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That little witch, I thought as I was traveling through the vortex of space and time. What in hell was she thinking? Seth Slater's son of all people. Oh yeah as soon as we get there her ass is completely mine! We dropped on the familiar ground below facing the big mansion. I was running along the cobblestones Devin, for once, trying to keep up with me. I took the stone steps two at a time and slammed open the brass door. Where was that little witch hiding?

"Slow down!" Devin twisted me around by the arm plowing me into his hard chest. I could almost taste the cleaning fabric on his dark blue shirt. "We have to make sure Casey is here. You DO NOT want to damage the space time continuum." He clamped a hand over my mouth and peered around the shrubs. Seeming satisfied he walked us all the way around the house. No one seemed to be home. Devin's brow lifted his jaw set.

"Mmammma," I tried to say behind his mouth." He let me go. "You're thinking," I said cautiously. He nodded barely glancing at me. This place seemed deserted. Where was everyone? "Devin?"


"Where are future us?" I asked. I was on the verge of growing crazy just slipping below the line of mental instability.

"I don't know. We should be here...or at least you should anyway. And if you're not here Rain should be here." He walked through the door, and I trailed after him like a long lost puppy. The house was deserted. A half eaten Subway sandwich lay on the counter on a purple napkin. Spilled orange juice dripped from the oak table leaving a puddle beneath its feet. Devin walked over to the table and growled. He felt along its edges and pounded his fist in it so hard it snapped into wood splinters. He ripped out a chunk of wood and shoved it in my face. Thin yet very defined nail marks clawed along the table's edge. She struggled. Someone tried to grab her, and she held on to the table for dear life.

He ran upstairs half carrying half dragging me along with him. He veered left and stopped at the first door and gasped. I screamed. Black blood covered the door handle. The door swung open. It was even worse. I was assuming this was Casey's room. He was right. They did invent the PlayStation 7 which was sitting there mangled in a corner. Games were broken into pieces a few shards stuck in the wall. His bedsheets were completely balled in the middle of the bed; the mattress had a a huge gaping hole in it white stuffing protruding from its center as if the mattress was bleeding. His room was a mess. It was as if someone or something was looking for something and they found it. More black blood splattered the left side of the wall, and there was A LOT of it. My heart ached, and I wanted to drop to my knees and cry out. Even if someone was after Devin or me why go through the lengths to hurt two innocent kids? They were only 13 for crying out loud! Whoever or whatever did this was sick, seriously sick. Also whoever or whatever did this was gonna pay.

"We have to get back," Devin said desperately once again dragging me down the stairs.

"No what are you talking about we have to find us!"

He stopped short and whipped me around until I was facing him. His eyes were gone, replaced with the burning sockets of fire that I knew too well. "Us doesn't exist anymore!" He snarled. His words doubled , his voice mixing in with his demonic voice, his true voice. For Devin was nothing more than a vessel. Temptation on two legs while his demonic form, something that was never seen to no ones eyes, remained dormant, bubbling inside him waiting for him to get angry enough so it could be unleashed. The thought of seeing Devin's true self terrified me. He never turned, at least not fully. The most I've seen was his burning eyes, and for now that's all I wanted to see.

I kept quiet on the way back. I didn't want to upset him more than he already was. When we made it back to Devin's room I knew something was instantly wrong. Why? Because Cody was on the bed bound and gagged.

"MNAHHHHH!" He yelled behind his gag. I turned around only to be knocked to the ground. I hit Devin's post and slumped toward the soft carpet. I didn't see Devin. Did he get hit too? Red spots started to cloud my vision.

"Ah ah ah," my head was lifted by a smirking Seth Slater. "I don't want you to fade that fast my little princess." He kissed the tip of my nose. I turned my head slightly. Devin didn't get knocked out but he was in a tighter jam than I was. Held up by the throat. Who was holding him you ask? Oh no one special just his own father. He held Devin by the throat in one hand and Selena by the hair in the other hand. They kicked desperately at him but it was no use.

"Mmm, let me go," I slurred. I was fading fast. That hit was no joke. I was pretty sure my skull was cracked a tiny bit. I felt it. I clung to the little bit of consciousness I had left. Seth turned my head a fraction of an inch just to let me see Casey tied up and bleeding, and Ana crying hot tears behind her blindfold whispering, "Mom, Dad please help us." It was then that I passed out.

I woke to darkness. I blinked. More darkness. My mouth was dry. It ached for just the tiniest sip of water. I was gagged. Bound with a leather strap in my mouth. It tasted bitter and salty from my own sweat.

