Dark Blood

By: EternalDarkAngel

Welcome to my lovely little world where everything evil exists. Haha I can't believe you actually fell for that one. Just kidding. I really am evil though. My Mom secretly believes I'm the devil's daughter which kinda got me to writing this story. My friend Simone thinks I'm just a regular human girl who's possessed by a demon. Ha! As if. Because if I was possessed shouldn't I have taken over the world or at least killed someone yet..... Well anyway you know the drill read, review, and wait for the second chapter and so on.... Buh- bye now people. You guys are my world. *Hugs and Kisses*

"Analeigh wake up now!" My hair-brained mother screamed. God please kill me. I threw the covers back over my head and rolled over. I was so not a morning person besides it was only-I looked at the clock- two o'clock in the evening. Geez why was she waking me up so early. I usually didn't get up until four or five o'clock. "ANALEIGH!" Mom screamed. I groaned and rolled out of bed my bronze colored hair spilling all over my face. I didn't care.

"What Josie?" I asked refering to my Mom's first name just to piss her off. Heck she shouldn't have woke me up.

"Um please go and change quickly," she tried to shoo me away but I just stayed put.

"Mom need you forget I'm a witch I can just poof on clothes," I reminded her. I swear the woman was losing her mind. Heck she was a witch herself. I raised my hand and watched the tip of my finger glow an omnious blue color, and ta da! a cute little purple dress that gave me an I'm-oh-so-innocent look.

"There happy?"

She glared at me as if I were the worst child in the history of children. Really I wasn't bad. I was just sleepy, and need I remind you SHE WOKE ME UP! Wow I really think I'm nocturnal.

"You're prophecy has come. Excuse me for trying to make you look presentable."

I screamed. When every witch turns fifteen years old at some point during their life an Oracle comes to tell them their prophecy. And to a witch their prophecy could be a matter of life and death. Take Janelle Spellings for example her prophecy was to be burned at the stake for making out with a goblin, and well to prevent that she stayed away from all goblins until she turned twenty and her goblin boyfriend burned her at the stake. And there was Melody Grimwald a famous witch who's prophecy was to build a school, and now I attend Ms. Grimwald's School for Wizards and Witches. So I was pretty excited and nervous too. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, washed my face, applied the cutest shade of lipgloss, and curled my hair. I looked back in the mirror pleased with my appearance. I'm not vain or anything but I looked good, absolutely angelic. I hurried back to the living room where my Mom and an Oracle sat. Now that Oracle was something. She was covered in blue. Blue hair, blue dress (although it did get lighter until it was white at the bottom), blue heels, blue earrings, blue eyeshadow, hell she even glowed blue!

"Tardiness is not a good quality my dear," she spoke in a motherly tone. It was strict yet loving.

"Sorry," I mumbled even though I didn't really mean it.

"So you speak words in which you do not mean," the Oracle snapped. She looked pretty pissed. That was one thing I hated about the Oracles. They knew almost everything.

"Sorry," I repeated only this time I actually did mean it.

"Very well then," she continued. "I am the Oracle Rain." Well that would explain all the blue. "I will not only be giving your prophecy I will be watching over you."

"Aww man," I moaned irritably. Mom stared at me with an oh-please-don't-screw-this-up look. Of course she wouldn't want me to mess up. Her prophecy would be she would have a great life, perfect wizard husband, a miracle daughter (although I'm still waiting for that part to come true because I was no where near a miracle, a disastor maybe but definatly not a miracle), and a final ending whatever that was.

"Hmm," Rain murmred wittily. "You doubt yourself often. Anyway back to the subject. You must start attending DarkBlood's Academy for Demons."

"WHAT?!" Mom and I shouted at the same time. Everyone knew demons and witches did not get along. It was like vampires and werewolves, pickles and chocolate, water and oil, Tommy and Angelica. Good God what did I do to deserve this suicide attempt. Those demons would eat me alive. And plus DarkBlood's Academy for Demons is strict. But on the bright side an maybe I could use a little disicpline. Yeah right.

"Listen before you judge," said Rain patiently. "You must attend DarkBlood's Academy for Demons in order to find your other half, as in a suitor-"

"WHAT?!" we shouted again.

