A/n: Earlier in the evening I was in pain and took some medicine. I want to have some fun writing about what your first time can be like. I don't mean in that way. Disclaimer: Do not take any pills that don't belong to you on purpose. I don't condone such behavior, and no one reading this should either.


"Why is it so hot?" I ask, beginning to feel flushed.

Warren eyes me nervously. I notice and turn to look at him, the motion making me dizzy. "What?"

"Seth, its sixty degrees in here. How can you be hot?" He smirks. "I mean that both ways, of course. I don't understand how girls find you attractive." He goes back to drinking beer.

We've been sitting on the couch for about two hours watching something on TV that neither of us like, too lazy to look for the remote or the dim lighting, or to turn a light on for that matter. He's been drinking that same can of beer.

"Girls think I'm attractive the same way you think beer actually tastes good. It's an acquired taste."

"That's a nasty image." He goes back to drinking his beer, having made sure that I understand just what he's implying. It takes me a moment, but when I understand, I turn bright red.

"I have to go to the bathroom." I mumble, finally having to take a piss badly enough that I have overcome my laziness.

As I get up, I nearly fall over, my head suddenly spinning; and I'm reminded of the time I had vertigo. I walk to the bathroom, trying to move in a straight line and not fall over. I make it to the bathroom and I'm so nauseous that instead of taking a piss, I throw up. Luckily, it's into the toilet. The motion of being sick makes my head spin even more and I clutch the toilet, trying desperately not to move.

I call out weakly. "Warren."

Surprisingly he hears me and comes to the bathroom. "Shit."

"That's not exactly what I'm doing." I say, trying to be a smartass. Yeah, it's really smart of me, considering the fact that I'm staring at a fucking toilet, afraid to move. It feels like lead weights are attached to my eyelids and I'm starting to fall asleep, still clutching onto a fucking toilet. The thought causes me to jerk upright, which of course makes me puke some more.

"Warren, what the hell was that headache medicine you gave me?"

"It was just an old prescription of mine." He sounds a little guilty.

"What the f-" I pause to barf again. "Were you thinking?!"

"But your headache looked like it really hurt."

I can't stay angry at my idiotic friend for long. "Go away so I can fucking puke in peace." He does and I vow never to eat or drink anything from him ever again.

Finally the nausea stops and I flush the toilet. I go to the mirror and wash my hands; and then I cup them, filling them with water. I rinse out my mouth. Suddenly I notice my reflection. My eyes are dilated to pinpoints.

"I'm sleeping in your bed." I say to Warren. When I stay over at his apartment usually I sleep on the couch, but I'm really tired and he's already sitting on it.

I make it to the bed, but instead of laying on it, under the covers; I lose my balance on fall onto it, falling asleep before I can move anymore.