You know how in every year, there is one girl who says hardly anything to anyone but her friends. Usually you would find her in a corner with two or three other people, whispering and hardly looking around. Occasionally you would get a glimpse of her face and admire the blush that frequently appeared on her cheeks.

Usually that girl would have a cute, pretty name that either made you think 'princess', or 'baby', something like Mia, or Tessa. But not all parents loved their kids enough to give them a name which stopped people from pestering them, thinking they were shy, constantly embarrassed and unattainable.

The same shy girl is creative. Whether it's in music, art or writing. Nearly 64% of the girls were creative through art. What they couldn't say, they would paint or sketch on a canvas. The world would admire, and love their art because it's an insight of what goes on in those shy girls head.

The girl would spend most of her time contemplating life. Everything that happened to her or someone else, she would analyse for days on end. She'd be the smart girl everyone wouldn't dare tease because they think her heart is too fragile for insult.

They never realize how strong the shy girl is, how much she knows and how much she hides. Whatever words come out of her mouth, everyone absorbs like a sponge, hoping to learn something from this mysterious girl.

She doesn't think about boys as much as the other girls do, she doesn't undress boys with her eyes like the 'blonde girls' did. Looks weren't what drew her in, it was his eyes. To the shy girl, eyes were the one thing that couldn't lie to her. This way she could protect herself from self-inflicted hurt.

So, at Georgia High, the one shy girl, well, she was Riley Jones.

She was me.