Chapter 5: Lost Friends and Lost Lives

Mitch took on the burden of carrying Kieth on his shoulders.

"So, what do you guys think that was about?" Katrina asked awkwardly.

"I don't know, nor do I care that much. He saved my ass, that's all I know." Mitch replied.

"I know that but..." she started but Jacob cut her off.

"Mitch is right. I'm sure whatever it is, Kieth will tell us about it in time."

"I guess..." She said quietly.

As she said this, the burden on Mitch's shoulders stirred. "Wha... how...?" it moaned.

Mitch set him down. "Rise and shine buddy. Welcome to the land of the living. Remember me this time?"

Kieth smiled weakly. "How I forgot you in the first place escapes me. But your the only thing I remember."

Mitch laughed. "Well, back at the house there is someone else who might help jog your memory."

"Who? And why aren't they here?" Kieth asked.

"An old friend. And why isn't she here guys?" Mitch addressed Katrina and Jacob.

"She was having a shower and wanted to make some dinner for Kieth, she said we could go and she would wait at home." Jacob explained.

"Well okay, let's get going." Mitch stood up and Kieth got to his feet shakily.

"What happened to those thugs anyway? I remember getting a really massive headache and just passing out." Kieth asked puzzled.

The other three looked at each other uncertainly. Mitch came forward and grabbed Kieth's shoulder. "Dude, you don't remember?"

Kieth shook his head. "Not a thing man, why?"

"Dude you killed them, ALL of them." Mitch said with finality.

The world shook around him, white noise filled his ears.

Mitch walked up to him. "Dude-" but Kieth shoved him away viciously. "No! Get away! I killed them! KILLED!" Kieth fell to his knees. "I killed them... blood's on my hands..."

"Chill out! If you didn't kill them they would have taken the kind courtesy of slaughtering us like pigs. What do you say to that?!" Mitch yelled.

Kieth looked up at him. "You really know nothing do you? It's easy for you, I'm not some kind of monster who can go around killing people, JUST CAUSE I CAN!"

Jacob and Katrina went to restrain Mitch, but it was unnecessary. Mitch just had a sad look on his face. "I guess you were right: we have never met." then with a flourish of his trench coat he was heading towards Jacob's house.

Kieth got up. "Crap, I screwed up. I need to talk to him..." But Katrina stopped him.

"Don't, he'll clobber you. It's best if you let him cool down a little.

"I agree with that, Kieth" said Jacob.

"I don't think..." but she silenced him with a fast kiss.

"Don't... I think I might... like you. I don't know how that will develop, but keep alive for now, okay?" she asked him.

Kieth looked at her shocked. "...Okay..." he stuttered.

She was suddenly brightened. "Don't worry about Tubbs over there, he's fast to anger but will be the first to buy you a drink."

Kieth smiled. "Very true. And he's not really fat, he is big no doubt, but not fat."

"She winked. "I know that, trust me, it pisses him off though, don't it?"

"I assume you two have a 'love, hate' relationship?" Joked Kieth.

"Well, lets say our relationship drifts from 'love' to 'hate' to maybe 'love' again." she winked.

"And this is were it gets awkward." And Jacob hurried towards Mitch.

Kieth stood there for a few minutes. "Oh wait! Did you and..." he pointed at Mitch's direction. "I mean did you ever...." he looked exasperated.

Katrina hit him playfully. "What an indecent question to ask a lady!" she winked again and hurried off.

"Katrina! Wait Katrina! I need to know, now! And what did you mean by 'HE'S NOT FAT, TRUST ME'! KATRINA!" he pleaded desperately after her.

Mitch walked straight back to Kieth and grabbed him by the shoulders. "I am..." he looked into Kieth's eye's and Kieth saw -literally- flames. "...Sorry. Wow dude, calm down, why you so tense? Anyways, I was out of line."

"No, you weren't. I was wrong, and I'm sorry." Kieth apologized back.

"What? I got up all this courage to apologize, and here it's your fault? Nuh-uh, it is my fault, and there is no God-damned thing you can do about it. Got me?"

Kieth laughed. "Got it, got it."

"Good, so what do you remember exactly?"

