Chapter 5

I was standing in an elevator. The plastic walls were blue; the carpet a forest green, and the metal hand railing was polished to bright chrome. It took me a minute to figure out what I was doing there. Where had I been before this? Why was it so cold? Why was my head fuzzy and my arm hurting? I looked down at my arm to see dark bruises where someone had grabbed me. I touched the bruises softly and suddenly I remembered where I had been before I was on this elevator, which was slowly moving downward. I remembered lunch, and talking with Jamie had grabbed me and the world stopped. Then I went to art where the same thing happened, only this time I was knocked out. What had he said before I blacked out? Something about a daemon….I couldn't remember anything else past that.

After a while in the elevator, I realized the numbers were showing on a monitor at the top. It read 1,122 and it kept going downward. How long was I out and where was I going? I wanted to believe all of this was some kind of dream but I knew from the way I was thinking that it wasn't. I sat down and watched as the numbers steadily kept climbing, as the elevator kept descending. Around the number 1508, the elevator stopped. I quickly jumped to my feet and braced myself for whatever was beyond the doors.

When the doors finally opened, I put my hands up and I put my feet in a fighting stance. If Jamie was there, I was going to fight like hell. I was surprised, however, when the doors finally opened. They opened to a long hallway. It looked like a nicely decorated office building, with office doors along the halls and potted plants sporadically placed. Some very nice paintings also hung along the hallway, from what I could see from where I was standing.

"Please proceed to the end of the hall. Thank you." A woman's voice said from somewhere around me. I nearly jumped out of my skin at the sound of it. Unsure of what to do, other than follow her orders, I stepped out of the elevator. As soon as I did, the elevator doors closed quietly, but quickly. I stood in the empty hallway, my head still feeling fuzzy and my feet unwilling to walk. It was much warmer, I noted, which was nice. My hands had begun to feel numb, and my nose was staring to get uncomfortably cold. I proceeded to step into the hall, not too fast, but at an easy pace. I was trying my best to remain calm, but in truth, I wanted to scream my head off and beg at all the doors for someone to just let me go home. The hallway wasn't very long, and when I finally got to the end of it, a large wooden door stood before me. Its knocker was heavy looking, and dark. It sat in the mouth of a dark looking creature. Hesitantly, I pulled on it and knocked. It took a second, but the door finally opened.

Inside was the most expensive looking furniture I had ever seen. The sofas looked antique, old and very well kept. A fireplace was burning in the distance. Luxurious rugs were placed everywhere on a shinny wooden floor. There was a kitchen to my right, which was stunning in the overhead lighting. The countertops were rich brown granite, which practically gleamed at me. I hesitantly looked at the rest of the "house" as I wanted to call it. There were three bedrooms, all of which had four poster beds and thick, comfy looking pillows and sheets. When I made my way around the house and back into the living room, I noticed the large flat screen television. I was almost too nervous to watch anything, but there was really nothing else to do. I went over to the couch, but right as I sat down, something sat next to me.

"Goodness!" I screamed as a huge black dog sat perfectly next to me. The dog had large pointed up ears, its tongue hanging lazily out the side of its mouth. It looked at me with big brown eyes, and for some reason, I had to urge to pet its head. Its whole head was bigger than my hand, but I did my best to scratch behind its ears. Normally, I was deadly afraid of dogs. I was attacked by one when I was a kid, and every since then I had been more of a cat person. However, this dog was extremely nice and friendly, and playfully put its face into mine and licked my cheek. I noticed the color which was around its neck.

"Delilah? What a pretty name for such a pretty girl." I said, and she barked happily.

"I'm glad to see you've found it here alright." I jumped off the couch and spun around. Jamie was standing there, arms folded over his chest, and a smug grin on his face. His appearance did weird things to me. There was something about the way he looked that just stole my heart away. He was thin, but not in a too much kind of way. Just thin enough where you could see his well defined muscles. His eyes were deep set, and his jaw was tense but at the same time, it almost complimented his features. His eyes were bright and inviting, and the way he was standing almost made me want to run into his arms. Almost, of course, because he was the reason I was here and completely freaking out. He had also been the one person to completely harass me for weeks.

"Where am I?" I almost rolled my eyes at myself. I sounded like the typical person who winds up in these kinds of situations. The whole banter of questions, where am I? Who are you really? What tragic danger have I wound up in? Unfortunately, I really did need all that kind of information if I was going to get out of this place and get home.

"Well, that depends." He said, coming over to me, but I put my hands up, as if to say, don't come near me. He stopped and gave a slight nod, which surprised me.

"Depends on what?" I asked. Delilah was happily at my side, looking from both of us with a funny expression on her face.

"It depends on your sanity. Do you think you're ready to hear about things that are otherworldly? That just yesterday was myth and fiction?"

I didn't really know what to say. I was already this far, I thought, I might as well just hear it.

"Just tell me." I said, folding my arms now, as if they could save me from whatever his words are.

"You're in hell." He said matter-of-factly. I stood there, my mouth slightly open and my right arm fell to my side.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"I said you're in hell. Or Hades, or whatever people call it these days."

"How did I get here?"

"I brought you here." He said, and this time came closer to me. I didn't step back, but I didn't exactly let him touch me either, even though he tried to. Instead of taking my arm, which had the bruises, he instead scratched Delilah behind her ears, making her to wag her big tail all over the place.

