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"That bitch..." Ridder seethed silently. He still hadn't gotten over the day before when that nymph bitch had banished him from the premises. He had been so close and she ruined it. He was so close...Damn that nymph whore.

He sat in a tree, frowning as there was at least three hours before dusk. He would go back. Oh, yes he would go back and lure that copper-haired Sally woman out of the safety of the sky nymphs bosom. Yes, he wanted her to head outside into darkness where he'd ensnare her in his furious webs.

He could have been nice. He had planned on it even, but niceness had been banished along with his presence. No, the nymph had powers over her dwellings and the sky but he was an elf of darkness and would gladly show them both the horrors he was capable of. They took advantage of his patience. No more.

Caitlin was the only thing that managed to worm its way into his heart. He would not disrespect her so by losing a gift she worked so hard on.

"You're thinking too hard, boy."

Ridder glanced up and watched as Elm slid slowly out of a neighboring tree. It was eerie how the mortal could manipulate the materials of his surroundings but who was he to judge?

"Leave me."

"Oh little boy." Elm said, climbing up to the same branch and petting Ridder's head tauntingly. Ridder wasn't stupid enough to talk back to the large immortal who was huge among human standards. The muscles in his body made it seem that he would be more of a hindrance to the thriving woods then the care giver that he was. "Such a burden you're coping with."

Ridder frowned. "Do not lecture me. If you wish for involvement then why not do something about the run away nymph who has put herself in my way."

"She's hardly a run away." Elm smirked. "Her territory is much larger giving her free reign. She chooses the life she has and you know it."

"That is an excuse?" Ridder nearly growled.

Elm shrugged nonchalantly. "It's life."

"Why do you help me and impose upon me all at once." Ridder grumbled, looking towards the sun that didn't appear to have moved at all. Even time was against him.

"What makes you think I want to help you?" Elm raised an eye.

Ridder stared at him, already tired of the games. At least River would give him some bloody answers for having to deal with him. Elm honestly liked to see him squirm. "You sent the boy to me. For all that is merciful, I knew you were a bleeding heart but a clairvoyant human boy now? You're abilities to take in strays is astounding."

"No more then yours." Elm shot back. "Caitlin, Vidar, even Paige was a little one once you looked after. Don't bring my human boy in on this. I thought you'd have him running scared but it seemed you even kept a civil tongue in your head. I'm a little proud."

Ridder nearly winced. He hated that even the elf elders didn't know him the way Elm did, "I had know qualms with the boy."

"So I gathered. I saw the gift you gave him. Don't you give me that look Ridder. That boys gonna be something one day. He knows we don't give gifts easily. He's honored and embarrassed that you would pass something of yours onto him."

Ridder frowned harder.

"So I'll give you a hand. Little Miss Sally Rites has just been dropped into our world. Her connections to us are growing but she is still ignorant of our ways. I can guarantee you being able to slip your pretty little necklace from her fingers, but in return, you much teach her about us. Teach her to keep her mouth shut before we're outted." Elm gave him a dark look. "I do not care what River tells you, you should not consult him further on this matter. You know longer need his aid, you need mine. Banish those thoughts of fury from your mind or I will show you the fury of which I know you fear. Clear?"

"Annoyingly so." Ridder glared but he already knew he wasn't one of the people Elm took seriously. He could do most anything and Elm wouldn't mind.

"Wonderful." Elm said, shaking his head. "Any particular reason your waiting for night?"

"I like night." Ridder stared.

Elm sighed. "Don't scare her, Ridder. She's a human heart. Besides, teaching her will be much easier if she doesn't flinch every time she looks at you."

Ridder huffed. "Why do you not just get her sky nymph to teach her things."

"Because I told you to do it." Elm said sternly. It was that voice that said he wouldn't be argued with anymore. "You will do it, or next time I will be the one nicking your necklace and I'll give it straight to your babe and tell her you lost it."

Ridder tensed.

"Not such a hard ass when I know right how to get you, mm?" Elm smiled cheekily. "Do as you're told little elf, you know I'll be keeping an eye on you."