"Well... I remember I have parents, where I lived, it seems the only thing I don't remember is you. I was a tech person in Iraq when the car hit a bomb and I was flung into the turmoil around me... I don't remember anything past that."

Mitch chuckled. "It looks like we all got involved with the armed forces1."

Kieth looked over to Mitch puzzled. "'We all.' Whats that mean?"

Mitch looked dumbfounded. "You mean you forgot John!? Wow man, you memory is screwed"

Kieth gave him a withering look.

"Okay, okay. John was like, our leader I guess. Our school was not a good one, it was full of drug dealers, brawlers, and scrubs like us. It was just the three of us: You, Me, and John. We weren't the strongest, but we were respected enough that people left us alone."

Kieth just nodded. "So you were in the armed forces too? Even after all that 'It's not Canada's war' crap?"

Mitch chuckled. "'In' is not an accurate description."

Before Kieth could probe any further Mitch twirled around with an old-style Colt 452 and shot seemingly random into a building. A few seconds later a body fell from one of the windows with a wet splat.

Kieth's eyebrows went up. "That was... impressive. But I really don't like that you killed him."

Mitch shrugged. "Eh, it's what I do." he then continued to look at the body and picked up the dead dudes rifle. "This is a legit old-western Winchester3. Man this guy does not deserve a beast like this." He then took the guys holster and strapped it to his side.

"What are you doing!?" Kieth asked exasperated.

Mitch shrugged again. "Taking it." then he slipped the rifle into the holster. Then he continued to rummage through the body.

"What now!?" Kieth practically yelled.

Mitch turned to Kieth and sighed in annoyance. "A gun needs ammo. Now shut-it, he more than likely brought friends." than Mitch took off the hiking back-pack off his back and packed the rounds. "Oh, and speak of the devil." Mitch got up and strapped the pack back on and clipped up the front.

"What are you-" Kieth started but was cut off by Mitch.

"Just go hide behind that garbage can, I'll handle these guys."

"What guys-" Kieth started again. "Just GO!" Mitch screamed.

"No way-" Kieth started yet again. "As you are now you are useless to me. GO! HIDE! NOW!"

Kieth was reluctant, but he did as he was told. Just as he was in position four men walked out from the shadows and approached Mitch. From where Kieth was he couldn't hear what they were saying, but got the gist of it: surrender.

The one Kieth assumed was the leader was wearing the uniform of a Reverend4, he walked forward and held out his hand for Mitch's Colt.

Mitch held out his Colt butt-first. The Reverend smiled at him. "It's a wise-" but before Mitch put the gun into the man's hand, he put it into his face instead. The Reverend held his bloody face all the way to the ground.

Before the other men could react one had a bullet in his head. In a twirl of movement the other Colt was in his hand and was pointing them at the other two. They stopped for a second and started laughing. One stepped forward. "Fool, you can't shoot two weapons at once with any sort of accuracy."

Mitch smiled darkly. "We'll see." with two loud bangs both men had lost their lives while smiling- but it was Mitch who had the last laugh. Mitch walked over to the downed Reverend and cocked the hammer5. But before the deed was done Kieth jumped in. "Stop! Let him go! There doesn't have to be more blood!"

Mitch holstered his Colts. "Okay, but that's because I trust you." He looked at the Reverend. "Get lost!" and he happily obliged.

"Guys! What happened? I heard gunshots!" Katrina and Jacob huffed up from behind them.

"Don't worry, it was dealt with." Mitch answered.

"I can see that" Said Jacob as he referred to the bodies and Mitch's new weapon.

"Lets get back home." announced Jacob.

Kieth smiled. "Yes please, lets."

The flames seared Kieth's flesh. When they got back the house was aflame. Kieth went to get the other person that stayed behind- Rene- , and Mitch went to get another person -Gibson.

Kieth saw a small shape and he rushed to it. Kieth turned it over, and it lunged at his face and licked his face intimately. "You should have left, this is your fault." she whispered and disappeared in a puff of smoke that dissolved with the smoke all around. Kieth stumbled back and tripped over something small. At closer inspection it was a small naked girl. "Rene!" Kieth called- at least he guessed it was Rene. He wondered why she was naked, but he remembered that she was showering. She looked to about five. Kieth suddenly got a rush of memories, she was a preschooler from down the road that always hung out with them after school. She was the only kid not scared of them, at first she was annoying but soon became like a little sister to all them. But Kieth realized that her normally happy face was twisted in horror. Her eyes fluttered open. "Kieth...?" she whispered.

