A/N: This is a short story I thought up when I was thinking about many things so yeah, I'm kinda throwin myself out there but this will be not as much violence, not as much blood, no gore, just plain old talkin nd drama...well maybe some drama.

Title: Inner pain

Plot: A boy whose lost a lot in his life now seems to try to think about his feelings for someone he's looked over for a while all whilst helping her.

Rating: T

His azure eyes skimmed the empty school grounds for her. the one whom he had watched over all of these years. As he stopped his search he lay against the large wall which held the entrance back down into the school. He was on the rooftop and the sun was higher than ever, it almost seemed like he was staring at a canvas.

He smiled at the scenery but there was something wrong with that smile, it was empty, it was like if someone had painted the perfect smile to drive away people's assumptions about him. He then looked back down at the school grounds and stared down at the ground until the sight he was waiting for graced his eyes, it was her but then again he figured it was pointless.

To him, people were nothing but beings that only lived to cause pain or live with it. He was one of those that lived with it.

"Mom?" He asked aloud as he wandered through the empty halls of his house. "Mommy? Daddy?! Where are you!!" He cried out as he continued to walk around. That's when he saw it, the bloody sight which would be burnt into his mind. His mother on the ground and his father with a knife to his throat.

"Son.....please don't look." The man said as he set the knife down and looked down at his wife, her beautifully made body now in a deformed state with a letter over her which read, 'She was first....your son is next unless you pay up. We'll be seeing you a week from now.' He then looked down at his son and hugged him. His last words to him were. 'Live....live like a man and. Be happy....so now run....run to your cousin's house and don't leave...go now' His voice faded as he fell forward, his son running out the door as fast as he could.

He quickly snapped back into reality when he felt a slight tapping on his shoulder. "hmm?" He said with a quick turn of his head only to see a boy with dark brown eyes and long silver, almost white hair. "What is it Tsu?" He asked again as the boy sat down next to him.

"So Hao....why are you here? Well more so why are you always here? You have amazing grades but you always cut class." He asked aloud only to get a chuckle from Hao.

"First of all I told you to call me by my full name which is Haoko Evenos....either one will do...just don't call me Hao.. and second, the reason I have 'amazing grades' is because I can do my work with little effort and still get good marks on tests..." He replied with a sting in his words which made Tsu flinch slightly.

His flinch then turned into a fit of laughter. "Haha...Ha- no...Evenos....You always know how to hurt a guy's pride. ne?" At the end of his sentence he entered another fit of laughter which then both boys entered. "knowing you for about hmmmm.... how long now?" He asked as he lay down on the roof instead of the wall.

"seven years." Evenos replied with no problems as he stood up and fixed his bright red hair which apart from being an attention grabber, also made him feel insecure since everyone had some dark color or something which was more or less a shady color. "Ever since the disappearances of my parents, that's how long I've known you" He said aloud as he leaned against the wall this time. By now, the sun was beginning to slide down towards the horizon.

Tsu just sighed and sat up, his eyes going up to meet Evenos' which made them both chuckle and stare at the horizon until a loud scream was heard from downstairs and it happened to be a girl. The thing with the voice was, he recognized it. "Wanna check it out Hao?" He asked only ro be replied with the disappearence of his friend. "I take it as a yes." He said with a chuckle.

Once he heard the scream, Evenos dashed down the stairs and noticed her being held down by two boys and one more standing near a wall with a smirk on his face. This was the breaking point and there was no stopping it.

As Tsu walked down the stairs, only screams of pain and agony reached his ears until he went from a slow pace to a hastened speed. He then stopped at a sight that he wouldn't forget in a long time, his best friend was on the ground, being stomped and kicked while protecting another. The dark glare from his eyes had intensified as he stood up with a dark grin which he had only seen once before and that, was a memory he wanted to forget.

His eyes were wide as he noticed the dark shadow in front of him creeping closer. That shadow was his closest friend and he was berserk, the only thing important to him was destroyed the minute those guys from the other school came and beat down his senpai. The difference between them and him was....He meant to kill and he didn't stop until his fists dripped the same blood of those people.

