in the daylight
mixed with a l c o h o l

you will find me
so perfectly wrapped

in hell
and her arms


She pressed Kichi against the wall, bodies begging for the disease conflicted antidote. Her lips forcefully met hers, bringing them higher, to a new low. She doubted Heaven would taste so sweetly, this must be Hell.

The blaring classical music swirled around them like a mystical aura, granting them much sought peace. Their bodies fit as one, as a lock and key, while rosy blush coated their faces dripping with sin. The moment only being intensified as their tongues danced the Waltz in one another's mouth.

"Sarah," Kichi all but moaned the name when they gasped for air.

That was the moment to seal their fate. She knew in that instant, not a million songs, not a million dollars, nothing would separate her from her personal hell. Her sweet, caressing hell, and her one, singular demon. The ebony-haired girl blushed as their lips met once more, gentler this time, more loving than lustful. Carefully loving, as one touch could change the mood again, a bipolar love. Kichi had become her wonderful dark haired demon, and she proudly showcased it.