Through the summer haze, he wondered what it would be like, to once again be human. Not himself, but reborn. Would he still kill without mercy? Without the reprimand of his conscious or those who stand allied with himself? It wasn't that he felt guilt, or even cared, for the lives of those he stole so quickly, so easily. It was just sometimes it crept up on him, alerting him that he was one of the worst human beings dead. He pondered what life would be like in the opposite side, would he be happy? Would he have morals? It wasn't like him to be so serious, to contemplate where he was going, what he was doing. After all, he was dead, nothing left to live for, nothing left to do but repeat his cycle of murders, come home and play a card game or two. Maybe he just missed the salty air of the beach when he was alive. Nothing's the same when you die.

He sighed and leaned his head against the outer wall of his home, breathing in the heat. He wasn't judged for his killings here, in death, he wasn't judged at all. He was a being, they were a being, and it was all that mattered. So long as he kept killing, kept on their side of the playing field. It wasn't all bad, however. He had Demi, ironic that he would love someone as him. Demi, the god of Death, Sin, the merciless killer, it was a match, no pun intended, made in Heaven. But some days, not even Demi could make this feel right. If he were ever human again, he wouldn't be whole, Demi would be gone. A void that would consume him, he wouldn't remember how or why it got there, he was sure. Why let him remember he was once dead, once in love, if allowing him to be human again?

Sin glanced over to Demi, who was also consumed with his own thoughts. He wondered if Demi thought of him the same way, if Sin fell away, would Demi try to get him to remember? He was almost afraid to ask, afraid to argue over doubt. Sin shook the thoughts away and shuffled through his deck of cards. Demi glanced over, at the cards; Sin shuffled them methodically, pausing on the wild card. His thumb ran over it, and the thoughts returned. What if he were someone else?

"Demi," He asked quietly, glancing over. "Have you ever…wanted to be something else?"

Demi contemplated the inquiry, seeming to be taken aback by the suddenness of it all. Sin resumed shuffling, eventually setting the cards aside and returning to Demi. Demi was staring out at the sky, the colors burning like fire. He glanced back to Sin, and shook his head.

"It's who I am," He shrugged.

Sin nodded in agreement, he guessed that was true. Demi was a god, memory loss or not, Sin wasn't sure he'd handle being human. He turned to stare at the sky as well, silencing his thoughts.

"Sin," He glanced over, Demi staring at him. "I like you, the way you are now."