Tsu couldn't look, his body shaking nervously until the same girl Hao's senpai was going out with stood in front and blocked the way like a shield until he stopped and looked down at his hands which made him back away and then run away. He noticed something on his face and it wasn't blood, they were tears. Tears of pain.

It was almost as if Tsu's reflexes kicked in instinctively but he dashed forward and knocked both guys which were stomping Hao away from him. He then helped him up only to get punched in the face by the leader and knocked down to the ground. "Ngh....that hurt.." He mumbled as he stood up and felt blood drip down his face from a bloody nose.

"Tsu.....take her and run.....please" Were the only words Hao said and if almost on cammand, he grabbed her and ran. Ran farther than he thought he would ever go. What happened there was left only between the three and Evenos who was sent to the hospital with a broken nose and multiple bruises on his body apart from some fractured ribs.

About a week later he was released from the hospital and was allowed to go back to school. Once he stepped in, Tsu and the girl were waiting at the front gate. Once they walked in, he stopped and sat down in one of the benches in the hallway. "Explain." was the only word that escaped his mouth while staring at both.

Then the girl was the first to speak. "I'm sorry.....I wanted to thank you for protecting me that day....it.....it was because I broke up with the one leaning against the wall so he got his people to try to 'convince' me to get back together with him until you showed up...Please forgive me for it being my fault." at this point she was about to cry when his hand wrapped around hers and pulled her in.

"I will make you take no blame for my decisions....anyways...I would like to talk to you later today on the school roof....meet me there after school..." He said with a quick chuckle then stood and walked to class.

The girl and Tsu both stood surprised until a teacher came out and scolded them for just standing around.

That whole day, the girl thought about what had happened a week before. All of a sudden she felt light-headed so she stood up and began to walk to the nurse's office when she only felt the floor underneath her body and her eyes completely blanked out.

Tsu sighed as he wandered towards the bathroom until he saw her on the ground. "What the?!" He yelled out as he ran over to her and knelt down. "Hey! Hey! Wake up!" He said as he shook her. "Maria.....Maria wake up" He kept saying until she twitched slightly.

"nnnn.....Tsu.....kun?" She replied as she sat up. "Why am I here?" She asked as she stood up.

Tsu only sighed as he stood as well. "I found ya on the ground....anyways..times up get to the roof for your little talk with Hao....oh and next time you pass out try not to do it in the hallway." He called out with a chuckle as he jogged away.

Maria stood there then realized what Tsu had said then ran towards the roof of the school. Her eyes widened at the sight that was before her, it was Evenos and he was fast asleep on the roof. She walked over but couldn't do anything so she just stared, her eyes scanning his features and his peaceful look until his eyes began to twitch. "ngh.....Maria?" He asked as he opened his eyes.

She quickly jumped back and looked at him with an even more surprised expression. "Y-yes Haoko-kun....I'm here" She replied only to see him stand and remove his jacket. "W-why did you want to talk to me?"

He quickly laughed then stretched. "I wanted to ask you about something" He replied as he walked to the fence and faced the outlying horizon. "about the incident from two years ago.." He said as he gripped the chain linked fence. "What happened exactly....I need to know" He said as he let go of the fence and stared directly at her.

Maria gripped her chest then stopped and looked at Haoko with the same look of repent from before. "It was my fault then too......Me and Senpai were happy together until some of his old friends came and said that they wanted their old leader back....that they would get rid of me for that purpose...So he stood up to them and fought. Soon after, they cornered him with even more people and they beat him to a pulp...soon after you found out and then you should know the rest." she said while suppressing her tears.

Haoko only looked back out to the horizon then looked at her. "Maria....You know that dispute ended his life right..." He responded to her story without the least bit of remorse.

Her eyes widened as the tears she held back finally began to come forth. "I......got....him killed?" She asked while gripping her chest once more, the pain too intense for her.

"Technically....yes.....but" He then removed the bandages from around his head and eye revealing a scar that went straight down all the way to his chin. "His last words were......I was glad she was there with me till the end.....he was happy and I had to respect his wishes.....but now I'm acting on what I want..." He said as he walked towards her, his stare still as cold as ever but his intension the complete opposite.