"NO! NO! NO!" Mom chanted. "My daughter can't marry a demon." She said the word demon with disgust and fearfullness. I didn't blame her. A demon almost iced her one time. And by iced I meant kill.

"Well wheter you like it or not she's going to have to marry a demon. Besides he's not just any demon," Rain declared with a tempting smile. "Your prophecy is finished. Blessed be. You must start today, now, immediatly. I will escort you myself." Then poof we were teleported out of my living room and into an eerie main hallway. The lights were dimmed and that alone was spooky enough. The carpet was black and the walls were red. Gosh and they actually live in this place.

"All people and creatures are different, Analeigh," said Rain smiling blissfully as if she were not affected by this place. "This place is quite calming once you get used to it. And the demons are rather...nice so to speak. Don't fret my dear everything will turn out alright. I have forseen it. You have a bright future ahead of you my child, and I'm quite honored to walk in the same footsteps as you."

"A little Yoda much?"

She laughed walking down the corridor with her eyes closed. Her silk dress flowed like water with every dainty step she took. She was absolutly amazing.

"How are your parents?" she asked suddenly.

"Oh the usual as horrible as ever," I said sarcastically.

"You need to learn respect. It is earned not given young one. Soon you will finally meet your match. Honor your parents. You never know when they'll be out of your grasp one day."

Wow she was cryptic the CIA, FBI, and the secret service didn't have anything on her. "Do you know what you sound like?" I asked her.

"Do tell young one."

"You sound like a crappy, gypsy fortune teller at some messed up, twisted carnival."

She merely laughed and continued down a hall until we bestowed upon a door. She opened it only to reveal a cafateria full of gulp demon boys and girls. Ooooh and the boys were pretty hot too. Different colored eyes turned to face us.

"Hi Rain," one of them among the thousands said.

"Yeah long time no see," piped another one.

"We see you brought us a souvenir," another chimed in looking me up and down.

Rain smiled at them as if they were regular boys and girls and not creatures that could break me in half or burn me alive with their very gazes.

"Be sweet to her she's going to be attending this school," Rain said loudly. Her voice carried across the entire cafateria even though I'm pretty sure they could all hear her. Then she turned to me who was still frozen at the spot with fear. "It's okay darling. You'll be fine." She unclasped her blue necklace, which was a light blue chain holding a blue rain drop then, clasped it around my neck. "If you ever feel you need help in any situation just touch the necklace and think of me, and I promise you I'll be there when you truely need me. I won't come if you only need a pair of shoes or something. Be safe." She kissed my forehead and vanished leaving me alone with these terrible creatures.

I gulped. They all zeroed in on me once Rain left. I turned but quick as lightning one of them grabbed my arm. "Where are you going beautiful?" He was tall, handsome, the perfect set up to lure any female to their death. He radiated sin and temptation.

"Let go of me." Instead he dragged me forward where all of them surrounded me. "Please," I begged.

"Aww that's so sweet guys," the one who was holding me cooed. "She's begging for mercy. Sorry babe here we allow no mercy."

I jerked my arm away from him and stared him full on with my sea green eyes. "Never in the history of your lifetime call me babe or you will regret it," I threatned darkly. It even scared me as I said this, but I really hated the petname babe.

He didn't even seem affected by my threat. Not one little flinch. In fact he was smirking. "Fine tell us your name and we won't call you babe ever again."

"Speak for yourself," one of them called.

"Analeigh," I told them. "My name is Analeigh.''

"Hi Analeigh my name is Riley," he said in a sickly sweet sort of way. He roughly grabbed my arm again. "And if you ever get the courage to threaten me again I'll break that pretty little face of yours got it?" He twisted my arm just enough to the point that it would cause me pain.I nodded feebily. He petted my hair as if I were no better than some common dog. "Good."

"Man I hate this school!" I screamed once he let go of me. They all just stared longily at me while I sat on the black carpet pouting like an unfair three year old kid until the bell rang. "Where do I even go? What classes do I take? I'm a witch I'm not suppose to be taking demonic classes. Hello why isn't anyone listening to me?" They were all speeding out the door hurrying to get to class. One grabbed me by my waist and flung me over his shoulder.