"Go bathe in the attention of your nymphs and leave me be." Ridder sighed.

Elm chuckled. "Go instill something other then fear in our newest little human groupie."

"Insufferable." Ridder muttered bitterly.

"I have to be with children as annoying as you lot." Elm said, disappearing into the ground.

Ridder stared back out at the sun with annoyance. He'd have to go now regardless. He didn't want to deal with a pissed off Elm. That wasn't good for anyone. Still he wished to bask in the cover of night.


"You're insane." Desiree insisted. "The dorm is safe, you shouldn't be wandering about. I have class in fifteen minutes I can't wander around with you."

"You said yourself he just wants his necklace back." Sally shook her head as she stared into her mirror, brushing her hair. "If he wants it, he can have it. I messed up last time by not handing it over right away. I'd be pissed too."

"But going out is a bad idea." Desiree argued.

She shrugged, "Well he can't come here so I'll have to,"

"Please tell me you're not trying to make yourself pretty for him." Desiree stared, watching as her friend took in her own appearance.

"No!" Sally said immediately, fairly flustered at the accusation. Had she been dolling herself up? She was having a particularly good hair day and was wearing a nicer pair of her jeans but nothing else screamed 'trying to hard'. "You know I'm not."

"I know you never spent so long to get ready when you actually had a date with Travis." Desiree glared.

Sally scoffed. "Is that where you rather I be going? With that jerk off?"

"You know it's not." Desiree snapped. "But you're not listening to me sweetling. Ridder is a dark elf. He's called the devil elf for a reason. It's not all fairy tails and punch. He's dangerous,"

"I give him his necklace back and then he'll want nothing else from me, right? It's not a big deal. He can't be a complete ass after how he helped me out."

"Sweetling. I'm not saying you're wrong but your naive. You don't know what you're getting into," Desiree said, trying to reason with her. "You're not gonna get a date out of him. He's not gonna meet you for coffee and a donut. He is darkness and nature's love child."

Sally shrugged. "Great, nature's beautiful and darkness isn't all that scary."

"Don't be a fool, Sally." Desiree muttered, watching her sling her messenger bag over her shoulder.

"Who's to say I'll even bump into him tonight?" Sally shook her head.

"I've little doubts about that." Desiree muttered. "Please stay in."

Sally shook her head; "If nothing else I have books to return to the library."

"You could have taken them earlier." she grumbled, looking out at the setting sun with a horrible feeling.

Sally sighed, heading out the door. "I can't be afraid of everything forever, Desiree. It's stopping now."

She walked out; hoping those words wouldn't come back to bite her. The last thing she wanted was to be another college student on the news, having people speculate over how she met her end. Having people she never knew talk about what a great person she was. It was all too much for her to think about. Was 'simple' too much to ask for?

As she walked across the campus towards the library she couldn't seem to swallow down her fears. Normally the only thing she ever really worried about where normal things. Muggers, rapists, that sort of thing, where young girls were preyed on no matter what they looked like. Now her fears had taken off in a new direction.

One in particular. A dark elf who was seriously pissed off at her. A creature she hadn't even realized existed until she was already cornered and helpless. Most girls would say 'not me, never'. Well most girls hadn't been caught in his dark gaze.

She knew she should have been afraid, and frankly, she was but that didn't mean she could hide under a rock and hope he went away. The thought was as thrilling as it was terrifying.

Life had taken the strangest of turns. She'd met and elf and even her own roommate was more then she seemed. After all this she was going to have to seriously consider updating her majors. If elves and nymphs were real there was no telling what else was out there.

By the time she got to the library she knew it was closed. It had been for at least a half-hour. She slid her books in threw the slot and sighed. Dropping off books really shouldn't have been an inner struggle, but thinking that something was going to jump out at her ever few seconds was taking it's toll.

Sally tried to relax a little more for the walk back, enjoying the cool evening and ignoring the tension in her back. Not everything was out to get her.

"Not paying attention is a sure way to end up in a horrible situation."

Sally yelped in shock, hardly realizing she was strolling straight passed the dark elf who was lounged back on a bench. One positioned in such a way that he could have been watching her for several long minutes.