Her eyes widened at the sight of his injuries from him protecting her. "Why...." Was the only word that could escape her mouth.

He sighed as he then removed his jacket and pulled his sleeves up showing cuts all over his arms which had already healed. "I did this because one...I made a promise....two.....I wanted to protect you....and three.....a Fairly cliche reason.......not much more to it" He said as the wind picked up making their clothes and hair sway lightly.

Her eyes returned to normal as she looked at him, all of these marks, no these scars on his body were from protecting her, she couldn't hold it in any longer. Her eyes now let the tears flow freely, she couldn't believe it, because of her.... He suffered so much. "Hao-kun....." was the only word that clearly escaped.

"You're asking why, right?" He said only to see her nod her head. "I ask myself the same thing....but then again I'm not one to fret about details. I've seen the way they all treat you.. The way those who you trust, those you let in. they treat you like garbage..." He said as he walked past her, his back to hers. "Now....Its about time we left don't you think..." He said as he began walking, his body moving further and further away from her until she ran to him and grabbed his hand. "what?" He said coldly to her.

"You wouldn't do all of this for me unless you were like them. Why? Why do these things always happen to me!" She cried aloud while gripping his arm. "First....I get involved in an accident which killed my father! Then I get involved with senpai and he dies! Why?!" She yelled out while holding onto his arm as if holding for dear life. "And now.....you....please tell me..." She said as she collapsed to her knees.

His eyes softened to their prior state, he then knelt down and helped her stand. "you need to understand that, in order to accept someone. You don't just open yourself to some pretty face....it always ends up biting you in the ass....thats plain and simple." He said with a small wince as he walked back over to the fence and stared out into the distance.

She couldn't understand what he was saying, it was like if the words were circling her but she couldn't respond. She only nodded as she looked at the ground. "Why for me though?" she said only to be grabbed by the hand and moved over by the fence where she could see everything.

He then leaned against it with a small smile on his face. "You don't get it?" He asked only for her to shake her head. "Fine then. I'll explain....I like you.....Alot...well then that wouldn't be called like." He said with a quick chuckle. "You're someone I wouldn't mind being with in fact I would love to be with you..." He said with a soft smile that made her face brighten right away. "Enough of that...for now...." He chuckled again as he walked over to the door. "Let's head back.... Tsu is waiting for us."

As she heard him speak she snapped out of her trance and walked downstairs, her eyes now full of joy thanks to Haoko. "Alright lets go!" She said as they both walked downstairs to find Tsu sleeping against a wall.

Haoko chuckled as he walked over and pulled him up then followed up with a swift punch across the face. "Its great to have your attention Tsu" He said with a smile which made Tsu's eyes widen.

"Hao-kun?! SMILING?!" He said aloud only to get pulled into a headlock as the three of them walked out of the school.

That night Hao was finishing up his work as he heard something hit his window. "huh?" He wondered who it was until he saw her outside. "what the?!" He thought aloud as he ran outside.

Once outside he sighed to see Maria waiting for him. "Hao-kun....can we go to the park for a little bit?" She asked only to get a nod from Hao as they walked down the street and eventually made it to the park where the sky was completely clear and the moonlight shone down. "I thought about what you told me.....and I want to.....well.....I'd like to open up to you..." She said with the dark red blush spreading across her face.

Hao only chuckled as he moved in closer. "I see.....I would gladly accept....You are special in the way you care for others before yourself and the way you can stand up by yourself without the need for others as well as the ability to care for someone who is special to you." He said as he reached out his hand.

She looked and then gave him a sincere smile as she moved his hand down and walked up to him. "Thank you...." She said as she pressed her lips against his, the moonlight completely showing her features. Her long jet black hair swaying in the light breeze, her raven colored eyes which pierced his cold stare.

They both lay in the grass for part of the night as they stared at the moon and stars, thinking of those lost, those soon to be found, and those yet to be born. Their eyes reflected the happiness they felt as they embraced each other leaving what ever happened to them, for the future and the gods to decide.