Made: Friday, June 25, 2010

Time: 8:47pm


She just could not help
When she felt herself melt
Encountering his striking being.

Though the fires of Hell
Rose just at his tell
He had to let her join him.

And then the great war
That had started long before
Between Light and Darkness arose.

Her hair glowed bright blonde
Her heart beat quite strong
She was an angel in the Light.

His eyes glared in red
He'll fill you up with dread
A devil in the Darkness.

Now would she turn him good
Or if she even could
Was the question here.

He had fallen for her love
This angel from above
But it was impossible to change.

His heart was cold and worn
So from him she had been torn
And from her Darkness became.

From there she joined his game
Never to forget the name
Of the irrisistable Damian Thorne.