"You're awake." I knew the voice. Seth freaking Slater. I started to cry. What did he want from me? His brooding footsteps came closer. I felt fingers brush my face, then all too quickly light emerged. He threw the black blindfold to the ground. I blinked again my eyes focusing on the blinding light. "Ssh," he put a finger to my lips and pressed my head to his shoulder. "I don't want to see you cry love."

That made me cry harder. I was crying because I was hurt but even worse I was crying because I was angry. Screw that! I was beyond angry. I was over the border of FUCKING PISSED! He lifted my outrageously bronze hair from my shoulders and undid the leather strap that bound my mouth. He pressed a vial to my lips. I closed them.

"Drink it!" he commanded.

I whipped my head away causing whatever liquid that had been in the vial to spill. Seth raised his hand and the liquid retracted from the ground fluttering all the way back into the vial like a graceful butterfly in the wind.

"You really ought to have better manners, Analeigh. It's just water."

"Yeah right," my voice cracked from lack of moisture on my tongue.

"Really it is. Sniff if you want."

I took a whiff. Nothing. I downed the vial within seconds. It was cool and refreshing and it felt amazing sliding down my parched throat. After I drank until I was full, the vial kept refilling, I tossed it aside in the corner of the little room he had placed us in.

"Where are the others?" I asked heatedly.

"Cody has been relocated to the gym. Selena and Devin still hanging," he chuckled as he said that, "Casey is slowly bleeding out. My mom, you know Circe, the Phoenix Queen she just loves to lick that little boy's blood. Keeps her stronger. She's cutting him up faster than a steak." He glanced at his watch. "I give him oh at the rate she's going about 3 hours to live, and little Ana is crying out for her mommy and daddy where we have her head dunked in the bathroom stall. Dirty little bastard. Didn't know she could breathe underwater. But it's holy water. She's half demon. It's affecting her."

"Let them go," I pleaded. "They're just babies."

Seth gave out a bitter laugh. "Babies are crawling little things that can't do anything for themselves. Casey and Ana have hit puberty they aren't little babies anymore. Speaking of babies. How about you and I make a baby?" He asked seductively.


"Been there done that. Come on Analeigh," he pressed his hips to mine. "I have to be better than old washed up Devin. He can't even help you right now. He's too busy arguing with his dear ole dad."

"He's a hundred times the man you'll ever be," I spat.

He struck me hard across the face. "Bite your tongue," he smirked, "or better yet let me do that for you." He held my jaw sticking his tongue in my mouth and capturing it with his, then very forcefully he bit down until I could sense the rusty taste of blood pooling in the back of my throat. He took a step back and smile wickedly. "That was...yummy," he said in low voice clouded with lust. I choked, blood seeping through my mouth and trickling down my chin staining my pink lips.

"S-stop," I stammered still yacking up my blood.

"No Analeigh this is what I want! Power."

I got to my knees spitting blood upon the floor. I shook my head. "You won't get it. Just stop. You're not gonna be in control. Damien is."

Seth raised an eyebrow. "You think I don't know that already? He's gonna make me his right hand man. Then he's gonna bind me to you! And after that happens you won't have much of a choice now would you? Once your bound to me you can't turn back."

He was right. I couldn't turn back if I was bound, but one thing he did get wrong. He wasn't going to make Seth anything. He was going to kill him. Suddenly he lifted me by my hair and slammed me towards the wall.

"YOU'RE LYING!" he yelled angrily. "HE AND MY MOM WILL GIVE ME POWER!"

I stopped crying. There I saw something in Seth. He, like the rest of us, had a weakness. His was never being accepted by anyone. I blocked my mind out struggling so he couldn't read it. I felt him trying to remove my barrier but like he was breaking down something inside me started to grow stronger. Started to build. And it can't be tamed.

"Look at you," he scoffed, "trying to protect your fragile little mind. As if I want to read it. Your hardly that interesting. You and Devin are pretty pathetic you do know that. All the power in the world...what a waste," he shook his head and smacked me again. He cupped my face black nails grinding into my skin. Do you want to know why no one has ever seen Devin in full fledged demon form? Easy because the whiny arrogant ass has sooooo much of power that he can't even upgrade. 'Oooh look at me I'm Devin Dark Blood my eyes can turn into fire.' Big fuckin whoop!"

