Dive in
Dive deep
Into the multi-leveled lake sometimes called your eyes.

In the murky depths of the lake of your eyes, secrets
Their calm disturbed by the presence of a stranger
Dart away in the surprise of discovery
Like little silver fish
What have you seen?
What do you know?
You are only six
But you know more than we think.

Come higher
Toward the surface
Toward the light

The darkness begins to disperse
The rays of childish sunshine filtering in
Caught between the gloom and the glow
The little fish show themselves
What stranger is this?
What does she want?
Nothing to hide
Though you know more than we think.

Come higher
See the surface
Smile in the light

Playful sunshine reigns supreme
On the surface of the lake of your eyes
Dancing lighthearted on the mysterious, dark water
Innocent perception
Six years old
What are you thinking?
How can I know?
Dance away, oblivious
But I know you know more than we think.