"Am I dead?"

"Of course not!" He yelled, then retracted.

"Why did you bring me here?" I could already hear the hysteria in my voice. I cleared my throat and waited for him to say something. He sat down, heaved a big sigh, and suddenly looked much older than a teenager.

"I brought you here because a certain Daemon is starting to take interest in you, and I'm not going to allow that."

"Okay, I really need you to just explain it all because I am royally confused."

Jamie smiled up at me and motioned for me to take a seat, which I did, but I made sure to sit on the far end of the couch. Delilah ended up sitting on the couch in the middle of us, and resting her head on Jamie's lap. He scratched her ears some more and waited to collect his thoughts, or so I hoped.

"Well, I'll do my best to have this make sense, but there's a lot of stuff behind it, so just ask if you get lost or something." His eyes filled with a sudden sadness which took my breath away. He was nothing like the boy he portrayed at school. He seemed genuine, and some of that make me uneasy. Who was he, really?

"Do you happen to know anything about the bible?" He asked.

"I wouldn't say by heart or anything, but I do know the stories and stuff." I said trying to be calm and relaxed.

"Well, in the beginning, when the world was made there became a feud between the angels. A war broke loose in the heavens, and after that, some angels fell. Some of those angels ended up falling to the Earth, while others fell into hell. These angels who had fallen to Earth were known as the Watchers, a group of fallen angels who watched over human kind, only they ended up wanting what humans had. They craved sex and riches, and freedom." He paused for a moment to see if I was following along, to which I nodded for him to continue.

"When those angels matted with human women, beings known as Nephilim were born. Both sides rejected them, not dark nor light, and they roamed the Earth unwanted and hated. They were neither human, devil or angel. They could not die, and they were forced to live among mortals though they were never fully accepted because of their dark nature. They had humanity, but they also carried the sin in which their fathers brought with them. Back in those days, the Watchers didn't realize they're mistakes. What they did was doom their offspring, but also themselves, and they were cast down into hell for what they unleashed onto the world." He paused once again and I collected some of my thoughts. I had once heard of this story, at least of the Nephilim, when I was talking with my very religious grandmother. She had mentioned a holy book called The Book of Enoch, which talked of the fallen angels and of their dreadful offspring. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now, I guess I was going to need to really think about it.

"There were twenty original Watchers, and the leader of the Watchers has taken interest in you." He said, and looked up at me. I cleared my throat again, even though it was unnecessary.

"Why?" I asked and we met eye contact. I wanted to stay forever here, just with him. My emotions were getting the better of me. My common sense was leaving out the door and up the elevator.

"He wants you because you are the one thing that will bring the Daemons out of hiding. You are the only one open up the realms of Hell and Earth."

"How is that possible?" I asked, in nearly a whisper. My whole life I've been pretty average, meaning, nothing super strange has ever happened to me. It wasn't like I didn't have some talent in on some areas, I was good at certain kinds of art, and I also wasn't terribly bad at basketball. Nothing had ever stood out as "beyond the norm" though, as far as I knew.

"You aren't who you think you are. It is possible because your abilities have been suppressed. There are a few people higher up who don't want you found, which is why nothing unusual has happened in your life. You are both angel and Daemon, and because of that you belong to all three realms, Hell, Earth, and Heaven. It was why I could take you down here without you drying."

"So, what you're saying is that I'm like a half breed type of thing and if I'm discovered by 'the dark side' then I could potentially destroy the world."

"Yeah they pretty much sums it up. Though, what you are is a Xiliant, it means half and half down here. There have been others like you, though thankfully, they had never been found out."

"How did they find me then? Do you have anything to do with that?" My anger was really starting to flair. I was doing my best not to freak out, and finding out all of this was also making me highly angry. Why was this happening to me? Why did I even have to move?

"They found you because the leader is under disguise, and I wasn't able to implant memories into him like the rest. Somehow he came to Earth, and has been searching for you. I only found out about this because Daemons like to gossip." He said, trying to smile even though it wasn't really the right time to smile.

"So….you're a daemon. What kind of daemon?" I nearly crossed my fingers; I really didn't want him to be evil or something. Though, from what I've seen from him on "earth" he wasn't the nicest of people.

"Its daemon with a capital D, meaning I'm higher level. Lets just say I'm one of the good guys, so to speak."

"What should I call you then? Didn't you have another name?"

"Yeah, but that isn't important right now. Just call me Jamie, what we need to do is get you settled in because you're going to be staying here for a while until I find out the leaders disguise so you can be kept safe."

That was so typical! Why do men always feel the need to keep a woman under lock and key so they can 'save the day'. I was absolutely not having that. I had a lot more questions to, like who my real parents were, and also what he meant by 'implanting memories', but he was already getting up and walking to the door.

"You can't be serious! I do not want to be stuck here like some kind of damsel in distress." I got up from the couch as well, which got Delilah up and by my side, giving me an almost pitiful look.

"I am serious and you will do what I say." He said, hand on the doorknob.

"What makes you think I won't just leave?"

"Well, I would suggest you don't. Each of those doors is a level down to hell, and I don't think you want to go there. The elevator will be out of commission until I figure this out. I'll be back here later tonight, just try and relax, alright? You look pretty sexy when you have that scary face on." He said with a wink and a smile, and was out the door.