As the chapters ends

I'm writing new events

with this pen


have come back to

make amends

and now when

issues arise

people are by my side

no longer crying at night

your by my side

but now you went to Cali

and i miss you madly

cause when you're not here

i have fear

of all this blood, sweat, and tears

of the worst

but i make the most

of whats on the coast

while you're winding down creeks

tears are on my cheeks

cause i know i have weeks

just to see you

now on to part two

looking back, the six months

have been mayhem



to walk on

these stems

remembering all that happened back then

not a day goes by that i dont want to cry

and sigh

at all that i did back then

forgetting the past to not have a relapse

of the path

i took

every day reminded

of how i was blinded

of the story i wrote

but i took the pen and signed it


but cant forget the debt

that i wrote and choked on

with the rope around my neck

constricting this air i can breathe

in the new world for me

as i wait for katie

nothing can phase me

just wait patiently

for recovery