Dear everyone at FictonPress:

For quite some time I was unable to even log in to FP. I did some research into a writing site called Wattpad, which someone had recommended. Though I didn't find its user's writing quality as good as on here, they have a large group of users and prizes. And I'm a sucker for those things. So, I signed up and started posting. (Info on the stories will be at the bottom.)

Then of course I get back on here and suddenly there's an image option and everything's new and improved? What? I'm still hesitant, though. So here's what's going on: I'm not gonna take Al's stories down anytime soon (don't see a reason too.) But as of right now, I'm not going to post anything new on here, either. Al will not go on Wattpad, but all of my new stuff will.

Wattpad looked scary to me at first too. You don't have to sign up to read the stories, but if you want to comment/vote (which I would love; remember, prizes?) you can make a free account. Now I try to make people happy, so I'm not inflexible about this. If someone just can't go to Wattpad but really wants to read my story, comment and I'll think about posting on FP again. Updates may come later, but they'll happen. I really appreciate all the comments and reads you guys have given me.

If anyone's still here and reading this (or even if you're not) just thank you, guys. If you'd like to leave a comment or PM that'd be lovely.

Now if you're just sick of writing sites or just bored or I don't know, feel free to stalk my blog (macysheehan . blogspot . com) which is basically my own version of a website. . . It talks about stuff. It also links you to my Youtube, which talks about stuff and has trailers! Ooh, trailers, yeah!

And finally, onto the stories:

The Pumpkin Princess, short story:


"Perfect girls need perfect dresses, and Victoria King knows just where to get one: if only the witchy seamstress weren't so creepy. All those rumors about Mary's death occurring by the witch's hands can't be true, anyway-but why do weird things start happening on Halloween night, when Victoria is supposed to be the pumpkin princess?"

Legacy, werewolf:


"The legacy states only a male will rule. Given that fact, Eileen doesn't feel too inclined to take life-and Alpha duties-seriously. Hunters are at large, her family's keeping secrets, and the bordering territory's Alpha is back. His arrival causes everything to spiral downward; Eileen resents him and refuses to make her Alpha training on him any easier. After all, what's the legacy got to do with her, a girl who will never rule? Nothing. So: bring on the rebellion."

I would say "Just remove the spaces and you should be able to visit the various links" BUT NO. I'm sorry. I tried. Blog link looks okay, can't get the Wattpad ones. But it shows the code. You just have to type in the three w's and a period and Wattpad and then a period and a com... and then you attach the back half. Or search for me. Or message me or something. Hope to hear from you guys soon!