Kieth smiled, despite the flames around them, time seemed to hold still. "Yeah, I'm here. You'll be fine now." he whispered, choking on his tears.

"I...wanted to make... you something... tasty..." she coughed hoarsely.

"Yes, just like you promised." He was smiling sadly as tears streamed down his face.

Her eyes lit up slightly. "You... remembered?"

A few years ago Rene started to cook, but like all beginners she was not exactly... satisfactory. When she learned that Kieth was joining the Forces, she promised him to make him the best thing he ever tasted. "Of course I remember." He said through tears.

She smiled and closed her eyes. She didn't open them. "Rene? Rene!?" he yelled and yelled gutturally.


"They have been in there a long time. Should we go in?" asked Katrina worriedly.

"No, the structure is unstable. Wait, there he is now." Jacob pointed at the front door.

Out came from the flames a man holding a bundle in his arms. Kieth kneeled down and laid down the bundle, almost reverently he was so gentle.

Jacob and Katrina rushed over to them. Jacob took off his jacket and covered Rene with it and placed his fingers on various points, and sighed sadly. "She is dead." he announced reluctantly.

Katrina covered her gasp. "No...!"

just then three men walked from behind a building.

One familiar Reverend stepped forward. "Oh yes, she was too young for my tastes, but my friends didn't mind the minor respite."

Jacob stepped forward angrily. "You don't mean you..." he left the question unasked in his anger.

The Reverend stepped closer to the blank Kieth. "You saved me once, you don't like blood so you won't do anything. Now will you?" Kieth didn't answer, he just kept looking at the ground.

One of the men with the Reverend got into Kieth face. "Answer when spoken to. You know we had quite the time with her pained and tortured screams."

He got closer and Kieth could smell the beasts rancid breath.

Jacob rushed forward, but the Reverend held out his hand and Jacob ran into an invisible shield.

"You like it? A gift from god to me, a personal treasure to use to reap His wrath!" the Reverend answered before Jacob asked.

All this was happening while Kieth was started to shake, smoke drifted from his body.

The beast continued his taunting. "You know what? The little slut probably enjoyed it."

Kieth looked up, his veins glowing orange. "Oh look at this, a reaction-" was as far as he got before Kieth picked the beast up and snapped him -in half- over his knee. "I... Will... KILL YOU ALL!!!!" he yelled as he shot forward and plunged his hand into the other thugs chest, ripping out his spine.

"Taste the power of god, DEMON!" Yelled the Reverend as he shoved his hands forward, Kieth was being pressed down by some force.

Kieth bellowed and the air around him shattered, and he lunged forward and grabbed the Reverend by the crown and lifted him into the air.

A shape burst through the collapsing building holding a Gibson Darkfire guitar. Mitch saw the bundle on the ground and he ran over to it oblivious to the things going on around him -he simply didn't care. "No... Rene." it looked as if he would cry. "Who... did this? WHO DID THIS!!!!" he yelled . Katrina simply pointed at Kieth's direction. He was holding the Reverend from earlier in his hands, but Kieth was... on fire.

The man Kieth was holding was crying hysterically. "Please... spare me... you don't need to do this."

Kieth looked at the pathetic excuse of a man. "No." then Kieth clenched. The Reverends holy brains were now all over the sidewalk.

Kieth looked at Mitch and smiled sadly. "Well, it's not blood on my hands this time."

A few weeks later Kieth decided to leave to start the world over. Katrina went with him. Mitch went his own way as always, and Jacob just... Disappeared. And that is the end of this particular chapter, but rest assured: it will not be their last.

1. Armed Forces- he is referring to the Canadian Armed Forces- the navy, army, and air force are all one thing.

2Colt 45- A six shooter revolver used by cowboys.

3Winchester- Once again, it is a lever action rifle used in the old west.

4Reverend- A Priest or leader of a clergy(church)

5Cocked the hammer- the Colt 45 had a "hammer" at the back of the pistol that would strike the bullet- making it shoot. The hammer was also able to be manually pulled back or automatically happened when the trigger was pulled.