Months had passed since Eli had learned about Mama's past, and in those months, Eli's stomach had begun to swell big and large and always in the way. Though, he didn't really mind, especially when Ashton became more than willing to do everything for him, and keep him entertained. Unless he wanted to sleep outside, of course.

The hormones where bad. Just plain bad. He'd get mad, or even sad, take it out on Ashton, and then feel horribly guilty.

Though, he would forget, sometimes, about that guilt, when Ashton did something stupid, like… well, he couldn't think of anything, but Ashton did it.

Eventually they got to the point that they knew the pups were going to be born very soon. Things began to change. Eli had changed from a wolf that just couldn't figure out how he wanted the pups room to be, to almost complete elation, while Ashton had begun to pace every time he his mind went anywhere remotely towards the pups.

All day it was pacing and glancing, and touching and never being left alone. Eli couldn't quite say he minded it, but sometimes it just got a little two much.

Then there were the nights that neither of them could fall asleep, both anxious about when the pups would be born.

It was one of those anxious nights when Ashton had fallen asleep, and Eli was still wide awake when it happened.

"A-Ash!" He elbow thumped softly against his mate's stomach, startling the wolf awake.

"Nuh!" Ashton rose to his elbows, looking around quickly, despite still being half asleep.

"The babies!"

"…what…?" Ashton said, confused, while his eyes started to focus onto his mate.


"B…Babies…?" Ashton eyes widened. "Babies! Now?"


Ashton swallowed thickly, before he started to think about what he needed to do. Get Mama.

"I'll be back soon, alright?" He waited until he knew that Eli understood. They both knew that they needed Mama for raced through the woods, not even having to use his nose, as he knew exactly where Mama's cottage was, even in the middle of the night.

Mama didn't take any time getting ready, moving quickly through the woods once Ashton relayed the news. She couldn't move quick enough for Ashton.

When she got to Eli, she shut the door on Ashton, making him wait outside the room, with the feeling of dread of everything that could go wrong with the birthing.

He was torn between listening in, to see how Eli was doing, and not, scared of what he might hear.

It felt like days had passed, and even when he wasn't trying, he could hear the moans and cries of his mate, and it was killing him inside when he knew that there wasn't anything he could do about it.

He wanted to go inside, badly, but a few choice words he could hear coming from his mate, that threatened his masculinity kept him in place outside the door.

Eventually, a cry could be heard, that definitely wasn't his mate was heard from inside the room, and he couldn't stop himself from going inside, feeling slightly queasy at the blood that came from his mate, but also joyful when Mama put a small, fur wrapped bundle into his arms, before going to clean up Eli, who had passed out from the strain of the birth.

Ashton sat down next to Eli, who soon woke back up, his arms stretching out to hold his little girl for the first time.

Eli pressed up against Ashton, who put his arms around his mate and his newborn child.

Ashton nuzzled against Eli's head, but frowned when he saw the slightly sad look on his mates face.

"What's wrong?" He asked, waiting as Eli tilted his head up slowly.

Eli shrugged against him, before looking at their baby again.

"Nothing really. It's just…" Eli gave a small sigh. "There's only one."

"And?" Ashton pressed on.

"I just wanted to give you a big family," Eli answered in a small voice, before hearing his mate chuckle.

"Whether there's one or ten, I'm still very happy." Ashton's voice was proud as he watched his pup wiggle slightly in Eli's arms.

"Mm." Eli smiled fully at his tiny little daughter, before realizing something. "She's a girl."

"…Yes?" Ashton answered.

"That means I get to name her."

"I suppose so." Ashton remembered back, when they were arguing over names. They had finally agreed that Eli would name any females, and Ashton would name the males. Depending on the number, they would make exceptions.

But since there was only one, and she Iwas/I female.


He loved the name. There were stories that Mama used to tell him, about a brave wolf named Faelyn. He couldn't quite remember them, but he knew enough that the name would be perfect for his little pup.

Ashton didn't seem to have a problem either.

Maybe having just the one babe wasn't such a bad thing, Eli thought, as he looked down at his wiggling pup.

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