"Certainly is." she muttered, her hands clasping over her quickly beating heart. Those dark eyes stared her down in a way that nearly had her quivering.

Something about her was captivating, even in the moments when she was radiating with fear. Ridder moved up slowly, stalking towards her meaningfully. His swagger alone had her wishing she'd just listened to Desiree.

"I'm really sorry." She said before he could get a word out.

"Sorry." he repeated when she didn't continue, no doubt tripping over her own words.

She reached around the back of her neck to pull the necklace over her head. She held it out in her palm with quivering legs. "I get too wrapped up in things sometimes." she muttered. "This is yours though."

Ridder stared down at her, almost completely stunned by her reaction. He'd expected another useless tug of war, instead she was surrendering.

She stared up at him with her frightened doe eyes and it was oddly enchanting. She was scared witless and still managed to maintain eye contact with him of all people.

"It is." he agreed, reaching out to let the chain slip between his fingers. All of his former plans were ruined, and he was going to hate the fact that he now needed to obey Elm's words.

Sally was caught in his gaze and was sure her heart was trying to thud its way out of her chest. His hand stayed in hers, both of them holding onto the necklace in a light hold.


Ridder snatched the necklace into his fist and stared with wide eyes at the sweet voice calling out to him. The tiny five-year-old raced towards him with a huge smile on her face. She wore a pretty Sunday dress and flip-flops that matched.

Vidar trailed behind her in jean-shorts and a tee shirt. Unlike her he looked more nervous but still refused to let her get away from him.

"The hell." Ridder almost growled, "What are you two doing out here?"

He scooped Caitlin up in his arms and held her protectively to his chest as if something would jump out and snatch her away.

"Fireworks!" she smiled, nuzzling her face into his neck affectionately.

Ridder stared for a moment before turning to Vidar with a glare.

"What was I to do?" Vidar looked up at him helplessly. "Elm said to..."

Ridder's expression softened and could instantly empathize with him. Elm could be manipulating when he wanted to be. It was nerve wracking enough for Vidar to wander around in the city, but to be told to bring Caitlin with him must have been frightening.

"Alright." Ridder muttered, pretending not to take notice of Vidar moving closer to lean against him, burying his face in his side now that he could relax.

Sally stared, shocked at the sight. She'd taken Ridder to be dangerous and intimidating, but all that washed away with two kids holding onto him as if he were their world.

"Wow, you're really, really pretty!" Caitlin said, smiling sweetly at Sally. "You're all human?"

Ridder's hand went over her mouth instantly. "Caitlin that's rude," he muttered "We don't ask those questions here and we don't talk about ourselves."

The little girl blushed dark and nodded, pressing her face back into his neck.

Vidar looked up at him with a small amount of panic in his eyes. He didn't know how to act around humans either so instead he said nothing.

"It's alright. She knows about us already so you can relax." Ridder explained, reaching out to rub Vidar's head.

"They're elves?" Sally muttered, looking between the kids. They were adorably cute and the boy seemed to shy away from her more then the little girl.

"Vidar is." Ridder sighed when the boy refused to answer. "Caitlin is half nymph, half immortal and is much more bubbly then most."

"My necklace!" Caitlin smiled, seeing the crystal clenched in his other hand. She looked up at him with wide eyes. "How come you're not wearing it?"

He shushed her gently, shifting her in his arms so he could slip the chain back over his head. "The pretty lady wanted to see it sweets, that's all."

"It's very beautiful." Sally said softly, hardly believing her eyes. Desiree had said that whoever made him that necklace had to have meant a lot to him. She never would have imagined it was a little girl that had a hold of his heart.

"Thank you. I made it all by myself." Caitlin smiled proudly.

Sally returned her smiled and Ridder was silently thankful she didn't mention his having lost it. He hated to lie to the little girl but he'd rather spare her feelings.

"Will she come see the fireworks too?" Caitlin asked.

"What fireworks, sweets?" Ridder sighed, rubbing her back.

"Elm said that if we came here and went up on top of one of the places that we could see the fireworks in the sky real good." Caitlin smiled.