"The name's Amy you can come to class with me. We're learning Witch Auras." She laughed. It was a low rumbling sound that made my body shiver and my blood run cold. I really really hated this school.

Amy flew through the crowd as if they weren't even there and we arrived in this big classroom with this really creepy, but hot teacher. He had a lot of gorgeous red hair and for some reason he wore a dark cloak to conceal most of his body.

"Ahh," he sighed when he saw me. "I am Enforcer Blaine. The young witch, Analeigh is it?" I nodded. "Hmm I'm surprised you came to my class first. You could have gone to any other class you wanted to you know. You would have been safer in the library." I gulped audibly. He turned to the class. "Well since this is Witch Auras class why not take the advantage of using a living, breathing witch." He was by me in a flash. One hand on my shoulder to keep me from escaping, the other hand on my waist tugging me toward a chair in the middle of the classroom. The door slammed shut and locked suddenly allowing me no chance at freedom. Then he blindfolded me. All I could see was darkness as I sat silently in the chair he had forced me into. Why did I have to endure this never ending torture?

"Note the aura she's emitting," said Enforcer Blaine. Not a Mr or Professor but an Enforcer. DarkBlood is the most evil school invented. I mean come on really they have to have Enforcers. "You can tell a witch'e mood and health by just simply knowing her aura. The perfect way to kill a witch." A flinched at the mention of my death. "What color is her aura, Damien?"

Silence. The anwser was hesitant. "It's um bright green sir-AHHHHHHHH!" was how his statement ended. The pain inflicted on him was enough to make me jump in my seat. I could almost feel Enforcer Blaine smile with satisfaction.

"Wrong!" Enforcer Blaine shouted with such iciness it made me freeze. "Daniella what color is it?"

"It's burgandy," pronounced Daniella with confindence.

"Finally a decent student," Enforcer Blaine mumbled. "Correct! And Amy since you brought her here what does her aura mean?"

"It means she's a little angry, but mostly fear has consumed her." Oh hell no! First they treat me like Guninea Pig Barbie now they're telling me how I feel.

"Ooooh," they all chanted simutaneously.

"Now class what color is her aura now?"

"Red," they all said.

"And what does red mean?"

"Anger," they murmered in sweet bliss.

Enforcer Blaine ripped off my blindfold and looked at me with a sneer. "Thank you witch." He tugged me out my chair and placed me by some demon's desk. "Cody try to provoke her with the aura of hate."

Cody smiled finally glad to be called upon. "Of course Enforcer." His baby blue eyes switched to a midnight black and the whites of his eyes were gone. "I don't even see why you're here you filthy, dirty witch. Frankly I don't see the point of calling your kind witches. You're more like bitches in disguise anyway." I gasped. Never had anyone been so mean and vicious toward me. I was a pretty likeable person. My hands balled up into angry fists, and I could plainly see Enforcer Blaine was loving every minute of this.

"Well done Cody. Her aura is now a dark purple. The aura of hate. Would anyone else like to give it a go?" They shook their heads completly bored with themselves. "Okay then witch-"

"My name isn't witch. It's Analeigh. A-na-leigh," I spoke each syllable for him to get it through his thick, narrow-minded skull. The class peered in completly engrossed in the the two of us.

"You better watch your tone...witch."

I glared at him and he glared back at me. It continued like that for two minutes until the bell rang and the demon who's name was Cody wisked me off. I punched him in the arm.

"Hey what gives?" He snarled as if I actually had hurt him.

"Don't grab me. Gosh it this just a demon thing or are you all obssessed with grabbing people?"

"I dunno and I really could care less. Oh I'm kinda sorry for that whole witches being bitches thing, but it was either that or get my butt kicked by Enforcer Blaine."

"You're kinda sorry?"

"Shut up," he commanded.

