper, but always stopped by the anxiety of her mouth. The music stopped, and Kichi scribbled something on a sheet before repositioning herself and beginning again, Sarah watched her slender fingers dance across the keys, she was born for it. The ache merged with a friendly feeling, a warm welcome home type feeling, she wanted to hold the hand of the world's greatest pianist, in her expert opinion anyhow, to tell her everything. Come rejection, or acceptance, Kichi needed to know, before time passed and it became too late. Would Kichi play for…her?

"Kichi!" A familiar voice echoed throughout the room, the music paused abruptly as Kichi turned questioningly to the door way.

Terra stepped past Sarah, entering the room and moving directly to Kichi. Slowly, it clicked what was happening, as Terra stared into Kichi's eyes with that recognizable look, as Sarah held it many a time in Kichi's presence. It was lacking, however, she felt, something was missing. She watched, trying to maintain her composure as Terra confessed to Kichi, much like Sarah had been fighting to do. How easily the words flowed, without hesitation, without thought. True love could not be as easily spoken, could it? Could Terra sincerely mean everything she spoke? Sarah turned, exhaling the last breath of Kichi's sweet melody, a new ache clawed at her. The ache that knew Kichi would say yes.

Kichi would love Terra, perhaps like Terra loved her, but would it be enough? Would Kichi finally stop her secret tears, would she be whole? Sarah clenched her fist, taking the first step from the room. Only if Kichi wanted this, if only Kichi was satisfied, would Sarah be. Sluggishly, she moved to her bedroom, pushing the door open, instantly being reminded of everything Kichi. The door kicked shut, she collapsed across her bed. She'd already cried a dozen times for Kichi, it was nothing new to find a few tears sliding past her defenses. The newest song of Kichi's played through her head on endless repeat, lulling her to sleep, singing only to her.

The world hurt, but if only Kichi would stop the tears, she'd bare all the pain, for Kichi. She buried her face in the pillow, with one last conscious breath she realized, Kichi was keeping her alive. Terra merely tripped over the plug, pulling life support out of Sarah, but she had been the clumsy one who left it for Terra to pull.