Abigail Smith had been alone for almost six months now. Her mother had committed suicide when Abigail was rather young, and her father had just recently died of heart failure, leaving her an orphan in her freshman year of high school. However, being an orphan didn't mean Abigail was alone on the streets, or even subjected to the hells of an orphanage. Abigail, known as Abby, had been taken in and legally adopted by her best friend Corey's family. Corey was two years older than her, and although they had only met during Abby's freshman year of high school, they had been practically inseparable from day one.

Corey's family was a fairly standard nuclear American family: hard-working father, part time job mother, and two children (both boys). Corey was two years older than Abby, and their best friends relationship was more of a brother/sister bond. Corey's little brother was only eleven when Corey was a junior in high school, a five year age difference.

Abby's life, all things considered, could have turned out much worse. However, the tragedy of having both of her parents die before she was fifteen had made Abby quite depressed. And to relieve this depression, she cut herself. Legs, arms, stomach, anywhere she could easily cover it up without raising too much suspicion.