Ridder looked down at Vidar who nodded slowly.

"That's what he said."

"The stadium fireworks." Sally said, pointing over her shoulder. "After the baseball games they sometimes shoot of fireworks. Must be kicking off summer."

"Are they pretty? Have you seen them? I've never seen them before. We can only hear them so they must be real, real loud." Caitlin babbled quickly with a large smile.

Sally smiled softly at the little girl and nodded. "They are real pretty and real loud. We could watch them from the roof of my dorm."

"What's a dorm?" Caitlin blinked.

"It's the building where I'm living for a little while." Sally smiled. The girl was too cute for words. She had long lashes that covered her golden eyes and a pretty smile. She was going to be something all grown up.

"Can we?" Caitlin asked, looking up at Ridder.

He sighed silently and nodded. "Sure."

"Thank you." Vidar added, looking up at Sally from where he stood, still at Ridder's side. "It makes her very happy."

"Sure sweetie." Sally smiled at him, watching as he turned a deep shade of red and inched closer to Ridder again.

Sally led the way back to her dorm with the three of them right behind and it was a strange turn of events. There were three beings following behind her that weren't human. Had she been told that was even possible she would have laughed at the mere idea.

For a man that was a dangerous devil elf, kids sure did seem to like him.

"Are they like…siblings or…" Sally paused as she looked back at him. "I don't really know how that works for you."

"I only look after Vidar." Ridder shrugged nonchalantly. "Not that he really needs it."

Vidar smiled faintly anyway.

"Ridder is my daddy." Caitlin said happily, nearly making Sally trip. Those were the last words she expected to hear.


"Uh huh!" Caitlin laughed.

"More or less." Ridder muttered, wishing to get off the subject. Caitlin was his alone and no one needed to know about it.

"Well that's exciting for you." Sally said instead, enjoying how the little girl nodded enthusiastically.

"It's really okay?" Vidar muttered, looking up hesitantly at Ridder who rubbed his head again and nodded. He set Caitlin down reluctantly so she could hold onto Sally's hand.

"Hey." Ridder said, standing outside the door with Vidar as Sally led Caitlin inside. "You're Nephelai has banned elves from her dwelling. Vidar and I can't enter without your say so."

"Ridder." Caitlin whimpered, realizing he was on the other side of the threshold. She was too little to be separated from him like that.

"It's okay sweetie, they can both come in." Sally said instantly, trying to sooth her. She didn't know how Desiree would react to her overstepping her but she could always banish them again if she felt the need.

"It's alright sweets. Lets head up it's getting pretty dark out." Ridder said, walking in with Vidar looking around curiously. He was trying to look as unimpressed as Ridder did but wasn't exactly succeeding. Everything he was seeing he was seeing for the first time.

"You've a Nephelai here?" Vidar asked.

"Seems I do. She's my roommate." Sally said.

Vidar nodded and actually took Ridder's hand nervously when Sally ushered them into the elevator.

"It's alright." Ridder muttered, guiding him inside and squeezing his hand when the door shut. Caitlin squealed in delight when the elevator rose but Vidar was much more uncomfortable with the feeling.

"Not my favorite thing either." Ridder muttered to him, ruffling his hair.

Sally didn't know what to say as she watched him. She never would have pegged him for a babysitter but the two kids seemed to be just as content around him. "Will have to take the stairs up to the roof."

"That's fine." Ridder muttered, leading Vidar out as soon as the doors opened on the top floor. Stairs they could handle.

Caitlin smiled brightly at Ridder. "That was fun though. Can we do that to go back down too?"

Vidar groaned quietly at the question but said nothing.

"We'll see." Sally smiled at her, leading her up the stairs as the first crack of the fireworks began in the distance. Caitlin jumped, the sound being louder then she anticipated but in only made her eager to get onto the roof.

"They are pretty!" Caitlin said, her eyes wide in awe as they had a perfect view of the fireworks lighting up the sky. They were shot up continuously for ten to fifteen minutes where Ridder and Vidar both covered their ears because of the sound. It was much too obnoxious for their taste but it was a pretty sight all the same.

