Chap. 6

in writing this i hope you hear it

in the end when you're done

i hope you keep it

in mind

i forgot about your kind

when i blank out my thoughts

and open my mind

The last six months

i cant forget it

it started with her

and i still regret

the fact that i woke up and saw her sit

and write the fact that

you cant see

you and i


together we were blind


you thrived

apparently with them by your side

you lied

moved on from that

and fixed the wounds

demented in thought

then became consumed

to feel alive again

but i failed in the end

when a friend


he wouldn't amend

my decision

battered and wounded

constantly fought

but still hounded

too many damn pills

too many damn drinks

collapsed down on the bathroom sink

flailing and crying

vomiting and dying

screaming and sighing

scared and frighten

for what was to happen next and what was in store

when i saw my father

couldn't take it anymore

they opened the door

and took me away

The ER saved my life that day.

family in doubt

tossed about

words of wisdom

in a final bout

to save me from this darkened state

of emotions

this ocean swept

over me

and pinned me down

nowhere to run or hide

but she was by my side.

With a light and a love

a voice from above

i could stand up

with love

in hand

and hers

in mine

i will never reenter

that state-of-mind

you can say i quit

you can say i lied

you can say you hate me

you can say you miss me.

In the end you don't know

that this final book

has closed.

"This pertains to a lot of people not just one. I hurt a lot of people in six months but a lot in turn got hurt by a lot of people. In so much confusion, i landed my self in the hospital for what was presumed an "anxiety" attack. However my family, friends, and Katie helped me break out of my jaded state and realize that i was capable of feeling again."

Thank you...