This just made me madder. Devin had a lot of power yes it was true, but he was smart with it. He knew how to control it. If he went full demon he would probably go nuts, or end up killing everything and everyone in sight. He didn't want that. He wanted to master his powers before he changed. He wasn't some loser. He was being smart. In an emergency, if he knew there was possibly NO WAY we would make it out of this alive, if we couldn't beat the bad guys I knew he would change. He would do it for Selena. He would do it for his kids. He would do it for me.

Seth raised his hand, only this time something in me snapped. I grabbed it and electricity flowed over my hand into his making his body shoot up with bright white light. He doubled over and hit his knees.

"Wow!" I exclaimed marveling at my still glowing right hand. "Now I know where Casey learned that trick."

But Seth was a quick recovery. He got up but I was prepared for him this time. I knew what I was doing.

"Pathetic am I?" I asked giggling just a tiny bit. "How about you try this one on for size. I think it will fit you really good."

I pressed my right hand to my left and watched the electric current flow over both of them. After that I expanded them and this bright ball of electricity flowed in between my palms. I gave Seth one bitchy look and I heaved it right at him. What happened next I couldn't explain in just mere words. You really had to be there to capture the full effect. Seth flew backwards into the wall crashing through it and he kept going and going and going until he went through five cases of walls.

"Anddddd Home run!" I yelled doing a fist pump. I went through the giant hole in the wall that was just created by Seth's body. Once through I turned down the hall and made my way to the girl's bathroom. Two demons were guarding the door. I could hear Ana's gurgled screams coming from the other end.

"Why hello there gentlemen," I greeted politely. "I've just come to collect what's mine."

They were grunt men I could see. Nothing but little groupie demons. Piece. Of. Cake. They bulked together a flame growing brightly over both their hands. I clapped mine for the pitiful effort.

"Nice job boys let me borrow that." I called the fire to me. In my hands it burned three times as bright. "Now you can either step aside or I can have a marshmallow." They didn't move. I sighed. "I really do hate marshmallow, and I better not get goop on my shoes. They're new okay?" A breathed around the fire adding more power to it. It grew and as I caught my reflection in the mirror the palms of my hands wasn't the only thing that had ignited. My hair was an eerie whip of flames. I snorted smoke billowing out of my nose and gave them everything I got. Pure agonized howls rose up in the air along with my sorta growl. I thought I would have just melted them. When I stepped over what was left of the door of the girl's bathroom they were a tiny trail of black ashes.

Ana's face was dunked in the toilet and it kept flushing giving her a full on swirly. She screamed again. I untied her hands and pulled her face up. Mascara dripped down her eyes and her face was red and it looked as if it was going to blister. Her black hair was wet and matted all the way down to the roots.

"Mommy!" she cried and flung her arms around me, "THEY RUNIED MY MAKEUP AND MY HAIR!"

Oh Lord. I patted her still damp hair. "Oh it'll be okay sweetie it'll be okay. We're gonna take you home after we finish this okay?"

She nodded wiping the mascara stains from her eyes. I grabbed her by the shoulders.

"Okay sweetie you need to help mommy. Can you tell me where Casey is?"

She looked up thinking long and hard. "A room?" she offered helpfully.

"Ana!" I screamed.

"I'm trying okay. I was scared, and they kept saying they were gonna do horrible things to me. It was a dark room. Super hot. Lots of flames."

A light bulb flashed above my head. Of course! The Phoenix Queen. Their insane love for fire. "The Boiler Room!" I said fist pumping again.

Ana gave me a weird look. "Um yeah."

"You have powers can't you help me?" I asked. "I saw Casey doing all these cool tricks."

She shook me a bit. "Tricks that haven't been invented yet mother! Until you know all that you can do and until Dad figures out he's way more powerful than he thinks, and until we're conceived none of our powers exist. We're utterly useless."

I hit the stall causing the toilet to explode. Ana jumped. "Your not useless." I started sopping up holy water with little napkins. I gave her my purse and took the rubber band from my hair, letting it cascade around my shoulders.

I gave them all too her.

She gave me a perplexed look. "You want me to clean them?" she asked confusedly.

I rolled my eyes gathered another napkin and dipped it in holy water. I took the rubber band from her and placed the napkin in the rubber and slung it at her. She cried out, and I was sorry for hurting her, then her sea green eyes, my exact eyes copied into her face blazed at me.

"Mom! What did you-" she stopped short. Her eyes grew wider with realization. "Oooh...bad ass," she approved.

I swatted her hand as we exited the bathroom. "Language!"

"Sorry," she shrugged. "Learned it from Dad."

I rolled m eyes for the umpteenth time that day. "Typical...now let's go kick some ass," I said winking at her.