"Looks like this is the finale." Sally smiled as multiple fireworks whistled as they soared up into to the sky and exploded into bright colors that amazed the little girl. She clapped happily when it was over and was even a little disappointed that it ended so quickly.

"You saw, right?" Caitlin asked, looking up at Ridder.

"I saw." He said, lifting her up into his arms. "Maybe we'll come back again."

She smiled wide, wrapping her arms around his neck once more with a small yawn. She laid her head on his shoulder and appeared to be content to stay there.

"We're going home. It's passed your bed time." Ridder said.

Caitlin pouted instantly, giving him the look that usually gave her what she wanted. "No it's not. The sun hasn't been set that long."

"It will be by the time we get home." He smiled. "I'll let you feed the Hippocampus and then it's to bed with you."

She smiled. "Kay."

"Hippocampus? What the—" she paused remember the kids there. "What's that?"

Ridder raised an eye. "I thought you were a naturalist. Do all mystical being come as a surprise to you?"

"Apparently so." Sally muttered. "What it is?"

"It's real cute!" Caitlin smiled at Sally. "You should come see. She can, can't she Ridder? She should see him."

"A Hippocampus is an animal. The top looks like that of a horse and the back half looks like the back of a dolphin." Vidar explained when Ridder didn't appear to be rushing to answer.

Sally raised an eye slowly. "That's insane."

"Most things are." Ridder shrugged, turning to walk back down the stairs. "Come see him Sally. It's a rare sight for these parts."

Vidar walked next to Sally as they descended the stairs. "Hippocampus are usually in open water so their not usually ever found in rivers or streams like we have at home. But the Immortal River has an attachment to this particular one so he stays close."

"Immortal?" Sally frowned, noticing that Ridder took the stairs down to the bottom of the dorm rather then the elevator.

"Mhm." Vidar nodded. "There are lots of them. Ridder even knows a bunch of them. We're supposed to be respectful to all of them but Elm is the only Immortal that can tell us what to do. He's the Immortal of the woods and the trees and that's our home."

"The Central forest?" Sally raised an eye. "That's where you live?"

"It's what the humans call it." Ridder commented. "But it's been our home for centuries. Humans think they've seen all there is to see and that they have it all figured out. I assure you, few humans have ever wandered so deep in our woods."

Sally frowned a little, hesitantly following him back outside. "Would it really be okay for me to go with you then? I really don't want an Immortal or others elves or whatever pissed at me."

"You'll be fine. Elm knows about you already. He's asked me to enlighten you about the world you know nothing about." Ridder sighed. "Rather tedious but what's said is said. I'll bitch about it later."

Vidar nodded slowly, seeming to finally understand what he'd been missing before. It was rare they could speak so freely with a human.

"Why me?" Sally asked, swallowing nervously. It was like walking into the wolves den. A bad idea.

"I nymph for a roommate and a run in with me? You're a magnet for us. It's not necessarily a bad thing but it's better you know what your getting into. Ignorance is bliss and it's a sure way to get yourself killed a hellava`lot quicker." Ridder chuckled. "Don't argue, and just follow. Vidar will protect you from anything scary."

Vidar laughed softly, sure Ridder was one the scariest things in their home.

Sally wasn't sure what to expect. It could have been something magical like portal or door that lead to their world. It could have been underground or hidden away from the eyes of the world. She certainly didn't expect it to be as easy as walking straight into the woods.

"It's not a separate world." Ridder told her. "It's a secrete the world possesses. We don't need to be hidden away when we can hide ourselves. This is our element."

She'd never felt more out of place before but the others didn't seem to pay and attention. She, on the other hand, noticed almost instantly that their appearance's changed. Caitlin stayed much the same only her flip-flops were no where to be found. Instead she was barefoot.

Vidar's attire had change completely. His shirt was gone, replaced with a vest and his shorts had turned from jeans to another material entirely. Ridder stayed much the same other then the fact that something about him seemed to darken. He did look like a creature that could be more danger then aid.

"This is crazy." Sally muttered, following them blindly. The woods were darker then she thought and no light from the city could penetrate the thick trees. "How can you even tell where your going?"

