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Part One

Elijah sniffed the forest floor, feeling unease in the pit of his stomach. How had he not noticed how far he'd gone into the forest? It didn't even cross his mind that he'd eventually cross over into another's territory, which was what he'd done.

All he could think of was that he needed to get back to his own territory. Trespassing wasn't looked upon lightly, and Mama had told him only hints of what would happen if he was found by the wolves. Here, he was fair game. Here, he could be killed without repercussion, or worse, forced into being mated. It was their right to do what they wished with a trespasser.

The fact that he was submissive didn't make him feel any better. Yes, Mama did tell him that subs usually got lighter punishment, but in this sort of situation…

The red wolf backed up, finding his own trail that would lead right to where he entered into the territory. It was a considerably straight line, and he hadn't been out long…

Eli jumped when he heard a movement to his left, and would have let out a nervous laugh, if he could, when he saw a rabbit hopping from underneath a bush. For a moment, he thought how it would make a nice dinner, but only until he remembered that taking food would only make his punishment worse, if he was found.

He walked forward. So far, he hadn't caught the scent of another wolf, other than a few markings here and there.

Mama was going to be so mad, he could just see her getting angrier by the second, and hear her doling out his punishment. That thought in mind, Eli broke into a run in his hurry to get back home.

Almost there, almost there, he thought, but slowed when he caught a scent in the air.


His trail wound around a tree, and when he looked around, he saw what he'd feared.

Another wolf.

Eli froze in place, and stared at the wolf standing no more than twenty feet away, its nose still to the ground as it sniffed at his trail.

He tried to get his body to move, to get out of the open. The wind was in his favor, why weren't his legs moving?

Too late.

The wolf looked up, and Eli's body jerked, but still wouldn't move.

It stepped forward, its- no, his teeth bared, and blue eyes sparking with anger.

Eli whined, instincts taking over as his body lowered to the ground in submission, and his tail went between his legs. If he had to, he'd show his belly.

The wolf was large. Eli wasn't sure, since he'd never seen another of his kind, other than Mama, but there was an air about him. Dominate, his mind screamed.

The wolf came closer, sniffing the air, but not attacking. He hadn't even growled.

It didn't stop Eli's body from starting to shake slightly, watching each step the wolf took.

He stopped in front of the red wolf, his teeth no longer bared, and his eyes only full of curiosity. Eli almost bolted when the wolf pressed its nose against his cheek, letting out a whine of his own.

Then he stepped back, sitting down, his tail waving in the air, and his head cocked to the side. The wolf's face nodded to the way that Eli had been going, trying to get back home. The red wolf took that as his cue, leaping forward and trying to get as far away from the other as possible, in case it wanted something from him.

Finally, he made it past where he knew the wolf packs territory ended, shifting into his human form as he ran the rest of the way home, not looking back, and missing the blue eyes watching him through the brush.

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