Here's another depressing poem I've written while at camp. :) It pretty much tells the story of my love life, blown a little bit out of proportion, and only a little bit... :P

Enjoy! :)

An Escapable Confinement.

Torn between running free or holding fast;
Why did I assume this would always last?
I'm a bird; you're a master of strings:
You've tied me down and broken my wings.

My own repercussions are the reason I'm alone
Ensnared to this piece of withered ground;
For you're a user to which I am sewn, and
The weak seams are still there, unripped…
I should have known you wouldn't stick around.

I'm bruised, hurt and dejected from freedom I see-
A sickening expanse of blue, out of my reach; above.
I see your face, your flawless face as you smile, as you be.

Until you creep away, I can't remember why I've died,
Why I'm still here, waiting and unable to fly.
But, while you are with me, my happiness is twisted
By the undeniable truth I've unearthed in a lie.
My heart soars at your empty words I've sighed,
Over and over again to the silent azure sky.

My hopefulness is mocking, but if I could rewind time,
I know what I would find-
My broken bird of a heart, with the same puppeteer of a man
Who still has the same sadistic pleasure when he let go of my hand.

My heart still won't listen to the reasons listed above,
For it doesn't understand my brain's purpose for logic;
It only understands one thing, and only one thing could have caused it.

Love is what it knows and feels and thinks;
My heart can never be sad when he's with me, when he's there,
It is content, not hearing the reasons listed above,
It is happily throbbing, for at least I have loved…


Author's Note:

:) I love this poem so much, you have no idea! :D

I've even made it rhyme... That being said, this is my first attempt at actually trying to make a poem rhyme. I also know that the rhythm isn't as good in the second half as the first half, but hey, I tried. :P It also jumps around I think, kind of quickly... :(

That also being said, any suggestions to help me with the rhythm would be extremely helpful... I just don't know how to do it, without adding tons of detail, and then that throws the rhythm off, and out the window. :P

Thanks for reading!


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