"Easy." Vidar laughed, taking Caitlin's hands the second Ridder set her down to run off with her into the trees.

"Feed River's Hippocampus and go to bed!" Ridder yelled after them, sure he was going to have to track the two of them down.

Sally looked at him. "Isn't it early still?"

He nodded. "A bit, but it'll be a couple hours before they'll actually go so I might as well start nagging them about it now."

"You're really like a dad." She laughed softly, finding this side of him compelling. He was a seducer, a monster, and a father; not at all what she had imagined.

Ridder shrugged a little. "It is my job to look after the elves and fae younger then myself. I'm not old enough to be considered and elder but I am the strongest here. The ones weaker then me are my business."

Sally nodded once, that at least making sense to her.

"Caitlin is mine only because I wouldn't let the nymphs have her. I had taken care of her from her birth and I was greedy about relinquishing her." Ridder said. "Vidar is a great deal older then her appears though he is still very young by elf standards."

"How old is her?" Sally raised an eye.

Ridder shrugged. "Older then you."

She blinked. "Nu uh."

"Like I said, much older then he appears." Ridder said, taking Sally's arm to help her wander about the woods.

Unable to see and sure she was lost, she could have been making a huge mistake. This is how the main character in movies always ended up dead. "Why are you telling me this? Shouldn't this be some top secrete information."

Ridder nodded slowly. "It is a secrete, Sally. I need you to get that. We don't want people to know about us or we'd announce ourselves. But you're a rare occurrence that needs to be taught."

"Rare occurrence?" she squinted, trying to make out his form.

"Yes. Like I said before, your roommate is a nymph and you find the gifted crystal that belonged to an elf. A dark elf at that. You're young and already fate is being cruel to you by making you a magnet for us. You need to learn what we are and what surrounds you as a safety precaution. Not all creatures are as kind as I can be."

Sally laughed nervously, sure that thought should be terrifying. He hadn't been so bad around her but she got the serious impression that he was dangerous himself. She didn't want to think about really scary creatures.

She cleared her throat. "So you'll really be teaching me about this stuff?"

"Yes. Elm has asked me to do that for you. To teach you and help you to understand us. I don't imagine it will be so hard if you have an ounce of imagination." Ridder mused, guiding her deeper into the woods that appeared to be lit.

"What's that." She muttered and stared in disbelief when they got closer.

The trees were lined with lightning bugs that let off a steady bright glow that had the area lit as clear as day. There were woman around and a few sparse men; some clothed, some not. They all glanced up at Ridder and most offered him a calming smile.

Sally got the impression that he was like a shepherd looking after his flock. They seemed to like him looking over them. It was hard to think of him as a monster that way.

"These are nymphs?" Sally asked softly. They were standing enough in the light that she could actually see him again.

"Most of them. The males are either faery's or elves. Only woman can be nymphs." Ridder explained.

She nodded, her mind blown by all that she was seeing. She'd been driven by logic her entire life and school career and now she was completely as a loss. She was seeing things that shouldn't have even existed.

"Guess you've all been here a long time." She muttered, "I'm the only human?"

Ridder shrugged and led her away by her hand. With a quick gesture a large set of lightning bugs broke off from the group to follow the two of them. "I would have said yes a number of days ago, but it seems the woods Immortal Elm has taken a young human boy into his care. A clairvoyant."

"Clairvoyant?" she asked. "Like a psychic?"

"Exactly, but he's just a small boy so he's still growing into them. Whether he admits it or not, Elm is very much like his nymphs and has a bleeding heart for hurt things." Ridder said, leading her off into the woods again. It was easier for her now that she could see.

"Ridder!" Paige ran after them. Her aura looked to be the exact opposite of his. It was brighter and warm.

"What?" he muttered, looking disappointed he'd been spotted.

"Olin's looking for you again." She sighed, happy she could at least tell the elder elf that she delivered the message.

"Daaaaaamn." Ridder said with obvious false sincerity. "I'm doing something for Elm just now. You know how important I think all that crap is."

"Ridder." Paige stared.

