Celebrities Get Special Treatment

Yes, celebrities get special treatment. Whether it's Patrick Dempsey getting out of a speeding ticket, or Britney Spears getting immediate treatment for a minor injury, or even Paris Hilton who didn't have to wait in line at the DMV, it happens every day. So, what we need to consider is, is it fair?

On February eleventh Patrick Dempsey, star of Grey's Anatomy, got pulled over for speeding. Getting pulled over for speeding isn't unusual; you get a warning, a fine or ticket, then you move happily on your way, but this time was different. This time it was a celebrity behind the wheel. A female cop pulled over Dempsey, and went over to the car. She took one look at him, recognized him and was star struck. "I just can't give you a ticket!" She gushed, and let him go. People have speculated that if it had been the woman's partner who pulled Dempsey over, he would have gotten that ticket. But, of course, it had to be the fan. The real question is, will Dempsey speed again? And, next time, will he hurt someone?

Britney Spears. We all know who she is, so when the star accidentally fell off the stage and was injured, there was no question that she would get special treatment at the hospital. She was taken to the emergency room, and was diagnosed with a twisted knee. But since this is a celebrity, the doctors wanted to make sure that Britney was going to make a full recovery. That nothing more was going on. There was one technician working that night, and he was on the CAT scan. A CAT scan is essential to a trauma work-up, you know, to check for internal bleeding, or to make sure that your stomach isn't where your liver should be. But that technician was taken off the CAT scan, just so Britney could get an MRI that revealed nothing but cartilage. After all, a twisted knee isn't life threatening, but whoever needed that CAT scan, could have bled just a little too much. Is it fair that someone had to sit and wait in pain? Is it?

Everyone know who Paris Hilton is? I thought so. So, one day, the heiress needed to get her license renewed. No big deal, just a trip down to the DMV, get a really ugly picture done and move on with your life. But, that's how it is for us normal people, not for people like Paris Hilton. Paris got her people, yes, that's right, her people, to call the DMV. She didn't even do it herself! I digress, Paris's people called the DMV and told them that she was coming, and that she better not have to wait in line with us common people. And, voila, she didn't have to. Paris arrived at the DMV, and didn't have to wait a single moment before being taken to get her photo done. Now, we all know how people complain about the license photo, there's an unwritten law that you aren't allowed to look good, but Paris Hilton is above our unwritten laws. She posed for at least four photos before picking one that looked good. Okay, so next time you go to the DMV, ask to get another photo taken, and you know what they'll do? They'll say, "yeah, right buddy. Get outta here!" Ah, if only we were celebrities.

Like I said, celebrities get special treatment, and it's all because we let them get away with it. It was normal, everyday average Joe's and Jane's that let Patrick Dempsey get away with speeding, or took that technician off of the CAT scan so that Britney Spears could have her MRI, or let Paris Hilton skip DMV lines and take four photos. They were everyday people. So, I will leave you with this to ponder: is it fair for celebrities to be 'special'? Because, you know, they are human, just like the rest of us.

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I had to write this for school. Enjoy.