I should have listened but knowing me being the stubborn child that I was I didn't even shut up. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"P.E," he anwsered simply. I groaned and he just laughed at me. P.E the worst class in the history of classes. Who ever invented P.E screw you. Hmm and guess what game we were playing in our lovely little P.E class taught by Enforcer April, who indeed was a woman or demon woman if you prefer. We were playing Flaming Dodge Balls of Death. Which strictly meant if you get hit by one then you catch on fire, and possibly die unless they put out the fire or you're lucky enough to get to a big pool. I changed into the P.E uniform Enforcer April gave me. Okay she really threw it at me but at least she didn't hit me in the face. Once I was done changing demon boys and girls were already on the battlefield (can you beleive it an actual battlefield in their school) using their demonic powers to light the dodge balls on fire. Note to self: Never ever go to any more of Cody's classes. I ducked underneath a nearby table only to have it catch on fire. I really think they were aiming for me. I crawled from underneath the table and started to run trying to find some other type of protection.

"Gah!" I screamed as a dodge ball whizzed by just missing me by an inch and hitting some other guy. He caught on fire and started to scream. "Isn't anyone going to help him!" I screamed frantically, but they were laughing at him. The boy that was hit by the dodge ball ran to the water fountain and broke off the handle causing water to splash all over him and the battlefield. His skin was charred, and as I stared at him it suddenly healed and he was back to normal.

"Nice one Jessica, aim for the witch and hit me instead," the boy said grinning. These lunatics actually enjoyed this sick, twisted game. Ugh demons. Well lucky for me it was so muddy we couldn't even play Flaming Dodge Balls of Death anymore.

"MUD FIGHT!" screamed a boy with long brown hair as he threw a pile of mud at a red-headed girl. Then next thing I knew everyone was throwing mud balls, even me much to my charagrin. It was kinda fun. Maybe this place wasn't so bad after all.

"Gotcha," Cody shouted creaming me with a mud ball. So far I'd been hit at least eight times, and I had mud all in my hair and over my face when I was hit and when I slipped and fell down once. I scooped up mud.

"Prepare to meet your maker, Cody." I heaved it at him only to have him use his powers to send the giant mud ball back at me. I deflected it, and it landed all over his face when the bell rang. We changed into our regular clothes still a muddy mess. Classes went by quickly, and I was being treated better and better (thankfully!). I had already taken Defense Against Mythical Creatures, which was very helpful by the way, Demonic Incantations, Demons' History, and the last class Overshadowing. It was lunch time and I was walking with Cameron, a tall demon who's hair was pitch black with blood red streaks; Maya, an unusually nice demon who got picked on constantly; Mortimer a silver haired demon who had a gift for shape shifting; and Cody.

I found nothing I wanted to eat for lunch. In fact I almost hurled at the sight of it. They had things like blood (hehe vampires), human flesh, unicorn horns, elf ears, ghost soup, and the most terrifying of all broccili. God I HATED broccili. Instead I just got a bottle of water and followed Cameron, Maya, Mortimer, and Cody to a table. It was there where we were talking about Levitating class when I felt I was being watched. I turned in every which way only to find no one there. When I turned back Cameron, Maya, Mortimer, and Cody sucked in a breath.

"What?" I asked. But they didn't have to say anything. The burning hand on my shoulder said it all.

"Hello Analeigh." The voice was the most intoxicating thing I ever heard. It was hypnotizing yet tempting, and soothing with the right amount of authority, and all together seductive. My body reaccted before my brain did. I practically purred as I turned to face the demon boy who said this. As I did I saw he was no regular demon boy. Their was somethng off about him, but how could it be. He was perfect. He had dark hair that was disheavled but so silky any girl wouldn't have cared that his hair was messy beacuse it looked good against him. His face seemed to be carved from God himself, it was so desirably unbearable just to even look at him. He was tall maybe about six foot three, six foot four. No creature or demon should be this... they needed a new adjective to describe the boy in front of me. Tall, dark, and handsome couldn't even begin to describe him. All I could do was stare. He smiled revealing even white teeth that made diamonds look like rusty nickels. "Demon got your tongue?" he teased lightly. I nodded, not even able to control my own body.

He used one figure to let me stare deep into his red eyes which suddenly change to a whitish-blue color.

"Hi," I murmured.

Then his eyes rolled back in his head, and his tongue came out forked like a snake's. "Hiiiiiii," he hissed.

I take it back. This was not going to be as easy as I thought it would be. He retracted the snake tongue, and it was a regualr tongue again. I was truly frightned.

"My name is Devin."

Great Devin the demon devil.