"No, seriously." He grinned, pulling Sally along with him. "This poor thing, now I'll have to talk her to death just to waste more time."

Sally raised an eye; almost amused he was using her as an excuse to get out of something.

"Prick. Do what you want." Paige shrugged, walking back towards the others with her arms crossed from suppressed anger.

"Elf?" Sally asked once she's walked away. "Her ears were like yours."

He chuckled softly, "Yeah, she's a light elf. C'mon." he didn't particular care to be around so many others and especially not when others were looking for him.

"I can't believe all this is here and no one knows about it." Sally muttered after a long pause between them. The woods seemed to really be alive. She felt like the trees could have moved if they wanted too.

He nodded slowly. "Humans can be closed minded when they want to be. There were days long ago where everyone knew we existed and steered clear of us. Now they are merely unaware of us. Forgotten over time."

"Is that how you want it?" Sally asked, looking up at him.

"Yes." He sighed. "I've always been a symbol of darkness. It's easier to be able to move among humans and become invisible."

Sally snorted, unable to stop the reaction. She flushed slightly when his gaze went back to her and she felt compelled to explain. "People might not know you're an elf but you stick out. A man as handsome as you are isn't exactly ignored."

Ridder chuckled softly and smiled. "Well, I suppose it would be a lie to say I didn't realize that. I don't mind it I guess."

"What man does?" she raised an eye. She didn't feel the need to tell him she wouldn't have seen him drop his necklace had she not been gawking at him.

"Perhaps you have a point." He shrugged.

"I think I—" She gasped loudly, her hand going to her chest before she shook of the reaction. "Sorry, startled."

"By what?" he asked, appraising her.

She gestured off towards their right that was shrouded in darkness. "I dunno. Elf, feary, whatever. I just saw them standing there all of a sudden."

"Ah," Ridder commented, looking himself. "That was more then likely a blur. You don't have to worry about those."

She squinted at him. "What's a blur?"

He smiled a little. Teaching her was going to be like teaching Caitlin. She had a question for everything. "They're energy mostly. Made of up feelings and thoughts and power that surrounds the area. Usually in a human shape, blurrs are those figures that make you do a double take. You think you see something, you look again and it's gone. It's a blur, or…your crazy." He smiled wider.

"That's way weird. So they're not like ghosts?" She asked, trying to distinguish the difference.

"No. Ghost were people that were once alive. Blurrs are made up of peoples thoughts and feelings." Ridder said, sure they had a lot to go over.

"This is nuts." She smiled softly; the light of the lightning bugs almost made her appear to be glowing herself and that was enough to have Ridder staring down at her.

He frowned softly. "I almost wonder if you've some nymph blood in you."

Sally gave him a surprised look. "Why?"

He didn't know, and he didn't like not knowing. Something about her was calming. He hated people in their woods but she seemed to belong there the same as the rest of them. "You've the face of a nymph."

"Well I don't know about that." She said, running her hand through her short locks nervously. "But who knows. You guys live a long time right? Could have been a long time ago."

"Maybe it could have." Ridder muttered, realizing he still had a hold of her hand. It didn't bother him as much as he would have thought. "I'll take you back in the morning if it's all the same to you. I wouldn't imagine you'd want to make that walk again tonight."

"No." Sally frowned hard; thinking it had been stupid to come out at night. She should have at least driven. "You sleep outside?"

"I've a house that's grown into the ground." He shook his head, more amused to see her curiosity spike. There was an attractive need in her to know things. "I'll show you."

She nodded hesitantly, assuming much wouldn't happen if Caitlin and Vidar were around. Agreeing wasn't what she had in mind but it was better then wandering around the woods alone and walking all the way back to town by herself in the dark.

Ridder laughed softly, gaining her attention. "What?"

"Nothing." He grinned wide, exposing the lie. "If I'm right the Immortal River is poking around in business that is not his, but it reminds me of a promising suggestion he recently gave me."

She raised an eye. "And that was?"

"Never mind, Sally." Ridder smiled down at her. She was a nymph beauty in human skin. With wide eyes and a thirst for knowledge. This was taking a very interesting turn indeed.


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